Baby Brother

Baby Brother is, clearly, my darlin’ baby brother.

I used to call him my little brother.  Then he visited a school I was at, and the children informed me “Miss, you said he was your little brother, but he’s a LOT taller than you”.

True that children, true that.

Baby brother, in addition it being a lot taller than me also weighs a lot less than me.  This is, of course, good for my ego.  As is the fact that he eats several thousand calories of fast food a day to maintain his size.

He enjoys ice cream, arguments, Jeeps, pie, being a pretend hick, venti triple white chocolate mochas, and short walks on the beach.

He goes to college, works at Baskin Robbins, and fills in the rest of his time with trips to Shari’s and driving my mother insane.


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