Yabba Dabba

Know what I haven’t done lately?

Posted many pictures of my meals!

I’ve been on a big rice bowl kick lately.

Tofu curry

Tofu + broccoli + spinach using Trader Joe’s Thai red curry sauce (that shiz is goooood btw)

And I used some of the leftovers from our street tacos to make mexican rice bowls


First one with added carrots and avocado on top.

And then one with the biggest food obsession in our house:


Roasted corn!

Throwing a shucked ear of corn on the grill?  Heaven.

It’s seriously magically delicious-the husband will stop to tell me how much he loves it.

And when you’ve got a man like mine raving about veggies?  You know you’re on to something.

In other things that keep my husband happy news, we went to the beer store this weekend.
To keep me happy about that field trip I also got treats-Beer with fruit for me! Photobucket

The husband got his undergrad degree in Boulder, so he’s quite the fan of Boulder Beer.

(If you look at his college transcripts you can tell he was the fan of lots of beers as an undergrad.)

Another new purchase this weekend that made me happy?
Vitamins make my tummy terribly unhappy.  (So do uncoated meds-give me tylenol that isn’t coated and there’s a good chance it will be revisited soon after).  Generally people tell me to get the gummy ones.  But they have no iron (seriously I have looked and looked.  No hi.) and that’s one of the things I want in my vitamins.

But I emailed my darling Diana (who is back after a blogging hiatus, go tell her hi!)  and she suggested…Photobucket

Oh yeah, that’s what it looks like

Some Flinstones have iron!  I had no idea!

They’re just as delicious as I remembered.

The only problem with this purchase?  It involved taking the husband to Walgreens.  And that resulted in another purchase.

Yeah, that’s a light up American flag.  That can suction cup onto things.

Clearly, we needed it.

What vitamins do you take?

Are you bad about impulse buys?  We have a hard time passing up tacky all American things.


11 responses to “Yabba Dabba

  1. mmmmm boulder beer…i think i need to go to happy hour there now! 🙂

  2. i impulse buy things made by apple.

  3. LOL @ the flag. I buy things sometimes because they are a dollar. IM such a sucker.

  4. I just read about vitamins making people sick and Flinstones vitamins were suggested – apparently they are great substitutes for pre-natal vitamins because of the high folic acid. Is there anything you want to tell us Kalin….? 🙂

  5. I take Vitamin D, B, and a multi.

    I impulse buy most of my purchases 🙂

  6. ❤ thanks for the shoutout….especially if it involves vitamins….btw so tj curry sauce is on my "must buy" list when I go to Tjs in a week and a half?

  7. Yum rice bowls with street tacos looks really good.
    I am literally cracking up about the patriotic impulse buys! The other day Andy and I went to Kohls and I saw an american flag polo shirt for $2 and he refused to get it. It had a giant eagle on the back, so full of awesome.

  8. Vitamins make me really, really unhappy too. I looked at the bottle and am pretty sure it’s because I’m basically eating grass. Seriously. The stuff is made of cellulose.

    But the gummies are too expensive for my grad student self, so I suck it up and drink spinach smoothies instead.

  9. hey mrs., prepare to be honored…left you an award on my blog.

  10. lmao. Your new hubby is just like a kid. That is the MOST random buy ever, but so cute and endearing!

  11. I didn’t know your hubby is a fellow CU grad. Going to school in Boulder, it is easy to do other more “important things” than go to class. I know this well, oh so well:)

    Multi-Vitamins used to kill my tummy, until I was steered towards “food based MV”, which are sooooooo much easier to digest & have made all the difference for me.

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