I have some rules about eating.  Not diet “no carbs after 5 pm” type of things.  More “balance is good” type of things.

They’re rules like:

anything can be a breakfast food if I eat it for breakfast

so long as you eat lots of veggies the amount of fat you eat doesn’t matter

pizza should always be hot enough to burn your mouth a little

tequila shots are always a bad choice

yogurt is never an ok substitute for sour cream.  They’re not the same at all.

Costco samples are an acceptable lunch sometimes

coffee can and should have more cream than coffee in it.  That just means it has more protein!

and my favorite:

if it’s whole wheat it’s good for you.

Case in point?

Yesterday’s breakfast:
That’d be a whole wheat croissant.  From Baker & Spice of course.  With sea salt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds on top.
Flaky butter healthy food my friends

My husband went for a food rule of his own:  if it has meat, it’ll fill you up more.  He had a ham and cheese croissant
I also follow the rule that if it’s cold enough to see your breath Jesus wants you to drink something warm
How pretty is the tea strainer?

And while, not going to lie, I tend to put splenda in my drinks (because otherwise I’d eat enough sugar to kill a puppy before 9 am), Baker & Spice has the cute lumps of sugar
And I have a rule that when you see the cute lumps of sugar, you have to use them.

I also made cookies last night for two reasons:

1.  When your husband is having a busy week at work you should bake for him and

2.  You should never turn down the chance to make things that give you an excuse for ball jokes.

So I made the man some balls

Mama Pea’s balls.

What’s a food rule you follow?


11 responses to “Rules

  1. Awesome post, thanks! (found you through foodpress btw)

    Love this one:

    I also follow the rule that if it’s cold enough to see your breath Jesus wants you to drink something warm

  2. I need coffee every morning or else I’ll be a bad teacher.

    Beer is always necessary, it’s for the good of the blog.

    Potatoes make everything better.

  3. This is hilarious! I love it. My rule is breakfast is all-day everyday baby!

  4. Food & Other Things

    I love your rules, especially “if it’s whole wheat it’s good for you” ! I follow that rule often!

  5. jesus guides us in the right direction…hot liquids a must when frigid.

    for me… 1: coffee must be consumed every morning of my life, or others may ban me from society. love the taste, love the aroma, love/need the caffeine.
    2: when i eat fruit as a snack, followed by a huge dessert (brownies, cake, icing, cookies…and/or all of them), it evens out and tastes even better. and doesnt go to the belly.

  6. I agree with you about the pizza needing to be HOT! I like all my food to be piping hot. If it is not steaming, I am not happy.

  7. “tequila shots are always a bad choice”
    i always forget that one until it’s too late. especially monarch tequila.

  8. okay i have to make those balls..asap!! everyone is all talking about them…and GIMME BAKER AND SPICE! rules? i have no rules…only thing you know i need is some FIBAH!

  9. haha…love your rules! i also believe anything is a breakfast food, that’s why i may/may-not have had chocolate this morning. or any morning for that matter. 🙂

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