Guess what I did this weekend friends?

I ran a half!

Well, kinda.

See, Saturday morning we had Foot Traffic U, and ran 10 miles
(It was hot. There were hills. So “run” might mean “we walked an entire mile in the middle”. Whatevs.)

It was hot here. And humid. I’m a desert animal, and humidity makes me hate the world.

We went home and made some breakfast
(The bagel, the sausage, and the ham are all from Costco. We have issues)

(We ate outside despite being sweaty messes. You gotta enjoy the sun when it’s here.)

and I iced my knees
So that I’d be ready for my 5k that night

Because 5ks are awesome 10 mile chasers right?

I was a run buddy for Girls on the Run. Our practice 5k was in late April, and it was WET. So it’s only fitting that the real one was the hottest day Portland has had so far this year.

(I’m honestly in this pic. I swear. Look towards the middle-see the super long brown hair? Me.)

We did the Starlight run, which goes before the Starlight Parade and follows the parade route. This means you get lots of people cheering for you, which is rad. My girl’s family showed up I think 4 or 5 times along our route screaming for her. Also rad.

We had good intentions of going to watch some of the parade, but running the route it was super crowded. And running 13 miles meant I needed a beer
I left the race bib on because I figured it made it look like there was at least a vague reason I was in a bar looking a sweaty mess in my running shorts.

After my beer I was still hungry, so we went to Hot Lips
And because I’m part hungry caterpillar, I was STILL hungry. So we went to Plaid Pantry
I eat a balanced diet.

Real half is less than a month away!


7 responses to “Pseudo-Half

  1. I LOVE Hot Lips pizza! So jealous…

  2. Are you doing the foot traffic half on the 4th? I’m doing that. Besides the fact that it starts at 630 am, I can’t wait!
    (I ran 2 miles on Saturday in the heat and almost died. I HATE running in the heat!!)

  3. Wow, congrats on all the running! And I’m not much of a humidity fan either, although I do love a nice hot day (maybe not for running 13 miles in, however). And there is nothing wrong with a Costco filled pantry!! (At least, I sure hope not…)

  4. I hate humidity. Have you seen my hair?! Costco rules my kitchen- they have the enormous bags of spinach and honey roasted mixed nuts and jugs of almond butter and heaven. I love costco.
    You are a running monster, by th way!

  5. You are a runnin’ machine sister friend! And thumbs up on the frozen veggie choice for icing. Exactly what I do and works like a charm 🙂

  6. You are a rockstar. You need to change the blog name to Running Macine!

  7. Congrats to you girl!!!!!

    I love olives on pizza – mmmmm mmmmm mmmm!

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