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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Today was my last day of work for the summer. I had a killer summer gig, and I’ve only vaguely mentioned my summer job on here, so I thought I’d tell y’all what I’ve been up to. 

Kalin L.

August 19th, 2011



I’m going to tell you about wat I did this summer. My summer was alot of fun. I did alot of fun things. One fun thing I did was to have a summer job. I did alot of fun things at my summer job. Three fun things I did were Teeching fort bilding, Teeching cake decorating, and a third thing I did was to be a Assistant to other teechers.

First I want to tell you about when I taut fort building. I taut fort bilding and it was fun. We did alot of fun things. One fun thing we did was we were bilding forts in the woods where if your not carful you can get lost and it is exciting and it is a litle scary two.


Won kid says he saw a Bear in the woods. “Theres a Bear!” but the rest of us didnt sea a bear because Im prety sure they dont live in Portland. We also were making forts in other places and won day we made a Big fort together and then we thru water balons at it and made it fall down it was really fun and we yelled alot “AHHHHH!” we said when we were throwing the water balons. It was fun.


We also builded with HUGE linkun logs. They are realy big and you can go inside when you make a house or something with them.


Next I will tell you about cake decorating. Cake decorating is fun. We used 42 pawnds of sugar! That is alot of sugar! Sugar got all over and we laffed. We make cakes and put stuf called fandont on it.


It was cool looking but not as much fun to eat. We made realy cool cakes and it was fun.

The last thing I am going to write about is helping the other teechers. This was fun because when I was the helper I didnt have to plan things or be in truble if a kid got hurt or somthing and I helped at alot of fun camps. Camps like golf and comic books and writting and things. We goed on feeld trips to. Feeld trips are when you go to another place and spend time their. We went to places like a Golf place and a Park and things. It was fun.


So now you know more about my summer vacation. It was fun. The part I liked the best was that I get paid when I am doing the fun things. I also liked the days when we eat popsikles.


The End.

By Kalin


Meet Mitzi!

This pretty thing is my new bike!
I have named her Mitzi, as she’s a Mixte frame.

My summer job is a nice straight shot from our house (fairly flat! with bike lanes!) so Mitzi is going to be my friend getting me to work.

(And if Mitzi and I don’t get along, there’s a bus that runs most of the way to work as well so that I won’t be stranded. Wins for everyone!)
I grew up riding bikes in the desert, so a road bike just seems so dainty to me. Such baby tires!

Now, I just have two important things to do:

1. Get over my fear of riding in traffic

2. Remember how to ride a bike. It’s been a while. Gears confuse me.

(Bliss is ready to coach me!)


I love fall.

I also love spring, summer, and winter.

You know how little kids get super excited to see tiny buds peek up in the spring?

And then are equally excited to run through the sprinklers for the first time in the summer?

And point out loudly to everyone that the leaves are changing in the fall?

And can’t wait for the first day they see frost on the roofs in the winter?

Yeah, I never grew out of that.

This week we had some fall-ish weather.  I love summer, but it was nice to have days where I could use the oven without making my whole house into an oven.

We used it as a reason to finally bust out the coupon for this

Butoni had sent me a coupon for one of their frozen entrees as part of Foodbuzz’s tastemaker program.

I’d been wanting to make lasagna, but not motivated enough to actually, you know, go beyond the wanting part to the making part.

I added extra cheese on top.  Because you can never have enough, right?

Served up with salad

The verdict?

Tasty!  It had sausage instead of ground beef, which made it extra flavorful.  It was high in fat, but that’s not shocking when it’s meat and cheese, you know?  And it was a nice easy meal.

Which I needed because the fall weather had me craving other things too.

Mostly this

I was quite sure that I had some pumpkin puree hanging out in my freezer.

From cooking down my jack-o-lantern last fall.

(Cooking down the jack-o-lantern because it’s foolish to waste pumpkins can be filled as reason #459 I am becoming my mother.)

I went through everything in the freezer.

And found…

Butternut squash.


While I’m pretty sure I could’ve used it and not know the difference, I was set on PUMPKIN.

So I went to the grocery store.


I cried a little, and went to the co-op.  Where I found organic pumpkin.

I’m sure being the girl buying only a can of pumpkin on the last day of August was not weird at all.

Whatevs.  I got it home and made this

Greek yogurt + pumpkin + honey + pumpkin pie spice, topped with almonds and more honey.


Made me want fall RIGHT NOW.

Of course, I am not totally done with summer yet.  I mean there is still this

No, that’s not a ball the cat has.

It’s a tomato from the garden!  First one of the year.

On a salad with roasted corn?

So much love.

I guess I can handle a little more summer…

What are you excited for in the fall?

I want SQUASH!