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Pulled Pork

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a recipe!

I am not much of a pork eater.

I’m not much of an eater of any meat that requires me to use a knife to cut it.  I have meat issues.

But slow cooked super tender pork?  I have learned that is delicious.  And Lisa blogged about eating some last week the night I was making this.  So I figured it should share!

We got a recipe for pork rub from my husband’s boss.  I then proceeded to make it very different, because that’s what I do.  But the one thing I did keep is the little bit of cinnamon.  It gives the meat a fun little sweetness, but it’s not overwhelming.

For the rub you just mix:

  • 1/2 t cinnamon
  • 1 t salt
  • 1/2 t smoked paprika
  • 1 1/2 t  cumin
  • 1 t chili powder or red pepper

Ideally you wanna put this on the meat the night before, so that it soaks up the flavors and and gets delicious.  This is enough for 1-2 lbs of meat.  To cook it you have two options; crockpot or oven. I usually do the oven, but either way works. If you’re doing it in the slow cooker it wouldn’t hurt to double the spices.

If you do the oven you wrap the pork in foil and cook at at 300 for abou 3 hours.  If you do it this way, put a pan under the meat in case your foil wrapping skills are less than stellar (like mine!)

In the crockpot simply put it on low, add enough liquid to cover (I used beer, if you’d rather you can use stock), and leave it for at least 6 hours.
Either way when the meat can get pulled apart with a fork (no knives friends, no knives) it’s good to go.

We like to mix it with BBQ sauce.  BBQ sauce is one of the things where I’m lazy and buy it.  It’s cheap (especially in the summer-I think I paid 50 cents a bottle for this?), yummy, and sometimes you gotta be lazy.
It also has HFCS.  Details.

We eat it on buns
Or make nachos.  Either way, it’s delicious.

This sauce has a nice smokiness, and the smoked paprkia adds in more smokiness.  So you ge the wonderful smokiness of BBQ without buying your husband the $800 smokers they have on roadshow at Costco.

What’s your favorite way to eat pork?


We are all Friends!

Since bringing Baby Bliss (yes, his-well, hopefully it’s a he-name is Bliss for those who asked) I have been doing a lot of yelling.

I chose to yell “we’re all friends!” at the cats.  Because as a teacher, I know it’s better to pick positive words.  (We’ll ignore what friend means to a teacher, ok?)

And as a teacher I also read a lot of books where animals comprehend human speech.  So I’m delusional and think they understand.

It’s quite possibly working though.  This happened today
That is BOTH cats cuddling me.

Sure, it’s not each other, but it’s a step.

This step meant that I could be friends with my kitchen tonight.

I’m spending most of this week (Today-Thurs at the least) teaching Kindergarten.

It’s fantastic because they think I’m nice and pretty and hilarious.  (Sample comedy from today:  “In Canada, the last letter of the alphabet, that says the zzz sound?  They call that letter name zed!”  Had then in stitches.  If there were comedy clubs that catered to 5 year olds I could have a new career)

Being the funniest person in the room is hard work, so I tried to knock out a ton of food prep tonight while the cats were cautiously tolerating each other.

I got tomorrow’s dinner in the crockpot
Packed up my lunch:   Couscous + carrots + spinach + hummus
And yogurt (homemade again-I’ve made three batches now!) with blueberries
I realized the yogurt would be far more delicious with some granola.  And we were out.

So I solved that problem
And while it baked, took a shower.

Cause I like being funny and all, but I don’t wanna smell funny.  Little kids have no tact.  If you’re stinky they’ll let you know.  Repeatedly.

Teaching is awesome for your ego (“I like you!”  “you’re nice!” “you’re pretty!”) until the day you go to work with a pimple and have to answer the question “Mrs, what’s on your face?” all.  day.  long.

And now I’m going to go enjoy the blissful quiet of my cats not currently trying to eat each other.

How Takeout can paw this pathetic face I don’t know.
If you have pets, how long did they take to get along?

I made life!

No, not a baby my friends.


I made this
What is that weird gloop?

It’s yogurt my friends!

And we all know yogurt is alive.

(Well, if you’re Baby Brother you figure this our about six months ago, and get kinda weirded out.  But not so weirded out that you stop eating yogurt or anything)

(Also alive?  Sour cream.  Which I use to justify eating way too much.  Probiotics are good for you!)

Why did I make yogurt?

No clue.  Because I’m a hippie? Because I wanna be Little House in the Big Woods?  Mostly because I hadn’t.  And I wanted to see if I could.

(I may have avoided telling my husband I was doing it until it finished because I was a little skeptical of if I could or not)

I used the crockpot lady’s method.  And it worked!

Homemade yogurt is runnier (unless you add powdered milk.  or gelatin.  But we know the only Jello I eat is in shots.) so you strain it
My fingers are crossed that towel doesn’t now stank of yogurt forever.

Then you’re left with a ton of whey
Which if you’re me then goes in your fridge because you have issues throwing things out.   No clue what I’m doing with it.

But more importantly… you get yogurt!
Delicious thick yogurt

(I made the granola too.  I have a Martha Stewart complex)

What’s something random you’ve made from scratch?   I’m in a definite little house hippie mood over here, I’d love more ideas!