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Dig a duck a day

If you learn only one thing from my blog ever, here’s what it should be:

Is a geoduck. Pronounced “gooey-duck”

My husband had never seen one before this weekend.

I sang him a song about them. He stared at me. Like everyone doesn’t know songs about giant clams.

We found it at Uwajimaya, which is a giant Asian grocery store.

There you can also find things like dried squid

enough ramen to feed an entire dorm

and purple yam buns
Which were not as tasty as you’d hope.

We were actually there for far less exciting things-nori and rice for sushi.

Here’s a secret-while I tease my husband about all the foods he hates, there are a few food quirks that I have. One of them is that I need my meat to be super cooked-the smallest hint of pink and I can’t eat it. Another one is that I hate hate hate nori. Add that in with the fact that while I like seafood, most of the time I only like it on its own-no pasta with tuna for this girl? Sushi is, clearly, not my favorite.

But my husband loves sushi.

And I love him.

So we made sushi together.

He had salmon rolls
(we cooked the salmon.)

I made nori-less veggie rolls

Which looked sushi-like
And didn’t make me wanna puke!

Wins for all.

The only way we could’ve won more is if we’d made geoduck sushi.

Maybe next time….

Cheap and Easy

For everyone who asked about jeggings, mine are from Forever 21.  $15.80.  I’m a champ at cheap shopping. When I did Miss Spokane I had a friend tell me if I could bargain shop as my talent I’d win.

(I’m also that girl who when you say “I like your dress” will respond with “$5 clearance at Target!”   No shame in being cheap. )

I like cheap.   I also like easy.  No shame in that either.  So when I meal plan, I try to make things I can use more than once.   Roasted chicken becomes enchiladas, and then soup.  That sort of thing.  I multi-task on the starchy parts of meals too.

Last week, I cooked up some quinoa
(Costco baby.  Cheaper than even the bulk bins at WinCo)
I divided it in half, and with one half I sauteed onions in chicken stock
Diced a few little tomatoes

And then added the quinoa with some cumin, chili powder, and garlic.


(the weird garlic?  That for some reason says “California” on it?  I got it for free.  So I’ll use it.  Free is my favorite sort of cheap)

Plus black beans and corn

I served it up with beef quesadillas (made from a leftover roast.  Like I said, multi tasking)
Then, a few days later, I took the other half and added in black pepper and a Trader Joe’s spice mix

(see the bag of peas in the background?  They’re the cheap store brand.  Fred Meyer for some reason has an extra cheap store brand, and a normal one.  Guess which one I buy)

Plus peas and parm
You know that giant shaker of parm is from Costco.  It’s cheap and easy.  No shame in being too lazy to grate cheese all the time.

I also added a splash of this
because once the wine is out, you really have to have a glass.  Means to an end friends, means to an end.

And served it with salmon, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.
Easy Peasy.

Do you do multi-tasking meals?  Or is this one of those weird things that only I do?

Fire: 1 Us: 0

There are lots of things I should be blogging about…I had a lovely dinner with Miss Maya on Sunday that I need to write about.  And I haven’t written anything in what,  a week?  fail.

but here’s a quick post to show how full of win my life is.

We got cedar planks to cook salmon on as a birthday gift last month.  So today we soaked them in water, and cooked up some salmon on it

You look closely on there, you can see spots where it flared up when we first put it on.  We figured it was ok, and continued on.

And um,


this happened

It was one of those moments where it was so redic it was awesome.  We stared, laughed, and put the fire out.

And then, because we all know a little bit of ashes never hurt anyone, we put the salmon onto some foil and finished cooking it.

I think since we still ate, fire didn’t totally win.

Anyone else have any stories of failing at grilling?

2 years

Last night was me and the fiance’s 2 year anniversary.

If you’ve been reading for awhile you know he and I met as roommates when I first moved to Portland.

Two years ago we gave up trying to not date and went out for dinner.

Last year on our anniversary he was super sick.

This year he was only a little sick.

Commitment is making him less ill as time goes on I guess?

We went to Three Square Grill for dinner.  It’s really close to our house, so that dinner wasn’t too crazy for sick face.  We’d been there for brunch before, but not dinner.  We were amazed at how packed it was, but they were just in the paper… (The fiance, btw, had never heard of Matzo ball soup before last night… I think I should’ve explained before we ordered, because he seemed a little sad once he heard what it was and realized what he was missing out on).

We started with bread and buttahhh

And wine.  Shocking, right?

And then we got the most insane amazing appetizer EVAH

(Terrible picture, but we were excited to eat!)

Hush puppies, fried okra, and fried house made pickles with jalepeno jelly (that I think was also house made).  Good.  Freakin.  Lord.  Amazinnnng.

(Also, fun note; I student taught in the neighborhood we live in now.  While we were eating one of my students from last year came in with his family and sat next to us.  Which was was awesome just in and of itself.  Then he got a pickle and his dad said they were homemade.  The little boys eyes got HUGE and he asked “homemade?!” before taking a giant bite.  I think he was more excited about the pickle than anything else on his plate)

We shared two entrees; Grilled salmon with aoli, crispy leeks, and hoppin’ johns (delicious black eyed pea thangs)

And a cassoulet (which is a bean stew sorta thang) with duck sausage, beef, and pork

I ended up eating most of the salmon, and the fiance ate the cassoulet.  Both were fantastic.

And because he loves me (and didn’t realize Food Front sold flowers) the fiance had some dessert from Baker & Spice at home for us

Flourless chocolate cake, a vanilla cupcake with raspberry buttercream, and a whoopie pie.

What can I say?  There’s a reason I’ve kept him around the past two years…

Oats, Jobs, and Not-tumors

We had some salmon for dinner, with rice, world’s best broccoli,


and salad. You know how I love my spinach.  With apples, cause I’m crazy like that


Seriously, if you haven’t done it, roast some broccoli.  I was going through a head a day by myself when I discovered this recipe.

We had full inentiosn of going to the gym after dinner.  And then I got an optical migraine.  AWESOME.

If you’re not lucky enough to get them, basically you get dark or blurry patches in your field of vision.  They come and go and sometimes there’s weird lines across your vision, and all sorts of fun stuff.

When I started getting them I was pretty sure I had a tumor.  Tumor is my general explanation for most things (cause seriously, what on earth else would make you have big blurry patches in ONE EYE.  Sounds like a tumor to me).  Sometime I’ll tell y’all about my face not-tumor.

Thankfully I have an eye doctor who I know can find tumors (seriously, he found our neighbor’s tumor before her oncologist did) and he assured me I am just getting migraines IN MY FRIGGIN EYE.  They don’t hurt but they’re disorienting, and I’m happier sitting still when I have them, and so we skipped the gym.

And made dessert. Cause, you know, gym skipping calls for that.


Don’t even pretend oat bran isn’t dessert.  Don’t even pretend.

With peanut butter and chocolate chips?  I’m pretty sure that’s dessert.

And I made kabocha oats today! With cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and a little bit of maple syrup.


I’m so amused by the color. Although it does remind me of baby food.  When I nannyed I’d always mix in a puree with the baby’s oats when I was getting him to try something new.   I should try this on the fiance.

And I’ve got a job interview in a few hours!  Eek.  I’m sick of these-I’ve got one tomorrow too.  So please, think warm fuzzies for me around 10:30 pacific today 🙂 This one isn’t for a teaching job, it’s with one of my two favorite non-profits.  (I will give you a gold star if you can guess either one-TWO if you can guess both)

And really, worst case scenario of these interviews is I keep staying home and making cookies.  Which, let’s be honest, isn’t that bad!