Date Night

I’m a good wife sometimes.

After sushi for dinner Friday?

I asked the husband if he wanted some Lucky Lab on Saturday.

It was one of those moments where he realized why he married me.

Lucky Lab is a local brewery and pizza spot.

Beer and pizza would be my husband’s dinner every night if it weren’t for his mean mean wife who makes him do things like eat vegetables. So going to Lucky Lab = perfect date night for him.

We live a bit over a mile from a Lucky Lab. Which means it’s walkable. Which means we can get crunk.

Well, as crunk as one can  get in Southwest Portland at least….

Since we walked we figured we should have a drink at a little bar-ish spot nearby  called Journey’s first

It happens.

Then on to Lucky Lab.

The paintings had a business card for “pet portraits in oil” under them. I’m so demanding a picture of the cats for my birthday.

We had a salad

because salad is good for you! It balances out your giant amazing pizza
This sucker has spicy sauce. It’s heaven.

It’s hard to guess which side was mine, right?

And on way out we found RED VINES
Why are red vines so good? I don’t understand.

Know what happens when you’re a good wife? The next day your husband buys you new shoes!

I’ve gotta make a plan for next weekend. I want new jeans too.



7 responses to “Date Night

  1. Good job wifey! The bf is the same way. He’d eat pizza for every single meal if I wasn’t here to make veggies and salad. 🙂

  2. If someone gave me an oil painting of Pea Kitty I would strike myself blind.

  3. You two are so good to each other 🙂 You are a perfect pair!

    I am loving all the olives on that pizza … I would order it with EXTRA!!!

  4. Lucky Lab sounds like my kind of place!

    and if you figure out the jean strategy, let me know 🙂

  5. Ah, the memories! What kind of shoes didja get?

  6. I’m curious about the shoes, too!

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