This doesn’t taste like eggs…

I’m glad everyone loves baked goods as much as I do.  I’m making the bread tomorrow, and I’ll show you guys how it works.

The key with real sourdough is that it takes a lonnnng time.  Even when you’ve got starter (which takes about a week to get going the first time), you’re looking at 12-24 hours of rising time!  (Normal bread is more like 1-2 hours).   And I’m babysitting my blogger baby friend again today, so no bread making.

Dinner was tasty, but nothing exciting.


Chicken w/some Italian herbs, and roasted garlic, brown rice with the same seasonings plus cheese, and peas


And a salad.  Love that salad.

We decided it was perfect hot chocolate weather


Was there booze in there?  Possibly.  Let’s not judge.

And for “bed dinner”* we ate this ridiculous pack of sugary weirdness


I found it for 98 cents at Winco.  Couldn’t say no.  Candy that looks like mexican food.


DSCN4323That, clearly, is chili con carne.

The eggs on the “heuvos rancheros” tasted like pineapple.  Not eggs.  Which was good, but really weird.  Food that looks like other food is just strange…

Now I’m chowing down on this


Plain yogurt with pineapple and Nature’s Path Maple Sunshine goodness

And waiting for my baby friend to wake up and eat her yogurt with me

*when Baby Brother was little he called dessert “bed dinner”, as it was the meal you ate before bed.  I told that to the fiance, and he liked it, and it stuck.

Dose your family have any weird little kid sayings that stuck?  In the fiance’s family his sister called bananas “blalalalahs” and they still say it sometimes when they ask her what she wants to eat.


11 responses to “This doesn’t taste like eggs…

  1. i can’t wait to see how the bread turns out!

    have fun with the baby blogger 🙂

  2. Booze in hot chocolate is wonderful. Have you tried white chocolate Godiva or chocolate Godiva liquor in it? You won’t ever go back.

  3. You are hilarious. Freaking hilarious.

    I can’t think of any sayings that stuck … but I am sure there are some!

  4. it would def be wierd to eat eggs that taste like pineapple…

    nope…no funny/cute little sayings that stuck…

  5. We call my grandma “Kinky.” It’s a long story.

  6. I used to say twuck instead of truck and now my mom does it sometimes. It’s just weird with her though

  7. We go to Winco too and sometimes buy random crap for similar reasons. I have had some off-brand foods there that I quite enjoyed!

    I say ‘reNember’ sometimes because I thought that was the way you pronounce it.

  8. Squirrels are “Squirry.” Little bro had a tough time with those L’s. My other little bro couldn’t say my name properly when he was a toddler, so he called me “Tommy.” Unfortunately, when my parents relayed that story to him as a teenager it quickly came back into vogue.

  9. “Was there booze in there? Possibly. Let’s not judge” I love that whenever I come to your blog, I am guaranteed a giggle! I love it

  10. heheheh I used to call truck TA-TA!

  11. Those Latin food-shaped candies are the diggity. LOL!

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