It’s a cat post.  All cats.

So if you’re all “god Kalin stop being such a cat lady” you’ve be warned.

I’ll have a real post with some news up tomorrow prolly.  But for now, cats.

Here’s an update on our cat house:

Little Baby Bliss is quite sure that he and Takeout are, at this point, besties. To him, this means they should play.   Constantly.
Takeout doesn’t always appreciate that.
See that calm face?  She was sitting there, totally still, pinning the baby down.  I think she’s trying to teach the baby that when she doesn’t wanna play, he can’t make her.

And honestly, Takeout has gotten to where she likes the baby.  She’s groomed it
And snuggled it
Because we ARE all friends!

Clearly, my yelling that is what did it.

Happy Saturday!


5 responses to “Caturday

  1. I swear before you said “Kalin, stop being such a crazy cat lady” I was literally saying, “Kalin, stop being such a crazy cat lady.” 🙂

  2. ARE you trying to kill me? SO FREAKING CUTE! the little tiny paw going for the tail…I die.

  3. Aww!! I knew they’d be friends! Cute!

  4. That little gray one has the cutest face ever!

  5. The kitten is so cute! You know kittens, puppies, and babies make blog posts better, right?

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