Dig a duck a day

If you learn only one thing from my blog ever, here’s what it should be:

Is a geoduck. Pronounced “gooey-duck”

My husband had never seen one before this weekend.

I sang him a song about them. He stared at me. Like everyone doesn’t know songs about giant clams.

We found it at Uwajimaya, which is a giant Asian grocery store.

There you can also find things like dried squid

enough ramen to feed an entire dorm

and purple yam buns
Which were not as tasty as you’d hope.

We were actually there for far less exciting things-nori and rice for sushi.

Here’s a secret-while I tease my husband about all the foods he hates, there are a few food quirks that I have. One of them is that I need my meat to be super cooked-the smallest hint of pink and I can’t eat it. Another one is that I hate hate hate nori. Add that in with the fact that while I like seafood, most of the time I only like it on its own-no pasta with tuna for this girl? Sushi is, clearly, not my favorite.

But my husband loves sushi.

And I love him.

So we made sushi together.

He had salmon rolls
(we cooked the salmon.)

I made nori-less veggie rolls

Which looked sushi-like
And didn’t make me wanna puke!

Wins for all.

The only way we could’ve won more is if we’d made geoduck sushi.

Maybe next time….


11 responses to “Dig a duck a day

  1. I LOVE Uwajimaya!!

    I’ve never had geoduck… hmm… skeptical.

    your sushi looks GREAT!! bright colors, I love it!

  2. I dug geoducks as a kid growing up in Seattle!! They are the ugliest things ever. Uwajimia is a really fun store. Eventually i’d like to try cooking low calorie Asian food and that’s where I’d go for supplies.

  3. There are purple buns like that in Hawaii (they look exactly the same), but they taste SO good!!!! They are like a sweet dinner bun – best bun I have ever eaten. They are made with poi (tarrowroot).

  4. wow I never knew that you did not like Sushi…you are a good wife =)

  5. Awww. You took one for the team! I bet your rolls were tasty even without the nori. I love going to the Asian market and wondering what in the hell some of that stuff is. That geoduck looks kinda nasty.

  6. I would think that sushi is one of the foods that would kill the husband dead. It’s got seaweed and stuff in it!

    You’re a very good wife for making it- it looks really good!

  7. GEODUCKS make me want to puke again and again.VERY SCARY!

  8. Now I am curious about geoducks!

  9. Asian Markets = ❤ !!

  10. dont hate on the squid till you try it! It’s good! Anyways your rolls came out perfect!! Did you know everytime I see pizza and beer I think of you….xoxo

  11. A friend of mine uses rice paper in the place of nori. I think that’s more like a spring roll of sorts, but she slices them like sushi rolls … 🙂

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