I made life!

No, not a baby my friends.


I made this
What is that weird gloop?

It’s yogurt my friends!

And we all know yogurt is alive.

(Well, if you’re Baby Brother you figure this our about six months ago, and get kinda weirded out.  But not so weirded out that you stop eating yogurt or anything)

(Also alive?  Sour cream.  Which I use to justify eating way too much.  Probiotics are good for you!)

Why did I make yogurt?

No clue.  Because I’m a hippie? Because I wanna be Little House in the Big Woods?  Mostly because I hadn’t.  And I wanted to see if I could.

(I may have avoided telling my husband I was doing it until it finished because I was a little skeptical of if I could or not)

I used the crockpot lady’s method.  And it worked!

Homemade yogurt is runnier (unless you add powdered milk.  or gelatin.  But we know the only Jello I eat is in shots.) so you strain it
My fingers are crossed that towel doesn’t now stank of yogurt forever.

Then you’re left with a ton of whey
Which if you’re me then goes in your fridge because you have issues throwing things out.   No clue what I’m doing with it.

But more importantly… you get yogurt!
Delicious thick yogurt

(I made the granola too.  I have a Martha Stewart complex)

What’s something random you’ve made from scratch?   I’m in a definite little house hippie mood over here, I’d love more ideas!


13 responses to “I made life!

  1. I believe I tried to make tofu from scratch in the Hopkins kitchen once (or the 428 kitchen… one of the two). Without a recipe. By basically just mashing soybeans and letting them mold in the kitchen for a week.

    It was awesome. I’ve heard REAL homemade tofu is good, though. You should try it and report back.

  2. I’ve made yogurt a few times this year in my crockpot, too! SO good.

  3. You’re so Little House on the Probiotic Prarie.

    I felt great once when I made hummus from scratch w/dry beans.

  4. if you have a food dehydrator i think youve definitely and legitimately earned your place on little house in the big woods. oh and a somker. because middle america survives on dehydrated and smoked stuff 😉

  5. I’ve tried to make yogurt before, but it always failed. Now I’m lactose intolerant and I don’t think soy works the same. Boo.

  6. I think it’s pretty cool that you made your own yogurt. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a hippie (I might think that because I am on that road as well).

    I went through a homemade pasta and hummus phase, and I’m now on a pesto and baking phase (recently, flatbread). And I’ve been working on beer making (but because of the wait time, this is not as satisfying as other things though).

    My husband once made homemade jerky. Our house smelled like liquid smoke for about a month.

  7. I actually just finished making granola. And I’m currently making dog biscuits. Yup, just to see if I can.

  8. Is it bad that I am still laughing at the “gross” after reading the whole rest of the post?

  9. so how was it compared to store bought? My fiance made cottage cheese one time. I was not impressed. But yours looks legit!

  10. Oh wow, I haven’t got to that point yet of making my own granola or yogurt. I am too in to convenience and that being at the grocery store!
    Props to you tho as it does look yummy! Was it sweet or tart?

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