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Hipster Thanksgiving

Man, you know what’s gotten way too mainstream?

Thanksgiving in November

So overplayed.

Dude, you know what people don’t celebrate as often in Portland?

Canadian Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, it exists. It’s ok if you haven’t heard of it. Not many people have. But it’s huge in Canada.

And so much less commercialized. I hate overplayed Thanksgiving has gotten. It used to be cool you know?

I can’t believe people still wait till November for it. You realize celebrating in October also helps subvert Columbus day too? Don’t even get me started on Columbus. Friggin’ colonialism.

Know what else is overdone? Roses.

Dahlias are way better. Plus I got mine from a small farm. You’ve probably never heard of it.

I debated between PBR and a barrel aged sour to go with dinner, but the co-op was closed so we were stuck with wine.

Symphony is kind of a rare varietal. It’s ok if you haven’t hear of it.

(if you look closely there’s a chip in the wine glass. Cause it’s vintage)

For desert we had pie that I baked while my husband watched football. But I baked it in a totally subversive way, I swear.

(pumpkin pie is so overdone. Apple pie is where it’s at)

And then we watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton on HBO.

Ironically of course.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Don’t Get Too Jealous…

Guys, I don’t wanna make you too jealous, but there’s been lots of cool things in my life lately.

This weekend, I went on an empty bus
(I’m pretty sure that’s how horror movies start. )

Public transit is cool kids, it’s cool.

And after drinking at the art museum (it was free beer night!  You can get a little jealous of that) I may have demanded McDonald’s, because they have monopoly right now.

I understand if you’re a little jealous because McDonald’s monopoly is super fun.  But don’t be.

1 in 4 wins my ass
That face sums up my feelings.  And my sobriety.

I’ve mentioned it before, but my house is full of apples.  Don’t get too jealous but in addition to snacking on apples the size of my face

I’ve been making things like caramel apple waffles

With oozy deliciousness on top

Apple pie, apple cake, apple waffles… It’s a tough life.

Don’t get too jealous, but I subbed at a Catholic school yesterday, and this is what greeted me at the teacher’s desk

Happy Monday to me! (yes, that’s from last week, but it hadn’t been flipped, so that’s what greeted me)

And then I taught about sin.

Not even kidding.

Don’t get too jealous guys, but in addition to teaching about sin, I get recess

And after school snacks

Grilled cheese with bacon.

(Dearest husband:  don’t get too jealous, but I cooked bacon and didn’t tell you.  Because I didn’t want to share.  Sorry!)

And, you ready to work really hard at not being jealous?

The husband and I went to a neighborhood meeting thang tonight and guess what I found

Oh yeah, Baker & Spice.

FREE Baker & Spice.

Community involvement is delicious.

I understand if you’re just a little jealous now.

What have you been up to that I should be a little jealous of?  (Besides Diana, who got a sparkly ring-I’m a little jealous of new diamonds!)

Apple Cake

(um, so i wrote this at work.  and work ate the real post and i had no idea.  cool.  i’ll fix it later.)

more apples


giant ones














out of the oven


quality control


missing something


much better


much much better


2 c whole wheat pastry flour

1 c white flour

2 T pumpkin pie spice

1 1/2 t baking soda

1 t salt

1 lb apples

3/4 c applesauce

1/2 c greek yogurt

1/4 c oil

3 eggs

1 T vanilla

3/4 c nuts

I am from Washington

Reading this post, you need to realize an important fact:

the first 22 years of my life were spent in Washington.

I know my apples.

I love my apples.

And sometimes I acquire so many apples I look like a hoarder.

I had 15 pounds of apples in my house this morning.  And that was after eating a few last night.

And fujis
Why so many?

We foolishly picked up apples on our way home from church yesterday.  That’s to blame for the fujis.

My parents were also coming.  And said they’d bring some things from the garden. That’s to blame for the Criterions.

And then I told my mom to go through the Hood River fruit loop on their way down.  Which resulted in the McIntoshes.

But like I said, if you’re a good Washingtonian you know your apples*

So I knew that even with their less than perfect spots
The criterions would make a fantastic pie.

Hello pretty
I love how apple pie looks
Brilliant part-I found a recipe where you make a caramel sauce, and dump it over the lattice.  Gives you sugary goodness on top.
And since I had started chopping apples, applesauce was made too
A little under an hour later, and I have this beauty on my table
And a big bowl of apple sauce
Plus, my apple stash has shrunk
At least until next week when my cousin is bringing us goodies from apple pressing.

I’m not worried.  It’ll just be an excuse to make more of these

What’s your favorite apple type?  I’m all about the fujis and the galas.

Have any favorite apple recipes?
*I have had many conversations about apples in my life.  Fuji’s vs Braburns, why on earth anyone eats apples that have “delicious” in the name as those are always the worst,  the pros and cons of a backyard apple trees.  Not weird, right?

Coming to Terms

It’s for reals fall now guys.

Like I can’t pretend.

Well I can.  But then I’m caught in a rainstorm in flip flops and no jacket.  Which happened this weekend.

I’m trying to come to terms with it.

I know I’ve said I love fall, and I do.  I can dig on halloween, leaves changing, things like that.  But the rainy season starting?  Nuh-uh.

After the rainstorm this weekend, I tried to make peace with the seasons.

I found my umbrella, but that print realllllly didn’t help
(yeah, beach themed umbrella.  way to depress myself all winter.  smarrrrrt)

Thinking about buying squash at the farmer’s market, curling up by the fire, how in about a month I could start attempting to justify my Christmas tree going up.

All that ended up doing was making me crave hot chocolate.

But then I realized even better than liquid chocolate is chocolate CAKE.  And that’s where this started
Butter and chocolate.  Health foods friends.

A few more ingredients, then into ramekins
What is it?

No, not just mini cake.

Although all mini foods are delicious, let’s not lie.

Those went into the fridge while we had some chili for dinner
(and watched so much football my head almost exploded)

Then those ramekins went into the oven

And out came these adorable cakes
That inside were…
Lava cake.

Oh my goodness friends.

Lava cake.

It warmed the coldness out of my soul.

And at least fall also means apples
(first new ones of the season!)

My husband had one this morning and declared “Put these on your blog.  Just write ‘awesome’ under them”.

They are awesome.

I’m having one for breakfast
While shopping for new boots online.

Do you like rain?  I used to.  But in Portland, by mid winter I feel like the rain will never end.  I fear the rain now.

Life Lessons

I am good at learning life lessons.

Sometimes, I learn lessons that it seems others don’t need to learn (like “keg stands on a sunday afternoon are a poor choice, especially if you have a date that night” or “if you do keg stands all afternoon at least don’t take a gay man on your date with you and introduce him as your ex fiance to your date”  ahhh college)

But I learn useful life lessons too.

Like, not everyone can smell that asparagus makes your pee smell funky
I eat asparagus like a madwoman (that’d be primavera pasta there, with asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and happiness) and don’t smell a thing.

I actually was totally confused for YEARS when I’d hear people talk about it.

Another life lesson-if you’re confused, google it.  That was how finally I learned.

Important life lesson:
Apple crisp (apple raspberry crisp in this case) is easy to make.  And delicious.

Life lesson I needed to learn:  while it may seem easier to not peel the apples, it’s actually a poor choice.  Weiiiiird texture.

Did you know you can make cutesy shaped pancakes without forking over 5.95 to Crate and Barrel?
I do!  All you need is a metal cookie cutter.

Also a life lesson:  when you have metal on a frying pan you should not touch it with your bare hands.  I learned that lesson over, and over, and over….

That breakfast was part of a meal eaten like this
Because I forget lessons like if you have allergies to EVERYTHING don’t spend half the day at the Humane Society playing with kitties and the other half out in the yard

I am not smart.

I also could not breathe.

Life lesson: tea + not leaving bed = much better

Another lesson?

This is still delicious.
What have you learned lately?

If you give a mouse a cookie…

Did anyone else love If You Give a Mouse a Cookie when they were little?

I’m learning the story of “If you give a fiance pigs in a blanket”…

and it turns out the story goes a little like this:

If you give a fiance pigs in a blanket for dinner, he might do a little more drinking than he should that night.

He’s done that enough to know that coffee helps.  So the next day he’ll drink EIGHT cups of coffee with breakfast


And since he drank eight cups of coffee, he’ll be too full to eat a good snack with you later


(Fuji + peanut butter.  Nothin’ better)

And if he doesn’t eat a snack, and he’s had 8 cups of coffee, when you go out shopping he’s going to get HUNGRY

Because he’s hungry and you’re not at home, he’ll have some fast food

He might pout a little because Taco Bell doesn’t have the half pound beef and potato burrito.  You’ll internally say a little thank you prayer and hope he gets something healthier.


Being an economist, he’ll need a value meal, to maximize his utility.

And the value meal will come with a soda

Which he’ll finish at home, with a cookie


Since he’s got something to eat and a drink, he might as well turn the tv on…

When he turns the TV on, he’ll find football

And chances are, if he’s watching football, he’s going to want some lil smokies to eat while he watches.

The End.