Spring Break

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This week in Oregon it’s Spring Break.

So we’ve been getting wild and crazy at the Eating Machine household.

Well, so long as taking out a wall and making a new one falls under “wild and crazy” in your world
My parents were here for a few days, helping with this. Which means the wall will stay up, and my dad has probably given my husband about a dozen new ideas for tools he “needs”.

But there’s more storage in my house now! That’s pretty crazy.

Before my parents got here I got an email with this picture from my mom
The lighter colored things? Whole chickens. That’s an intense amount of meat.

My husband was very sad that we had to have BBQ for dinner
I think it also added “smoker” onto the list of things he needs.

I wasn’t complaining either though
And, in a predictable move, guess what we took my parents out for?

Oh yeah. Pizza and beer.
Jalapenos, smokey bacon, red onion, and spicy chipotle sauce? Yes please.

But because it’s Spring Break I got all sorts of crazy and had wine instead of beer
Sharing wine called dominatrix with your mom. Not awkward.

Did you do wild and crazy things for spring break in college?

Not going to lie, despite the general perception that I was about 2 drinks from rehab I never did.

Unless visiting your grandma in Canada counts. Then I was a party animal!

5 responses to “Spring Break

  1. ah, spring break! here in Oregon it was customary to rent houseboats on Lake Shasta. crazy times. and I swear I wasn’t even in a sorority!!

    Mmm – where’d you go for pizza? looks GOOD.

  2. i was pretty wild in the early years, before I became responsible. tell you the truth i cant even remember my spring breaks. i know they were alcohol filled thats for sure.

  3. I love the names of Naked Winery’s wine. They aren’t favorite wines in the Gorge but the names are great.

  4. I love the pizza pic! If you look closely it looks like a sad face (two green olive eyes and a red onion frown). But, that can’t be. Pizza and “sad” just don’t belong in the same sentence, do they?

  5. jesus…I bet that meat was uber tender!

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