That Darn Leprechaun!

You won’t believe what happened in my classroom!

I’ve been teaching kindergarten this week (a BLAST. Kids are hilarious. Did you know God has a girlfriend? Learned that this week. Also, with a hundred dollars you could by a lot of cars. And strawberry yogurt mixed with chocolate milk “tastes like vanilla!”. These kids teach me a lot.) and it seems that every year on St Patrick’s day a leprechaun comes and visits the classroom!

That darn leprechaun! Β He made a mess!
Chairs overturned, crayons spilled, books everywhere.

He even left paper towels all over the bathroom. “Mrs L he’s killing the trees!”

That darn leprechaun!

He left footprints all over too!
Even on the windows! “Mrs L! How did he DO THAT?!”

That darn leprechaun! He’s tricky I tell you.

My day was spent hearing “Mrs L! Mrs L! Guess what else the leprechaun did!!!”

I emerged from kindergarten with a slitting headache, a bag full of crayon pictures, a kiss on the cheek from a 5 year old boy and green paint all over my arms.

Then I made the mistake of mentioning soda bread to my husband. Because what you should do after leprechaun wrangling all day is bake.

Labor of love my friends
It was insanely good. Worth it.

Classic St Patrick’s day dinner
Corned beef, colcannon, carrots, and soda bread.

And for dessert?

Our leprechaun friend lost his gold while he was in the room, and the leftovers came home with Mrs L.
That darn leprechaun knew I’d need it.


7 responses to “That Darn Leprechaun!

  1. you deserve the coins…

    love all the lessons you learn from those little people!

  2. I remember St. Patrick’s Day in my kindergarten class (26 years ago; yikes!): We saw a leprechaun! Our teacher caught one in a box. Everyone I know who had that teacher said they saw a leprechaun in her classroom! Kids are funny. And gullible.

  3. My mom taught kindergarten for about 10 years and this post definitely reminded me of lots of her stories. Kids can be funny. I bet it’s nice to go home to some peace and quiet though! Great lookin meal you made πŸ™‚

  4. This makes me sort of regret teaching high school.

  5. This is such a cute post πŸ™‚ You sound like an awesome teacher, and the kids sound adorable.

  6. So cute!! Are u still applying to full time teaching spots?!

  7. Seriously- my best school memory was when my 1st grade teacher did the leprechaun trick during recess. I came home and was still learning English and tried to explain this to my poor Russian parents who had no idea what happened.

    This post seriously made me so happy.

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