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Tonight is 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins.

I worked at BR for like a bajillion years, so I’m kinda an expert. And there are 3 important things you should know:

1. the free scoops are kid’s scoops. That means they’re miniature. Mini = no calorie*

2. on 31 cent scoop night Baskin Robbins gives money to the fallen firefighter foundation, and a lot of local stores collect additional donations to give to local fire departments and whatnot. If it’s for a good cause it has no calories**

3. Baby Brother is working it. Go to the Surreal America BR and bug him


*They’re a bit more than half the size of a normal scoop. And depending on flavor you’re looking at a range of 80 calories for daquiri ice up to 200 calories for things like peanut butter & chocolate. Most are 170ish or so.

**This is a fact. It’s why you can eat a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies in one sitting.

It’s a Fact

Fact: Pizza for date night may not be romantic, but it is delicious, and becoming a habit

Fact: Since this pizza (Which was amaaazing and garlicy) is from Hot Lips, and Hot Lips is into sustainable and local the pizza was healthy.

Fact: I should never become a nutritionist.

Fact: I ordered a beer called “Girl Beer”
I felt a little lame when I realized it was called that. But at least it wasn’t pink.

(And yes, pink beer exists. Lookin’ at you McMinnamins)

Fact: If you take me to Cool Moon I will try a million flavors

(that one was gingersnap cookies and cream!)

because there are a million to try
but I will always get cinnamon because I have a crush on cinnamon
Fact: writing about food when you haven’t had breakfast yet means you apparently start to have romantic feelings for things you eat. Awkward.

Sad Fact: I worked at Baskin Robbins for years and years.
(yes, Baby Brother and I were coworkers) And while it didn’t make me hate ice cream, it means I have a clear limit where I have to stop or I wanna puke (about 5 ounces-and yes, I can tell approximate weight by looking at the scoops. Not weird). So I had to toss some of the ice cream. And then cry. A lot.

Fact: I went hiking


Fact: Baby Brother says silly things like “it’s not hiking if it’s in your neighborhood”

Fact: if you’re surrounded by trees and cross multiple creeks, it’s hiking. And Baby Brother is full of crap.

It’s a fact.

Too Cute

Last week we had a really quick trip to the Gorge.  My husband had a presentation to give, and I tagged along because who doesn’t want to spend 18 hours in The Dalles?

The Dalles is 20 miles east of Hood River.  If you played Oregon Trail as a child, this is where you could raft the Columbia and win the game.

Sadly, there’s a lack of rafting opportunities that I can find there these days.

Given the lack of rafting to a homestead options in The Dalles we went to Hood River and visited Full Sail.

(Well, first we stalked the Tofurky factory.  Couldn’t see anything though.  I was hoping for a tofurky outlet or something.)

Full Sail had a pale on nitro
See how the whole beer is kinda cloudy?  Nitro makes the beer have this amazing creamy foam.  Love it.

Know what I love even more?

We had a stellar bartender (who is also a brewer there!) and when we ordered a Black Session Float he brought us each our own glass, plus tastes of both black session and the stout
Amazing.  Personal sized beer float?  Way too cute.

We somehow accidentally bought a second growler there too.  Because the only thing our house needs more than one 64 oz jug of beer in the fridge is TWO 64 oz jugs of beer in the fridge.  Clearly.

Post presentation in the AM the husband and I walked through The Dalles to breakfast.

I don’t think I’d really been anywhere in The Dalles besides Burgerville.  It was surprisingly adorable

And our breakfast spot was even cuter
Petit Provence was a little bakery/cafe thang.
Adorable inside

I had a terrible time picking out a meal.  So many things looked good!  Salmon hash, savory french toast, omelets…

I finally decided on the risotto cakes.  They came with squash and potatoes
Plus poached eggs on top
And, as if that wasn’t enough…
A croissant on the side.

When I went to France (good lord over 8 years ago!) I ate croissants with jam and butter every morning.  France was awesome.

This spot was just so attack of the cutesies.  Way too cute for The Dalles.

Although I’d still rather raft down the river.

Jingle all the Way

Guess who’s here!
Baby Brother came to visit!

We’ve been enjoying Christmas-y fun

We went to Zoolights
Where we found the road to hell
And some animals
Plus we hit up the 24 hour donut and ice cream shop.  Which is super Christmasy
It totally used to be a Baskin Robbins Duncan Donuts shop-there are stickers over Dunkin Donut logos.  Klassy.
But delicious.  You should never let klassy get in the way of delicious.

I got “Scooper hero” ice cream.
Puns and vanilla with enough dye to cause brain damage?  You know I loved it.

And today….

We ran a 5k!

It was the Holiday Half.  Only we did the 5k.  But my shirt just says half, so I’m pretty sure I look like a real runner if I wear it.
I wore an apron.  Totally cool.  And the husband wore that cape the whole way.  We rocked it out in 35:18.  Which was rad considering we hadn’t ran since the turkey trot.

Baby brother beat us.  He did like 29:29.  And got to learn about the joys of running in Portland:
Post-race beer!

Then we went home, and I put my apron wearing skills to use
Do other cities give out post-race beer, or is that just us?  I really am curious about that.

Time for some breweries!

We HAD to

We were in Bend while they were having their Oktoberfest.

Since my husband loves beer AND making inappropriate comments about sausage we HAD to go.

Had a few drinks, plus a brat and beef stew

And had another beer.  Because when faced with a dozen microbrews?  You HAVE to try more than one.

And we wandered around downtown. Very cute.  Our favorite find?
A candy store.

We’re mature.

But seriously, it had a SODA FOUNTAIN

We HAD to get something.  How often do you find soda fountains?

We shared a ginormous sundae.
With caramel and fudge and chocolate almond ice cream?  Yes please.

After breakfast at our hotel we went on a run.

Yeah.  On vacation.


Well…. when normally you run on a high school track because you live somewhere with a lack of sidewalks and streetlights

And instead you can run on a path by this?
Do you have a choice?

No.  We HAD to do it.

(Fun fact-that is Mirror Pond-like the beer.  The husband had just complained about how the name was deceptive as it was not mirror like as I took the picture.  We were looking right in front of us focusing on how up close it was murky, rather than checking out the big picture of the lake.   I’m sure there’s a deep life lesson in there.)

For lunch we realized we HAD to make a stop at Deschutes.  I mean, if you’re in Bend, you just have to.

I had a Benderweisse, which is a Berliner weisse style sour beer.  I like sours.  They’re like soda that gives you a buzz.
Best part?  See the red and green things next to it?  Raspberry and Woodruff syrups to flavor it with.  I had no clue what woodruff was, so I stuck with raspberry. But adding sugar to my beer amused me.

When we looked over the food menu we saw one of your side choices was sweet potato fries.  The husband HAD to have those.  There’s a chance I HAD to steal some of his.

He had the fries with a pulled pork sandwich
And told me my pulled pork was way better.  I’m going to pretend he doesn’t HAVE to say things like that, and I just cook better than restaurants.

I saw a roasted garlic burger on the menu, and knew what I HAD to order
With a salad.  Life is about balance.

Then we headed home.  Since I’d just downed a beer and a glass of water I HAD to pee about five minutes into driving.

We ended up stopping in Sisters, which was so cute I had to take a picture
Adorable.  Probably a total tourist trap too.  But whatevs.

Now I’m excited for a few weeks where we HAVE to be home-in just over a month we’ve went to Mt Hood and camping and the coast and Bend?  I need a vacation from taking vacations.

Plus we HAVE to watch football on the weekends.

What’ve you HAD to do lately?

Like Hippies

Today, we have an empty carport
(if you look carefully, there are plants.  sitting on a tricycle.  don’t ask)

My dear sweet car is currently at the doctor.

And by doctor, I mean transmission shop.

We only own one car, so the car breaking = we’re carfree.

Like hippies.  Only with freshly washed hair.

Thankfully right at the end of our block
Lives a Zipcar!
(Zipcar is a car sharing thing, that’s around in major cities.  When you’re a member you can reserve cars, then your membership card unlocks them when you hold it up to the windshield.  All the cars have names.  This one is named Icy)

Not having a car makes me 700% more antsy, and I feel the need to get out of the house.  Since grocery shopping is almost productive, I can justify it.

We’ll ignore the fact that it’s only productive if there are things you need.

Last time my car broke we lived in our old apartment, where the closet grocery store was the world’s sketchiest Safeway.  And I say that having lived by a Safeway in Spokane.  Spokane is hard to beat for sketch.

Now instead I live right by a Co-op
Cause like I said before, we’re like hippies.

It’s got a random mix of stuff.  I mean, if you’re in the market for hemp seed?
Totally covered.  And certified kosher.

Or if you’re trying to find local eggs from grass fed cage free chickens?
You’re set there too. There’s even a chart.

(the ones where they don’t trim the beaks cost the most btw.  I looked)

Or Oregon albacore tuna in a JAR?
Gross looking, but there!

Food Front is right by my beloved Baker & Spice.  Once I took Mama Pea there, and she found sedatives for children.

But if you’re making latkes and you need applesauce?  That stupid applesauce cost me like 5 dollars. 5 dollar APPLESAUCE.

I came home with these totally productive groceries
We were out of milk.  The rest?  Well… the avocados were really cheap.  Like, we’re talking less than conventional ones at Safeway, and they’re organic!  And if you get avocados clearly you need a pepper too so that you can make guac.  And chocolate milk, and a little bit of gouda for the husband cause he’s had a long day dealing with our car.   And if you have cheese, you need crackers.

And the ice cream?  It has chocolate dinosaurs in it.  Which is reason enough to me.

And when I got home from the store, I found a package had come from Amazon.  A text to the husband reveiled it was a one month anniversary gift.

Inside I found something I’d been wanting for a long time.  I’d actually asked for it for my birthday.

What was it?

A compost pail!
Cause, you know, we’re hippies.

What’s your nearest grocery store?

Do you compost?

…that just happened.

When I moved to Portland, I lived in a house with four other people.  One of whom is now my fiance.

Also in the house?  My darlin’ Callie.

(that would be us, two years ago, clearly not drinking margaritas out of princess cups while waiting for the max.)

She and I became friends by watching and judging our neighbor.  (He deserved it-for some unexplainable reason he owned two SUVs.  Why on earth do you need TWO SUVs?)

After the house she and I lived with another roommate (and the fiance lived a whole 5 blocks away).  She lives in Seattle now, but she came to play this weekend.  It was a very low key bachelor party.

Without penis straws.

Whoever thought up penis straws is stupid.

Callie and I always had this magic ability to find weird weird people when we were together.

There was the time while we were buying booze, the man at the liquor store told me my ID looked “like a professional modeling photo”.  And then gave us candy.

Or the time we went to a hockey game, and the mascot kept trying to hit on Callie.

Mind you, the mascot was in a giant bird costume.  Didn’t stop him from trying to grab her butt.  Repeatedly

So, what happened this weekend is, with history in mind, to be expected…

But still.

We went to one of our favorite places
Bartini.  Lame name.  Pretty drinks
Plus, bread
with melty smoked cheddar to dip it in.

Really, what more could you want than a pretty drink, bread, and cheese?

Maybe the fact that it’s also next to Trader Joe’s.  And it used to be a block from our house.  That’s what more you could want.

I had on this shirt
Callie had on the same pink tank top, only hers says “bridesmaid”

We were talking about my wedding.  Wearing matching wedding shirts.  I have an engagement ring on.

Guys at the table next to us decide they’d like to be our friends.

First ask about a restaurant.  Then ask me to take a picture.  Keep asking me all sorts of things.  Would we like to join them for dinner?  Go to more bars?  Go to a play?

Our potential friend even notices that we have the same shirt on, and comments on it.

Finally, when the waitress brings our bill, she tells me “congratulations”

“why’d she say that?” potential new friend asks

“I’m getting married in three weeks”

(seems the matching shirts, ring, and us talking about my wedding weren’t dead giveaways)

…..awkward silence….

then potential friend turns to Callie and goes “So, Callie, tell us more about you”

Walking to the car all we could say was”seriously, that happened.”

and we headed back to my hood, where we were far less likely to make new friends and got…
Margaritas the size of our heads!

Then watched terrible movies.

The best point was the end of the night, when we’d busted through an entire bottle of vodka, and watched Center Stage on fast forward.
We didn’t need any plot getting in the way of dancing.

And, like all stories of me and Callie, the visit ended with ice cream
So, who else has awkward stories of being hit on?  I can’t be the only one.