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Squash squash sqaush

The police still haven’t found who hit my brother’s car.  😦

The good thing is that they’ve got three cars, so this was the extra… So monster baby and her mommy aren’t stuck at home.

Onto some happier notes:

My day has a lot of squash!

EDIT:  If you want to make pumpkin butter, the recipe is here

First, I made pumpkin butter

(that’s right, MADE.  I am my own Trader Joes!)

I started with this


(In my family we don’t do homemade halfway.  My fam grew this pumpkin.  And then after halloween my mommy cuts them up and cooks them, then freezes.  Full on homemade.  And yeah, it’s been in my freezer for a year.  Whoops)

And I ended up with this


Put on some bread


Tasty!  I’m looking forward to this in some oats!

And then, because I hadn’t done enough with squash, I made some more kobacha soup!  This time I used this


instead of milk. Gave it a crazy good texture!  (And hey! my lunch was vegan!)

Defiant upgrade.  Genesis was asking about how it’s made-her you go girl!  (And, anyone else who wants it 🙂 )

We have a crazy amount of corn on the cob, so I chopped some of that into it.


Happy happy lunch!

So… what’s your favorite way to eat squash?


…hummus, and tabouli, and baba ganoush

I had this song stuck in my head when I was at the grocery store today.  I gave into the lyrics and got an eggplant to make baba ganoush.  It didn’t make the song leave my head, but it was yummy!

For the baba I microwaved the eggplant (lazy, yes, but effective as well), and then scooped out the inside.


I blended it with tahini, garlic, and parsley.  It was tasty!

I also made falafel.  They seemed to go together.  I had soaked chickpeas (most recipes asked for soaked, but not cooked) because we need to make more hummus, so I was good to go.  All the directions I saw told you to use a food processor.  I have a blender.  It took a while.  I started with this


And watched it become this


And finally this!


Then I shaped them into balls and sprayed ’em with pam.  Baked for about 20 minutes!

They turned out pretty good


My lunch was the falafel and baba plus lettuce, carrots, and a tahini-yogurt sauce.  Loved it!


Only sad things is that I didn’t make extra…

But, to make up for it, I used my coupon ninja skills to get cheap chocolate!  15 cents per bar baby…


Now to hide it.  I’ve learned a valuable lesson that if I bury candy in the freezer I forgot it’s there until I really need something sweet, and the fiance doesn’t steal it!

Do you ever hide food so you don’t have to share?

World Traveler

In an effort to not make me watch ESPN all day tempt ourselves to spend way too much money get out of the house we went to Sweden IKEA today.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of an IKEA addict-I didn’t point it out when I showed my bed the other day, but the bed and bedspread are both from there.   We started with fine Swedish cuisine

Pasta with marinara and meatballs


Plus a salad I filled as full as possible


Ok, as much as I do love IKEA, they have possibly the worst salad dressing ever.  It’s gross.  I, um, put some of the marinara sauce on my salad instead?  I think that’s weird.  But it was way way better.

The fiance helped me on the pasta, and had the traditional Swedish chicken strips and fries (that’s traditional, right?)

We’re totally in love with this bed

The fiance is 6’3″ so I’ve been promising him when we’ve got room we can get a King bed… And if we get this house, we’ll have room!

We also checked out the Barnsligs.  For those not familiar with IKEA, they’re weird weird stuffed things like this


After Sweden we went to Barbur World Foods, where we found wine tasting!


There were nectarines with the wine tasting.  Every time the man wasn’t looking I took some.  Whoops.

Our visit to the whole world netted us some tahnin which we used to make…

Hummus!  We took all this (plus lemon juice that the fiance was hiding)


and made deliciousness!  Mine was garlicy and the fiance’s was full of roasted peppers.


My spread


Amazing!  Seriously, best snack ever.  Plus, even with the cost of a whole jar of tahini it cost the same as buying two containers of hummus at the store… And we’ve got enough tahini to make sooo much more!

What do you like in your hummus? I want to make more now….


I’ve been FREEZING all day.  But cooking warms me up!

Lunch was a mexican mis-mash…. It had squash, rice, meat, tomatoes, salsa, cheese, and some sour cream and avocado on top


Then I set to work on something I’d never made before…. Roasted peppers!  My daddy always makes them at home, but I’ve never done them myself.

We have way too many (I didn’t roast all of them, and you’ll see, I roasted a ton).  Basically what you do is brush each pepper with oil

DSCN3062(Sidenote: when things have a messy potential I like to put foil over the baking sheet.  Recycle it when you’re done!)

The put them into the oven, on a high rack (this was the second from the top because it looked like if I did the very top they’d be straight up touching the burners) on broil.  I did half at a time just so that I had less stuff at risk of burning at a time.


When they start looking all pretty like this you flip em


And when they’re all brown and blistery you take them out and put them into a bowl or container and cover it.  This lets steam build up for the next step.  After 20 minutes or so you open up your bowl and see this


You take them one by one and pull the stem out (some of mine needed a knife to get that sucker out) and then peel the skin off.  I’m always skeptical of “it just comes right off” type instructions, but it did!


Then you run your finger along it to squeeze out the seeds


The seeds get all over, especially when you’re making a lot, just a warning.  I had to wash my hands a lot.  After that you just chop them up, and use your knife to scrape out any lingering seeds from inside.

Now I’ve got this in my fridge


The fiance wants some for sandwiches… I don’t know quite what else we’ll use them for… I’m thinking pasta sauce?

Do you have any roasted pepper ideas?

Baby came back

Monster baby was over again today!

She’s a fun monster.  She’s learned how to make a face on command:

DSCN3042She can smile too

DSCN3038Isn’t her little tuft of hair great?

We went to laughing planet with my bro, his wife, and baby for lunch.  It’s a great place-it’s food that always makes my tummy happy.  It’s very Portland-you can get vegetarian, or add temphe, tofu, or chicken.  The fact that there are more non-meat options than meat is amusing.  And they have lots of local/organic/sustainable stuff.  Plus they serve good beer!  The fiance got a Double Mountain of some sort, which we haven’t ever seen anywhere but their brewery in Hood River.

I had a bowl with veggies, brown rice, pinto beans, and chicken.

0907091238-02(I ate some before I remembered to take a picture)

Baby ate a dinosaur.


And now I’m making our dinner-Chili!

It’s finally starting to be good weather for things like this.  I love fall/winter foods…. Chili and stew and roast and all sorts of yumminess.  Plus, this uses some of my giant produce stash!

DSCN3043Might get to see baby again in a few days-they’re headed down to the coast, but they’ve gotta go back home on Wednesday, so they’ll be through town.  I like getting some baby time!

Do you have any nieces/nephews?  Monster baby is my only one so far!

Lost in Translation?

The couscous I bought last week has this as the cooking instructions:

“Frida Couscous is conceived according to an industrial UHT. (“Ultra” high temperature).  Heating instructions:  In one vapor cooking of about 10 minutes. ”

The french directions made more sense, where at least they tell you to steam it, rather than “vapor cooking” it.

I had a busy morning.  Did some heavy reading

DSCN2571 And some heavy drinking

DSCN2569I had a visit from my cousin, her husband, and their two year old.  The two year old also was bribed with brownie to go potty.  Which I think means I can have a brownie every time I pee today.  Score.

After they left I had a quick snack

DSCN2572(the rest of the tuna from breakfast, on crackers.)

And I got to work in the kitchen… We’re looking at some more houses tonight, so I’ve got dinner 90% done, so that it won’t be 9:00 before we eat. Tonight’s dinner will be couscous, turkey with lemon-y sauce on it, carrots, and broccoli.  I bought Italian parsley, because it’s pretty, and it’s on everything.  I’ve found I might as well go all out when I buy something like parsley, because otherwise I use half and the rest ends up rotting.  Plus, I really do like how it looks.

I “vapor cooked” some couscous

DSCN2573Chopped the broccoli

DSCN2576Cooked the turkey (it’s a pound and a half of turkey?  in the oven?  Not pretty, not worth trying to get a good picture), and made the sauce

DSCN2574(Lemon juice, parsley, bullion, corn starch, etc) Which then went over some carrots I chopped

DSCN2578I’m going to put some turkey on top of that, and more sauce. That goodness will get thrown in the oven for a few while the broccoli steams and we’ll be good to go!

How much dinner prep do you do before it’s actually dinner time?  Some days I do a ton, like today, and others I’m throwing it all together at 6:45…

Quinoa again

I loved the quinoa we had the other night so much we made it again!  Here’s what I did

DSCN2300Finely dice onion (big pieces will be visible, and thus kill you dead).  Saute in butter until transluscent.  Add quinoa and chicken stock (I freeze mine when I make it, so it’s those round things you see)

DSCN2303Keep adding liquid until the quinoa won’t absorb more (I was low on stock, so I used water too).

Dice tomatoes and add in

DSCN2305The tomatoes will start to dissolve as they cook, so you don’t have to chop them too small, but you also don’t want huge chunks of tomato skin.

Chop or rip (I was feeling lazy so I ripped) basil and add in.  Add in crushed garlic as well

DSCN2306Basil shrinks, so you can’t add too much.  (I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as too much basil, right?).  Now you either let it cook on the stove, stirring, or you can turn the stove off, and cover the pot to let it steam, the way you cook couscous.  I started making this before picking up the fiance, and when I left I put the lid on so mine did a little of both.

You end up with this

DSCN2311Delicious, protein + fresh produce… mmmmm!

We added a few shakes of parmesan at the end, and ate it with chicken sausage and green beans

DSCN2316And I had leftover quinoa for breakfast too!  Yum!