My husband remarked a few weeks ago about how I’m “the housewife* he never thought he’d have”

(My goal in life has been to disprove Ludacris’s statement that you can’t turn a ho into a housewife, so I’m not surprised by my current state in life, but I digress)

It seems he didn’t expect to marry someone who bleaches his undershirts, wears aprons, and bakes bread.

But for all that things I do mystify him sometimes (“…but, why are the towels in the laundry?  They weren’t smelly yet” “you made yogurt?“) he does love some of my habits.

Like my need to make baked goods
These are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.  My mommy’s recipe.  I’ve never found a better chocolate chip cookie than this one.
It’s so good that I’m worried if I scale it down it won’t be right.  So instead, we have 4 dozen cookies in our house.  But I make them with whole wheat, so they’re healthy, right?

He also likes that I’ve repainted half our downstairs
Cause I’m a housewife.  Not just a kitchen wife.

EVERY WALL in our house was a different shade brown when we moved in.  There are seriously like a dozen browns going on.  I’m fixing it.

And repainting the baseboard
(Don’t repaint your baseboard.  So much taping.  But it really does look better when you’re done)

But I think really, his favorite thing is that he’ll come home from work to find me excitedly saying “I made tortillas!  And cheese!”

Because I do things like that.

I make cheese
(basic, fresco-y stuff)

And then I make tortillas
With WHITE FLOUR even (rare in our house)
and serve it all up with carnitas
And really, when I do things like this, I’d like to think that I’m not the sort of wife husband thought he’d marry it’s because I’m THAT MUCH BETTER.

Right honey?

(PS happy three years!)

*(If you’re a newer reader, I’m not a full time housewife.  I’m a substitute teacher.  But that means there are days where I don’t work.  And instead, set feminism back 50 years.  Barefoot in the kitchen and all that.)


9 responses to “Housewife-y

  1. interesting article, is the first entered in this site and will not be the last

  2. Are you for hire? Just because I don’t feel like doing any of that in our house. I’ll feed you. With vodka tonics. 😀

  3. You are a housewife in disguise 🙂 I love it.

  4. Those cookies look amazing. I could use some good old cookies right now.

  5. That’s the life right there. Seriously.

  6. Happy 3 year anniversary. Also, can you come and be my wife? Nobody makes me cookies, yogurt, or tortillas. Your husband is a lucky guy.

    By the way, I like playing housewife on my off days, feminism is overrated 🙂

  7. that’s my goal … 😀

    happy anniversary!

  8. You are a good house wife 😉 The cookies look amazing and I’ve always been afraid to make homemade tortillas !!

  9. Those cookies look YUMMY! Is the recipe on your blog or do we have to plead for it?? 🙂

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