Like you guys said in the comments, the fiance is pretty great…. So I let him sleep in today, and we had a big ol’ breakfast and went to late church…

I took inspiration from Jolene’s crazy good looking brunch and made some mini frittatas in my mini muffin pan.


Mine had egg (duh), milk, mozzarella, bacon, and basil.

Enough that we’ve got leftovers for the fiance to eat for breakfast for a day or two.  Look how airy they are inside!


Tasty!  The fiance said the basil made them “restaurant quality”, which I think was his way of buttering me up so I’ll make them again.

Plus whole wheat pancakes-I made them small because I had two different things I wanted on mine.

One had cream cheese, pumpkin butter, and walnuts


And the other had pineapple chobani, banana, and toasted coconut


This, btw, is all you have to do to toast coconut.

DSCN3930Coconut + pan + heat.  Did it while I was making the pancakes.

And then it’s crunchy and delicious!

All together, with some apples


Then we did church, and went to get me new facewash…. I adore Clinique, and I’m always a sucker for gift with purchases… Right now they’ve got their bonus gift plus the 3 step skin care comes with a bonus travel size.  Heaven.


You don’t want to know how many Clinique makeup bags I own.

Then I had a lunch that looked remarkably like my breakfast:


Pineapple chobani, banana, toasted coconut, and some Nature’s Path pumpkin flax granola tossed on top.

Seriously, crazy good combo.

Which leads me to a question…. what do you put on your pancakes?  Normally, when we’ve got berries, I’m a berries, whipped cream and agave girl.  The fiance is a peanut butter and syrup guy.  What do you do?

15 responses to “Sunday-yay!

  1. Why oh why have I never toasted my own coconut? You’re brilliant.

  2. Nut butter and marmalade are awesome on pancakes and waffles. Everything you made looks so yummy 🙂
    I’m also a sucker for Clinique bonus time. I have so many bags!

  3. I like Syrup on my pancakes and Berries on my Waffles

    hmmm maybe I will make a frittata for bfast mañana…I had to buy a whole carton of eggs just to use three in my meatloaf

  4. This mini frittata muffins look delish! Yummy!

  5. Pb and syrup sounds good to me. I actually HATE coconut on anything that’s not meant to be coconut, like how it’s randomly added to any and every granola >_>

  6. What a yummy breakfast! Those little egg muffins are adorable!

    I like peanut butter and sf maple syrup on my pancakes! Mmm!

  7. I love mini egg muffins. I call my “cupcake eggs”. I like to put apple butter on my pancakes. Your breakfast looks sooooo good.

  8. I usually put just syrup on my pancakes … but I definitely need to try something more interesting!

    Your fritattas sound really good – I bet the basil would be awesome in them!! I had fresh herbs in pots in my backyard, but they all froze 😦

  9. I like yogurt, fruit and nuts on my pancakes and waffles. And I have a Clinique Bonus Bag Time Capsule in my bathroom. Seriously they date back to 1997!

  10. YUM I think I would have to take a bite of yours and your fiances pancakes THEN make my decision 🙂

    i kid, i kid…anyways I think That i am a berry person & SF syrup….also I love cottage cheese or a dollop of greek yogurt on top! and banana! ok i guess I would eat whatever is in front of me!!

  11. Hey girl! What a great breakfast you made up. I’m always for pancakes 🙂 We usually put bananas in ours (and Josh likes chocolate chips too).

  12. what a great breakfast!

    I love fruit + maple syrup OR something like ricotta, honey and fruit.

  13. Yum! What a delicious looking breakfast!

  14. Mmmm the fritattas looks delicious–so do the pancakes! I usually just put syrup on mine…I’m boring like that! I’m going to have to try some new and exciting toppings…I’m feeling the pumpkin!

  15. Now that is what I call a great breakfast – awesome!

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