Quick and Dirtyyyyy


Nectarines = straight up crack.  Nuff said.


See my Corningware?  Daria and I are cookware twins!


That’d be some beef, lots of yellow summer squash and eggplant, whole wheat pasta, and tomato sauce.  With lots of yummy red pepper.  And browned cheese, which of course is key.

My shirt makes me happy.

DSCN2880(myspace mirror shot)

What’s that on the shirt?


Yes those are dinosaurs.  The awesome thing about not having a job is that you can wear a shirt that looks like an old, faded little boys undershirt covered in dinosaurs when you’re 24.  I’ll take the perks where I can get ’em.

I wore it when I was a tutor in AmeriCorps, and one of the little kids told me one time “look Miss!  Your shirt has girl dinosaurs!” I was confused until I realized that, oh, duh, pink dinosaurs = girl dinosaurs.

This shirt makes me smile whenever I wear it.  Do you have any shirts that do that?

Oh, and I added a sweet picture of me to the About page.  It’s pretty hawt.


5 responses to “Quick and Dirtyyyyy

  1. I like this no frills post. 🙂 Your shirt is uber cute. Nectarines are so bomb right now. Off to check out your new pic!

  2. Haha, love it! That casserole looks incredibly yummy. And I love the girl dinosaur shirt. 🙂

  3. hahaha! Love the shirt, and the cute comment the boy made. I want a shirt with girl dinosaurs too!

  4. that really is an awesome shirt! i never liked dolls as a kid, i was all about them dinos! and xmen haha

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