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What I’d like to do

Things I would like to do with my day:

Buy myself some pretty new Le Creuset things to play with

I tried to tell the husband this and he muttered something about needs vs wants. He needs to stop wanting to kill my dreams.

He asks weird questions like “What do you need a yellow grill pan for?”

When the real question is “How have you lived 25 years without a yellow grill pan?”

I’d also like to eat another blood orange
I’m amused by things with pretty colors. My maturity helps me connect with the kids I teach.

I’d really like to have lunch without the baby coming to help
(That would be a whole wheat tortilla with cheese, black beans, and asparagus. With sriracha and sour cream)

Baby helping leads to this:
He was helping drink my water. And upon knocking it over was even happier, as there was SO MUCH WATER to drink

And I’d like cook something interesting enough to be worth blogging about. There are only so many cat pictures I should be posting. I think we’re beyond that point.

Instead, here are some of the things I’ve been doing today:

I broke a shovel. Seriously.

I installed a hard drive!
My computer died. Life lesson kids: repeatedly dropping your laptop breaks your hard drive. Goodbye pictures and music, it was fun while it lasted!

And the most fun of all, I’ve attempted to clean all the things. We’ve been redoing our downstairs and next weekend my parents are coming to help with some full on remodeling. So where we’re knocking down a wall needs to be cleared out AND our house needs to be clean enough for a parent visit. Yay?

What do you wish you could do today?

(Note: CSN is sending me a product to review and the link above is part of that. Any opinions I give will come from my own gorgeous brain of course!)


Hot in Herre

Lordy friends.

Summer has hit Portland.

And by hit I’m talking we just got punched in the face by heat.  Teach us to complain about the lack of summer.

We deal with heat in different ways.

Lots of salad
Grilling dinner
(weird but true:  I was hardcore craving beef, but not bread.  Hence the bun-less burger.  Sometimes, I get a little anemic, and crave beef and/or spinach.  My body.  It knows.)

Enjoying food from the garden

(when you realize how many peas you get out of a million pea pods it’s a little sad)

(Seriously. We ate a bowl of cold, cooked peas the other night. It was amazing.)

Eating cold breakfasts
(That looks gross huh?  Yogurt + grapes + walnuts + honey + lemon juice.  I like it.)

And some days, drinking breakfast
The cat hasn’t realized it’s too hot to cuddle, and instead sprawls like this
“I must be with you!  But not touch too much!”

She’s advanced for her age.

And, most important to beating the heat?

Not sweating when you find this
In your bangs.


It’s my third one.

Not that I’m counting.

What’s your favorite meal to make when it’s hot?  I’ve had a big ol salad for lunch every day this week.  Anything else and the warm food + warm weather means I can’t sit on the deck.

Home Grown

Hope you had a wonderful 4th!  We just got back from surreal america, doing some last bits of wedding planning because it’s LESS THAN TWO WEEKS till we’re married!!

Thankfully, we’ve got some good weather coming up, so I can distract myself with yard work.

If you look at my yard, you can tell I have a green thumb
Weeds are green guys.  They’re green.

I’ve never had a full real yard in Portland before, so I’m learning as I go.  One thing I learned-if you wait to try and kill the weeds till it’s not raining, you’ll have a weed JUNGLE to kill.

Also, next year we need to order bark sooner.  We were going to, which would keep the weeds down for the most part, but we kept putting it off and now…

Well, there’s a weed jungle.  I feel like bark would be no match for that.

Some of my yard is actually growing useful things though!

See these babies??
I grew them!  I’ve had strawberry plants for a few years, but this year there’s enough to actually make a whole dessert from them (as opposed to “oh look, two strawberries” thing I had going on for the past few years)

Also growing?

When I was planting the peas (in February!) I was worried they wouldn’t sprout, so I planted a tonnnn.  My worries were unfounded, although I should’ve spread them out more.  Whoops.  Next year I’m planting more.

We’ve been cooking them up in their pods for stir-fry

And I shelled and boiled some for dinner recently, along with roasted fingerlings and a chicken sausage
See how there’s two?
That’s because I forgot what I was doing, and overcooked the first ones.  I wanted the fiance to understand the goodness of fresh peas, so I went out, picked more, and made those perfect.  Then salvaged the overcooked ones by adding tons of garlic and pepper.  If you can’t have the texture right, at least make ’em tasty…

(The fiance loveddd the fresh ones-they’re fantastic)

And my laziest gardening?
Basil.  Thank you giant plants at Trader Joes for $3.  But I’m keeping it alive, so it’s like I grew it, right?

Fresh basil is heaven.  I want it in everything.  Like Friday’s breakfast:
Strawberries from the garden + baby quiche made with fresh basil (there’s more inside, but I like the little pop of basil on top), bacon, and mozzarella.  Love it.

Do you have a garden?

Spring has sprung?

It’s Spring break here in Oregon.  And amazingly enough there have been some days that actually felt like spring.  Madness!

Our yard is producing some gorgeous stuff
Plus, I have seeds sprouting!
Seeds make me nervous, because you have to wait to see if they’re going to show up after you plant them.  I am not good at waiting.  But I also have some indoor seeds sprouting!  Yay for not killing things.  (the picture is peas)

In addition to spring in the yard, we’ve had spring cookies
I adore Beaverton Bakery’s cookies, because they frost with CHOCOLATE.  no screwing around here.  Chocolate.

There’s been actual food in our house too of course.

We had polenta with sausage and tomatoes
Plus spinach on the side.  The fiance will now eat spinach raw AND cooked.  It makes my life better.  Except when we’re almost out and I have to share.

We had sweet and sour meatballs

The frozen meatballs at costco?  They are one of the best things ever.  Just don’t read the nutrition information.  Trust me, don’t.
Speaking of Costco, the fiance had a Dr appointment on Wednesday, so he worked from home, and guess what we had for lunch

Buck fifty sausage and soda.  Can’t beat it.
And we used more of the polenta for dinner last night

Creamed chicken + polenta = heaven.
Fatty heaven.

Which really, is the best sort of heaven.

Is it Spring where you live yet?

I missed my friends

So, today I subbed in the class where I student taught (the looped, so it’s mostly the same kids.)

The whole Vegan Day thang sounded fun and all, but when teaching in the projects one needs coffee.  And this was the only cream-like substance in the house

Although I think it’s mostly water and chemicals. So you know, vegan-ish

I grabbed a breakfast

Clearly, not vegan.  Also, turns out that yogurt has like 60% of your daily value of saturated fat.  Awesome.  I still ate most of it.  Let’s not kid ourselves.

and went off to see my class.

This was a class with a lot of friends. And a lot of great kids to.  But still, a high amount of friends

I packed a lunch that I ate after shooing the children to lunch (The schools here serve the most disgusting pizza, that the kids LOVE on Thusdays.   I generally avoid the school lunches)

Leftover quinoa, plus oranges.  And water.

And I am TIRED.

But considering today the fiance had to present stuff to the legislature and his fiance’s boss declared the recession is over today I’m guessing my day was at least a little lower key than his.

I’d much rather teach in the projects than deal with that.

And lest you think my day was all “friends” and no fun, I planted flowers!

And while unpacking (cause lord knows we’re not done) I found$31 of winning scratch tickets!

And chocolate!

It’s all in the little things.

What was good in your day?

Yard Work(out)

I’ve been feeling kinda bad about  being too busy to get to the gym lately…

But then I worked on our yard and realized it’s probably a better workout than me slugging away on the elliptical is.  For one my giant pruning shears are HEAVY.

Some of what I did today:

DSCN4614That’s weeds.  GIANT weeds.  I had to use the big shovel-some of them were the size of a head of lettuce

(And let me take a moment to say that I love how the city of Portland gives you a container just for your yard waste.  It’s awesome)

Plus I did this

DSCN4615Strawberries planted!  They’ve been living in planters for years, I’m happy they’re in dirt now.

And a whole lot more trimming, shoveling, and general work.

Before I started I made myself lunch

DSCN4607Broccoli, brown rice, and pinto beans with onion and garlic.  The beans were insanely good.  Which was weird as they’re, you know, beans.

Mid work I realized I needed some sustenance.

When your arms are a little shaky cause you’ve been working, I think you earn some chocolate

DSCN4609Brownie with yogurt frosting (yogurt + powdered sugar)

It made me a happy lady.

If you’ve got a yard, how do you feel about yardwork?  I’ve never had one of my own and I’m wondering if I’m going to start hating doing stuff in it soon…Or bribing the fiance to do it for me.

I’m terrified of lawn mowers.  So that’s already his job.

It’s getting there…

It’s been a lonnnnng day.

We got up and went to Lowe’s and Costco with the parents (who are fantastic and an amazing help!  I’m a lucky girl!  Plus, they got us a fireplace today!).  Then we came home and my daddy and the fiance got to work on some roof repairs, while my mommy and I tackled the yard.

Remember how I showed you the yard the other day?

Here’s what it looks like today

DSCN4463And, um, here’s what’s been trimmed/pulled so far

DSCN4464(Those are all at least two or three feet tall).  My mom trimmed a ton of our trees while I was wrestling the weeds.

So the yard’s looking better, and I’m pretty sure I got a good workout too.  Win-win.

And we’ve got pretty much everything moved in!  Now it’s just putting it all away…

We’re still fridgeless (delivered tomorrow!  So excited!) so we hit up the co-op for some lunch

1102091410-00Coconut curry soup (yum!), crackers,  and ginger ale Zevia.  Not a bad lunch at all…

And I’m thinking about digging into the newest addition to the fruit bowl, courtesy of my parents…

DSCN4465And then collapse into bed…. after we get it put back together!