“Friend” is code

Another day of subbing, another day of sending a child home.

Not even kidding.  Same child.  Still no chairs aimed at me, so we’re good.  (Classmates writing notebooks thrown to the floor?  Lots of that.  Crayon boxes scattered all over the floor?  Check.  Smacking the most Eyore-esque child during calendar?  Awesome.)

Wanna know a secret?  Teachers have a code.  If you hear a teacher ask another one “is your friend here today?” or say “I saw your little friend down in the office” what they really mean is “so is that devil child gone today so we can have some peace in the building?” and “I saw the child with issues from your class is getting suspended again”.

I had a lot of teachers ask about my “friend” today.  And tell me about the “friends” in their class

Other than that the kids were awesome though.  Had a blast.  We did math, we wrote in our journals, we colored.  Great day.

Lunch was a flatout with hummus, spinach, and chicken


Plus fruit, yogurt, nuts, and water.  Totally didn’t eat the nuts or the yogurt.  Whoops.


Now I’m tackling this

DSCN4493(This is the room without a name.  It’s getting pretty much all our books.  The fiance said it could be called the library.  But isn’t that kinda pretentious?  Opinions please)

I already found this gem


Birthday gift back in the day


It has little quotes from the books to go with each recipe.  I thought it was possibly the coolest thing ever when I got it.

DSCN4491I always loved food from books.  I remember going through a huge peppermint ice cream phase because that’s what Samantha had at her birthday.


11 responses to ““Friend” is code

  1. I always knew teachers had a code. I need to write these things down, that’s precious info

  2. How did I not know that there was an Anne of Green Gables cookbook???

  3. I’m glad I do not have ‘friends.’ LOL.

  4. The teacher’s code, how interesting. It is like a secret language 🙂

  5. “friend” ha

    Maybe you can call the room, your home office or the study =)

  6. I would totally get floor to ceiling shelving and turn it in to a library with a couple comfy chairs. Or it could be a “sitting room.” Or you could have a really grand office (if you already have an office, you could each have one). Or a craft room (do you do crafts???). A lady I know has a gift wrapping room LOL – how about that!? Hehe.

    I love rooms. If you don’t need it, I will have it.

  7. i agree with jolene. a library with ceiling to floor bookshelves would be so pretty. i dont think it would be pretentious.

    i loved anne of green gables. i had no clue they have a cookbook.

  8. Ann of Green gables cookbook? Sounds fancy! Wait…is each recipe as sad and lonely like I remembered her to be?

  9. i think library is awesome, mostly because I really want to have one in my house someday.

    Like one with the ladder on wheels so I can flit around the room to pick my book 🙂

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