Me Time

The wonderful thing about having a whole month where I don’t work before the wedding is that I get a lot of me time.

Some me time looks like this


Spaaaaaa.  (facial = birthday gift from the fiance.  Who then make lots of really funny jokes about facials.  Really funny baby, really funny.)

Aveda tea is my favorite thing.

Seriously.  It’s a motivating factor in where I get my hair cut.

Me time is about more than just a day at the spa though.  Littler things can be me time too.

Making meals for myself?

Total me time.


That would be brown rice, corn, zucchini (farmers market!  what what!), olives, all sorts of spices, and sour cream on top.

Rice + veggies is honestly one of my very meals.

In fact, lately, it has been my lunch pretty much every day.


here it’s carrots, peas, zucchini, with the rice, plus cumin and smoked paprika to season.

Not that I’m totally eating on my bed in this picture.  Me time friends, me time.

Other me time in my life?


Candy I don’t have to share.

Smarties = not so easy to find in the states.  Last time I had some the fiance was unaware of that fact, and ate them all.

Did I cry over chocolate?


Ok, yes.

But still.

We finally found some and the fiance’s guilt at eating them before = ALL mine baby!

On possibly the same sorta lame level as the veggies and brown rice being me time, know what feels totally indulgent to me?

Melons.  The fiance has no love for ’em.  And honestly, I can’t always eat through a whole one (looking at you 15 pound watermelon in the fridge!)

But I love them.  And knowing I’m getting one just for me?  Kinda makes me happy.

But my favorite me time?


Bear-faced kitten sleeping on me.

What little things have you done for yourself lately?


8 responses to “Me Time

  1. I love me time. I actually have a whole week of it to look forward to. I’ll probably be sick of it in a day or two but I am looking forward to getting my hair cut (At AVEDA! I’m with you on the tea), swimming in the pool and eating weird foods that Andy is not down for.

    Your hair is so pretty. Mine has never been that long. Jealous times a million.

  2. I love “Me time” which is ALL the time since I live alone…

    I am scared to even ask about the facial jokes! but I am sure I can guess haha

  3. A new commenter, but I just wanted to share that I’m excited to meet someone who is equally as enamored with Aveda tea! My roommate is going to cosmetology school there so let’s just say…I’ve definitely booked appointments with her with mostly the tea in mind 😉 That’s DEFINITE “me” time. Other forms include movies (alone!), reading, and going to the beach.

  4. thehungryscholar

    I have slept-in, which I hate doing, but it is rewarding in the end.

    Glad you enjoyed the little things!

  5. I love having me time!! I get all of July and August to myself, with no work – I am very excited!!!

  6. I need more smoked paprika in my life.. And a foot massage! Last thing I did for myself?! Let myself induldge in a weeklong vacay and sleep in on the whole trip!!

  7. Hi Kalin, saw your blog name on Thehungyscholar’s comments and just had to drop by. I love anyone who loves to eat and aren’t afraid to admit it 😀 Definitely everything in moderation.

    Congrats on your engagement by the way! Your a smart woman to have some me time. Trust me, you’ll want to do a lot of me time and maybe even me and fiancée time before you guys settle down and have kids (if you do decide to have kids). My me time these days is aka shower time. Teehee. Have a good day.

  8. a very interesting post to read

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