Too Cute

Last week we had a really quick trip to the Gorge.  My husband had a presentation to give, and I tagged along because who doesn’t want to spend 18 hours in The Dalles?

The Dalles is 20 miles east of Hood River.  If you played Oregon Trail as a child, this is where you could raft the Columbia and win the game.

Sadly, there’s a lack of rafting opportunities that I can find there these days.

Given the lack of rafting to a homestead options in The Dalles we went to Hood River and visited Full Sail.

(Well, first we stalked the Tofurky factory.  Couldn’t see anything though.  I was hoping for a tofurky outlet or something.)

Full Sail had a pale on nitro
See how the whole beer is kinda cloudy?  Nitro makes the beer have this amazing creamy foam.  Love it.

Know what I love even more?

We had a stellar bartender (who is also a brewer there!) and when we ordered a Black Session Float he brought us each our own glass, plus tastes of both black session and the stout
Amazing.  Personal sized beer float?  Way too cute.

We somehow accidentally bought a second growler there too.  Because the only thing our house needs more than one 64 oz jug of beer in the fridge is TWO 64 oz jugs of beer in the fridge.  Clearly.

Post presentation in the AM the husband and I walked through The Dalles to breakfast.

I don’t think I’d really been anywhere in The Dalles besides Burgerville.  It was surprisingly adorable

And our breakfast spot was even cuter
Petit Provence was a little bakery/cafe thang.
Adorable inside

I had a terrible time picking out a meal.  So many things looked good!  Salmon hash, savory french toast, omelets…

I finally decided on the risotto cakes.  They came with squash and potatoes
Plus poached eggs on top
And, as if that wasn’t enough…
A croissant on the side.

When I went to France (good lord over 8 years ago!) I ate croissants with jam and butter every morning.  France was awesome.

This spot was just so attack of the cutesies.  Way too cute for The Dalles.

Although I’d still rather raft down the river.


16 responses to “Too Cute

  1. I totally remember playing Oregon Trail!!! Somehow I don’t ever remember this restaurant or the Tofurkey factory in the game… 😉

  2. I keep getting on Andy about going to Hood River so we can go to Full Sail. And beer floats? Amazing!

  3. Mmm… your breakfast looks AWESOME. I love poached eggs. I love nitro.

    It’s funny, I never played Oregon Trail… maybe it’s not something that kids IN Oregon actually play? humph. I was robbed.

  4. The egg looks perfectly cooked – I have a new found love for poached eggs.

  5. Hey, woman.

    I’ve never commented, but also never noted that you live in my beloved city of pdx. Petite Provence has a few locations here- my fave is on SE division. Mmmm… sweet, sweet, rosemary olive loaves.

    I like your blog.

  6. I didn’t know there was a Petite Provence in The Dalles! I’ve been to the one on Division (where I got the risotto cakes too! OMG!!!) and the one on Alberta.
    This post makes me want to take a trip to somewhere a short drive away. I haven’t been to Hood River in months, and I don’t think I’ve been to The Dalles since I drove through it when I moved here.

  7. I didn’t know beer floats existed- shows how much I know about the good things in life. I love small towns and all the little shops. Can’t beat them at all in the city.

  8. Is that the Petite Provence on SE Division? I love that place! French Onion Soup yum!

  9. Love the poached eggs. And there’s not much better than a really good stout paired with some ice cream. You and your husband are my kind of people 🙂

  10. I could really go for a poached egg and croissant right now! Great pics and it looks like a great meal.

  11. You know there are three Petite Provences in Portland, right? I had no idea there was one in the Dalles.

  12. OMG, poached eggs. You have reminded me that I got funny egg-poaching thingies in my Christmas stocking. If only I got a risotto-cake maker as well.

  13. looks so cozy!! Can you poach an egg? I love that sh*t but too scared to do it at home! Gahhh I love breakfasts like that!

  14. Petite Provence is probably the best thing about the Dalles, other than the views of the river. Okay, that, and Sorosis Park. I love that park. But I’m just a park person.

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