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What I’d like to do

Things I would like to do with my day:

Buy myself some pretty new Le Creuset things to play with

I tried to tell the husband this and he muttered something about needs vs wants. He needs to stop wanting to kill my dreams.

He asks weird questions like “What do you need a yellow grill pan for?”

When the real question is “How have you lived 25 years without a yellow grill pan?”

I’d also like to eat another blood orange
I’m amused by things with pretty colors. My maturity helps me connect with the kids I teach.

I’d really like to have lunch without the baby coming to help
(That would be a whole wheat tortilla with cheese, black beans, and asparagus. With sriracha and sour cream)

Baby helping leads to this:
He was helping drink my water. And upon knocking it over was even happier, as there was SO MUCH WATER to drink

And I’d like cook something interesting enough to be worth blogging about. There are only so many cat pictures I should be posting. I think we’re beyond that point.

Instead, here are some of the things I’ve been doing today:

I broke a shovel. Seriously.

I installed a hard drive!
My computer died. Life lesson kids: repeatedly dropping your laptop breaks your hard drive. Goodbye pictures and music, it was fun while it lasted!

And the most fun of all, I’ve attempted to clean all the things. We’ve been redoing our downstairs and next weekend my parents are coming to help with some full on remodeling. So where we’re knocking down a wall needs to be cleared out AND our house needs to be clean enough for a parent visit. Yay?

What do you wish you could do today?

(Note: CSN is sending me a product to review and the link above is part of that. Any opinions I give will come from my own gorgeous brain of course!)

I’m Lovin’ It

I have been a slacker blogger!  Thanks for all the good wishes on the half.  We had day 2 of Foot Traffic U today and it was fantastic.

While I’ve been a lazy blogger there’s lots that I’m lovin’, so I thought I’d share.

I’m lovin’ Lululemon bags as lunch bags
These suckers are big enough to hold the 12 pounds of food I bring for lunch AND my water bottle.  I used to use a reusable grocery bag.  This is slightly smaller, and makes me feel less awkward.
It also helps you make friends with other teachers who share your affinity for $12 headbands.

Also lovin’ the Nike Employee Store
That’s just part of the shoe section.  Blew my damn mind.  Huge.  Full of half priced Nike.  Went there this week for an alumni event.  I’m not a sneaker wearer, but I still wanted to buy seven pairs.  Held it in.  Barely.

Shoes I am lovin?
My Danskos.  Can’t lie.  Such teacher shoes.  But unless you enjoy watching chaos erupt you don’t sit when you’re teaching kindergarten. You need comfy shoes.

I’m lovin’ how weird the new kitten is
He’s eating green beans.  What cat eats green beans?

I am lovin’ my EnviroKidz Koala Crisps
In college my mom would send me these in care packages.  It’s organic, so it’s healthier than the cocoa pebbles it tastes like, right?
We almost never eat cereal, but some days you just need a bowl of Koalas.

And to go with my chocolate cereal I’m beyond just lovin’ and am in a relationship with this coffee
We’re registered at Crate and Barrel.  It’s that serious.

It’s Stumptown, cause I’m predictably PDX like that.  I’ve never been picky on coffee.  But Hair Bender has made me a believer.  Stumptown describes it as

Coffees from every major producing region provide the individual components of this complex sweet and savory blend which yields flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, jasmine, meyer lemon, apricot and pineapple.

Did you catch how it says milk chocolate in there?  Milk chocolate.  I’m in love.

Are you picky on coffee?

What are you lovin’ right now?

A Spudnut Moment

Know what I haven’t done in a grip and a half?

Posted a whole day’s worth of food.

So, here’s a day in the life.

I woke up exhausted and I downed two cups of unpictured coffee.

I’m an idiot and that was way too much liquid in my tummy, so I wasn’t digging  breakfast.  But I was off to teach and I knew if I didn’t eat something by calendar I’d be ready to eat the class pet.  So I ended up sticking one of these suckers
(Fact:  these are better if you call them La vache qui rit.)

On some Dave’s Killer bread
I adore hummus and toast in the AM (totally normal, right?), but I ate all the hummus last week and need to cook more chickpeas.  So this worked.

I grabbed my lunch
Weird mishmash of stuff.
Two kiwis, an apple, peanut butter (for the apple),  a hunk of Sin Dawg, crack oranges, and beef jerky.  I’ve been eating yogurt for lunches (and breakfasts) like it’s going out of style.  It’s kinda hit the point where it did go out of style.  Whoops.

(I ended up not eating the oranges, but I always aim to overpack-24 children + low blood sugar = hell)

And guess who I found in my class!  My friend from last year!  He switched schools!  Thankfully he’s less of a “friend” this year.

I got home from work and munched on some of these
These are crack.  I would possibly birth your children for a lifetime supply of these.

While I munched I threw together dinner.

1 can diced tomatoes + back beans I cooked the other day + chicken + brown rice + corn + spices = soup
More chips on there.  Way more.  But I hate soggy chips with a fiery passion so I add them as I go.

And for bed dinner

Which was disappointing.  Not because I don’t love popcorn or anything, but because I watched my girl Sarah give a shoutout to my hometown (first min and a half is all you gotta watch)

And since watching that?  It’s all one big Spudnut moment.

And by “Spudnut moment” I mean I would kill for a spudnut right around now.

What’s a food you want and can’t get?  I want spudnuts.  And more of that PB ish from Trader Joe’s.

Ladies who lunch

So, I noticed some of you guys commented on my lunch in my last post, so I thought I’d give you guys a run down of how I make super quick lunches.

Being a sub means sometimes, you get a call at 9:35 for a job that started at 9:30.  And is 25 minutes from your house.  I’ve learned to get dressed and put together fast… But I had practice on that in college.

Eating, on the other hand, wasn’t something I was too into in college…. (unless quad americanos and popcorn with a side of cigarettes are what you’d call breakfast AND lunch)  So packing lunches has been more of a challenge.

If I’m at home I’d much rather have a happy, warm lunch, so I don’t wanna pack stuff, and then be sadly eating my cold lunch at home if I don’t work.  So pre-packing is out.  (I do pre-pack the fiance’s lunches, and I have a method for those too….)

Here’s what I do…

First, I check the fridge for protein options

Yesterday my fridge had yogurt, hummus, and peanut butter.  I’ll also do cheese with crackers, but we’re out of crackers, so I didn’t even consider the cheese.

We always have peanut butter, yogurt, and cheddar cheese in the fridge.  I’ve totally categorized artichoke dip in with this in my head before.  Not kidding.  It has cheese?

Then I see what I’ve got for veggies

Yesterday it was carrots, celery, tomato, and broccoli.

We always have at least carrots and celery in out house.

And I check out the fruit

We had strawberries, bananas, and apples

I try to keep at least two types of fruit (this time of year it’s generally oranges, apples, and/or bananas) on hand

And I look for other fun things to add

Pretzels, pudding, mini lara bars, almonds, cereal, granola bars

I usually do some sort of fruit + yogurt or fruit + peanut butter, veggies + dip, and something crunchy and carby.

And I keep extras, like the almonds, the lara bars, and the granola bars in my bag just in case.

Here’s the lunch I ended up with

Celery, carrots, tomato, and hummus

And some random sides

pretzels, apples, peanut butter.

I try to pack more than I think I’ll want, so that I have snacks.  And on days when I’m really in a hurry I’m not above throwing a whole jar of PB in my bag.

There are some things I don’t do in my lunch…

I don’t do things that have to be microwaved because some days you’ve got about 20 minutes to eat.  And if you have to wait behind two or three other people to heat your food, you just don’t have time.

And I don’t pack meat because I try and keep that to one meal per day, and that’s generally dinner.  Plus, lunch meat is icky.

I don’t pack sandwiches partly because I don’t adore them, and partly because getting all the stuff for them out takes a while, and makes more work for me.

I don’t generally have a main “meal” to my lunch, more smaller components.  Again partly because of the microwave, and also because I like to be able to snack through the day-its easier to snack with a lunch like this.

But that’s how I do my two minute lunches!  They’re not super exciting, but they’re better than PB&J, and fast!

Do you pack lunches?  Whats your method?

Life Skills

Thanks for all the get wells!

Did you know I have life skills?

My Saturday was spent declaring “I’m better!” every time my temperature went below 100.  Being healthy is a life skill.

I was wrong a couple times.

We’ll call it a skill in progress.

I also attempted to eat

Quality nutrition is an important life skill, especially when you’re sick.
(Plus, blizzards were buy one, get one for 25 cents!)

And I also attempted to hydrate
I did better on the hydrating.  (I sent the poor fiance to the co-op to buy the coconut water.  He had NO clue what I was talking about)

Thankfully, by Sunday night I was far more alive, and made myself what I’d been lacking

Giant plate of veggies!

Me likkie veggies.  A lot.  This  a life skill the fiance lacks.  He had steak.

Today I packed a lunch in 2 minutes
(packing lunches quickly is a very useful life skill when you’re a sub!)

And I went and taught….

you guessed it

Life Skills!

It was my first time doing true SpEd, and it was actually a lot of fun.

The best part?

We made cupcakes!

THAT is a life skill I have!

(I thought taking pictures of the kids would make me a creeper)

And I get to go back tomorrow…. who knows what we’ll get to do!

Working Lunch

Fingers crossed I’ll have my camera fixed soon (it’s from Costco, and they’re good about getting stuffed fixed…)

For now, cell phone pics!

I told you guys last week I got some POM in the mail.  Of course, you know where it was going
You’re not surprised.
(Delicious btw!)

I made french toast with some POM syrup that was redic, and when my silly camera works again I’ll show you!

I’ve been working all week.  IN THE SAME CLASSROOM.  It’s fabulous.  It’s also made my eats largely packed lunches.  And given me less time to blog….

My breakfasts have been provided by this new friend
(Thank you, Costco and the fiance!)

I have been eating green smoothies like they’re going out of style.  Yesterday I made one with POM and frozen raspberries.  It was insanely good.

I’m on my lunch/prep right now.  Working = packing lunches.

Carrots/celery/hummus. Crackers too but they missed the picture. I’m thinking I may have eaten my body weight in hummus this week.

Fruit of some sort is daily too.  Today it’s oranges and a banana
and something else…

Did PB and apples the other day

Yogurt thang.  Plain yogurt, flax, walnuts, a lifetime supply of cinnamon, and banana.

Looks gross.  Tasted good.

I have no idea what this is.  I had chickpeas leftover from making my second batch of hummus this week.  And spinach, peas, parm, spices?  No idea.  But I like it.

And on the “wtf Portland” front, this was my deck on Tuesday morning.


Herding Kittens

Thanks for all the great feedback on the baking!  I’ll get recipes up for them soon-both the buns and the brownies are fab, and not too terribly difficult.  But awesome cause most people don’t make either from scratch.

Also awesome because chocolate is awesome.

I had a great day of small people yesterday.  I student taught kindergarten, which is good because otherwise I’d wonder if I was doing a terrible, terrible job when I taught them.  Cause at least half the day you feel like you’re herding kittens when you teach 5 year olds.

I got myself ready to face the small people with tea and spelt bread (with nana and pb on top!)

And I packed up a lunch.

There were cheese and whole grain ritz, apple slices, PB, a crack orange, salad with lentils and balsamic in the little container (so they didn’t get soggy) and a brownie

I try and pack some thing that are snackable so that if I’m starving partway through the day there are things I can quickly and discreetly chomp on.

The fiance isn’t feeling so hot, so we stopped for some of this on the way home

And when we got home I made old school chicken noodle soup

Chicken stock, chicken, carrots, celery, onion, peas, corn, pasta.  Like campbells.  Except the chicken isn’t quite as terrifying in this (i hate the meat in canned soup.  a lot)

(Wagon wheel pasta was his request)

And foodgasms for dessert

WW brownie, ice cream.  Pretty sure whole wheat makes it healthy.

I’d forgotten how good brownies are with ice cream.

How do you like your brownies?  I like mine plain or with ice cream, but not so much with frosting.