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My family, being the most All American half Canadians you’ll ever meet, spent Labor Day weekend Kamping.

Yeah, with a K.

We stayed at a KOA? And they seem to be run by someone who really likes the letter K. We were in a Kabin. My parents? In a Kottage.

It was Klassy.

While Kamping we did lots of Kamping type things. Like bike rides

(That’s on the historic highway state trail that we ran on when we were in Hood River a few months back)

(The Gorge is pretty btw)

And wine tasting with temporary tattoos!

The KOA had a $2 all you can eat pancake breakfast every morning. With coffee.  It also had trains running by it all night, and a pool full of poorly supervised children! But let’s focus on the positives. Cheap carbs and caffeine.

Blackberries currently being ripe and growing all over so we picked some and added them to the ‘cakes (‘kakes?)
(Fun story: I rode my bike before everyone else was up in attempt to go to a spot by Charburger where I’d found amazing berries the day before. I found a homeless man sleeping standing up, propped up by a stump in my way. Awkward.)

(and I saw him move, so he wasn’t dead.)

But the real highlight of Kamping?
Klassy beverages.


You haven’t lived until you’ve heard your mom talk about how delicious Four Loko is.

It pretty much made my life komplete.


Sign from God

Today, I want to teach you guys about signs from God.

Did you know God gives us lots of signs in our life? If you watch, there are constant signs from God.

In high school I would when I’d find Pringles (reduced fat sour cream and onion because they mysteriously had more of that awesome sour cream powder than the full fat ones) on sale? Sign from God to buy some.

Turns our Pringles go on sale a lot. Because God wanted me to be happy.

And this Sunday when I was stumped on what to make for dinner, corn tortillas for a dollar at the co-op were clearly a sign from God to have tacos for dinner
Delicious idea God!

God doesn’t just speak at the grocery store though. When you run 8 miles and there’s a pancake breakfast in your hood?
Sign from God to have pancakes for breakfast!

God loves both carbs and not doing dishes.

Today though, I got what may be the best sign from God yet. It came in two parts.

First, a text from my husband
(yes, he really is “husband” in my phone. Baby Brother is labeled as Baby Brother in there too. I like descriptive names)

And then when I got the mail
My debit card for our joint account showed up.

(also, Bliss totally understands what’s going on, clearly)

The same account that has our ballin’ tax refund in it.

If that’s not a sign from God to go shopping I don’t know what is.

What has God told you to do lately?

A Keeper

Yesterday while I taught 1st grade at a Catholic school

(best points in my day:  going to church and saying “boys!  Don’t zombie walk to mass!” and when telling kids to draw a cross on their religion paper having one ask me “can I draw Jesus on the cross? ”  Sure, you can draw a dying Jesus if you really want buddy.)

My husband was doing some presentations in town, rather than working in So-lame like normal.   Between them he was home, which meant when I got home from work I had a smiling husband on the couch and these in the fridge

St Cupcake?  Yes please!

There were big tops (chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting), peanut butter with fudge on top and pumpkin spice.

And a scarecrow.  Which amused me to no end.

You don’t wanna know how much extra the scarecrow cost.  Focus on the cute.

And because a half dozen cupcakes aren’t enough there was also this

A pumpkin whoopie pie!  From Baker & Spice.

That’s right, TWO bakeries. The man is a keeper friends.

Especially since he’s not so into pumpkin.  So I didn’t have to share two of the cupcakes or the whoopie pie!

In also good news, I booked today’s sub job yesterday afternoon, so I already had a lunch packed this morning

Carrots and hummus, peanut butter yogurt (greek yogurt + TJ’s peanut flour) with cereal to go on top, and a banana.

And even better, presentations mean he had a state car, so this morning rather than having to go drive him out to his vanpool I get to sit here with this

(a pumpkin pancake + trader joe’s pumpkin cream cheese + maple syrup)

rather than spending a full hour in the car this morning!

It’s a good day.

I’ve got a good husband.

What’s good in your day?

(I’m gearing up for today’s kinders.  ALL POSITIVE ALL THE TIME YO!!!)

Feed the Baby

Last weekend my niece was here to visit.

(So were her parents.  And Baby Brother.)

She’s got some food allergies they’re trying to figure out right now… So when I asked my sister in law if there was anything I should/should not feed baby I was told no gluten no wheat no dairy no almonds no avocados.

Considering baby’s two favorite foods are Annie’s bunny crackers and meat, that’s cutting out half her diet.

So, to feed the baby, I ended up making this:
What is that?
Still, what is it?

It’s dairy free, buckwheat pancakes.  Despite looking like cement they taste pretty much like pancakes.

The fiance approved.  And he was super skeptical.

We also had some fruit
And meat.  Because baby loves meat.  But I forgot to get a picture.

In hindsight, I could’ve just cooker her a bunch of bacon.

My dad is her favorite person (he’s “Pa!”).  I’m fairly sure this comes largely from the fact that he feeds her steak as a snack.

I fail and didn’t take pictures of the baby, so here instead is a picture of her and bad uncle

Yeah they’re in a bouncy castle and baby brother is on his iPhone.  He’s an awesome uncle.

We also went to the zoo with her, where we found this

Yeah.  Dinosaurs.  At the zoo.  Um…  ok?

Oh, and unrelated, but know how I told you guys I found the kitten stuck in the window last week?
Yeah, it’s her favorite spot these days.

To close, I want to share with you a horrible horrible song I got the title of this post from

It’s called “I put a baby in you”

Do you like the zoo?

I like it.  Except when you can’t see animals and baby brother starts yelling “i think the animals died”.

Awkward baby brother, awkward.

…rounds up to dead

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I’m now 25.  25 rounds up to 50.  And 50?


it rounds up to dead.

I’m buying wrinkle cream tonight.

I got woken up on my birthday with these pretty flowers
Plus cupcakes
And diamonds.  In the form of earrings.

The fiance?  He’s a keeper.

The fiance offered to make me breakfast, but since we leave earrrrrly to take him to work (and his offer was for scrambled eggs… which are def not my favorite) I waited and made myself a birthday breakfast
Chocolate chip pancakes + strawberries + whipped cream + syrup = dessert.  But it’s ok because it was my birthday.  And I round up to dead anyways…

In the afternoon I made an amazing discovery
That is wine.

At a nail salon.

I love anywhere and everywhere that gives out free drinks.

I used to go to a waxing place that gave out free wine, but that makes sense since a glass of wine always makes me more willing to take my pants off in front of strangers…


The fiance and I went out for dinner at a place called Tabla.  They have a 3 course fixed price menu.  I adore fixed price menus as it means you HAVE to order multiple things.

I started with seared ricotta and nettle gnudi, with wild mushrooms
True story:  I won’t eat cheese on its own much.  But if you fry it so it’s crispy I wanna have its babies.

Then I had pasta with pork sugo
They make their own pasta I think.  It was amazzzing.  Not huge portions, sadly, as I could shove a lot of carbohydrates in my face given the chance.

Then I had farrotto primavera, which is farro (a grain) cooked risotto style.
It had asparagus and chevre.  Mmm. Carbs and cheese were clearly the theme of the night.

You could do a wine pairing with each course.

I clearly did.

The I came home and decided this was a good choice.
Also a good choice?

Taking advil before bed.  I’m getting too old to drink like this….

Life Lessons

I am good at learning life lessons.

Sometimes, I learn lessons that it seems others don’t need to learn (like “keg stands on a sunday afternoon are a poor choice, especially if you have a date that night” or “if you do keg stands all afternoon at least don’t take a gay man on your date with you and introduce him as your ex fiance to your date”  ahhh college)

But I learn useful life lessons too.

Like, not everyone can smell that asparagus makes your pee smell funky
I eat asparagus like a madwoman (that’d be primavera pasta there, with asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and happiness) and don’t smell a thing.

I actually was totally confused for YEARS when I’d hear people talk about it.

Another life lesson-if you’re confused, google it.  That was how finally I learned.

Important life lesson:
Apple crisp (apple raspberry crisp in this case) is easy to make.  And delicious.

Life lesson I needed to learn:  while it may seem easier to not peel the apples, it’s actually a poor choice.  Weiiiiird texture.

Did you know you can make cutesy shaped pancakes without forking over 5.95 to Crate and Barrel?
I do!  All you need is a metal cookie cutter.

Also a life lesson:  when you have metal on a frying pan you should not touch it with your bare hands.  I learned that lesson over, and over, and over….

That breakfast was part of a meal eaten like this
Because I forget lessons like if you have allergies to EVERYTHING don’t spend half the day at the Humane Society playing with kitties and the other half out in the yard

I am not smart.

I also could not breathe.

Life lesson: tea + not leaving bed = much better

Another lesson?

This is still delicious.
What have you learned lately?

You’ve Got Fail*

*someone found my blog googling that.  I’m kinda sad I didn’t think it up.  Ok, really sad.

I’ve been a slacker blogger lately.  I’ve been doing things like working on the yard and teaching children

and drinking.  Let’s be honest here.

Our yard is coming to life.
Which is fantastic.  Since we bought in the fall and it was a foreclosure what would pop up in the spring was a mystery.

The less fun mystery?  Turns out when it rains our yard becomes a swamp.

No, seriously.  We’re working on building a drainage ditch.  The hole isn’t too deep yet and check this out
Yup, it’s a moat!

Oh, and inside our house we’ve been having fun too.  Remember that leak?  Yeah, turns out it’s behind the shower.  Which means that we had to remove some of the tile

We could’ve paid the plumber for this part.  But doing it ourselves cost less.  And also required the fiance to buy a Dremel.

I’m fairly sure getting to buy the dremel was the main factor in him being excited to do it.  His favorite part of owning a home is power tools.

Because I’ve been working a ton, I’ve been going to town in weird weird ways for breakfasts on the days where I am home.

In the past two weeks I’ve made chocolate chip pancakes
(There are chocolate chips both in them and on top.  HEALTH FOOD)

An omelet
(This is actually a super weird breakfast for me.  I hate eggs most days.  But I cook ’em for the fiance’s breakfast sometimes and it just sounded so dang good…)

And yesterday I busted out all this
To make this
Salad.  For breakfast.

Normal eating?  You’ve got fail.

Does anyone else eat non breakfast foods for breakfast?  In high school one of my favorite breakfasts was rice with peas and Parmesan cheese.  Which isn’t weird at all.