On a Boat (Honeymoon, take 4)

I am lacking pictures of some parts of the honeymoon-given my luck with cameras, I wasn’t going to risk too much, so there’s a lack of beach pictures.

But friends, I SAW A SEA TURTLE

and it was awesome.

I do have pictures of snacks we took to the beach though.

We bought a (NOT GROWN ON A TREE) pineapple

And these!

Apple Bananas!

(Ok, so I know I’m 25 and married and have a masters degree, so I possibly should be an adult, but when I googled apple bananas the description involved phrases like “short but stocky” and “stays firm longer” and I laughed.  A lot.)

We also got some of these

Taro Chips-how pretty are they?

One thing I really wanted to do while we were in Hawaii was to go on a boat in the ocean.

And since one thing my husband really wanted to do was not make me mad, on a boat we went!

We did a dinner cruise.  The food wasn’t life altering or anything, but there were two things that made it oh so worth it.


Crazy amazing views

And…. #2

They had drinks served in pineapples.

IN pineapples friends.

Pretty much the best night evahhh


6 responses to “On a Boat (Honeymoon, take 4)

  1. You look so gorgeous in all your pictures. Being married agrees with you.

  2. You’re off to a great start if you’re a) only 25, b) married, and c) your husband already knows not to make you mad. I might have to end the summer with a drink in a pineapple! (Let us know if you’re ever coming to Seattle!)

  3. KALIN!! I love the last picture! You look SOOOO pretty there! Ah, such a cute twinkle in your eye! And the views are amazing. I wish I could visit Hawaii too…someday, sigh, someday!

    oh, and hhahaa! I would laugh out loud at the apple banana description too…TWSS!

  4. I love the pictures. Oahu is so pretty. I want to go back. Pineapple drinks are so necessary.

  5. You are making me miss Hawaii!!!!! I love the pineapples there – they taste much sweeter in Hawaii because they are freshly picked. Gotta love that.

  6. thehungryscholar

    These pictures are beautiful! I’ve never been to Hawaii, just had their coffee. Glad you are having fun as a new wife!

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