No answers here, sorry

Someone got to my site by googling “how to kill my fiance” today.

Yeah, um, this isn’t the site for that?  I’m not sure if there is a site for that….  And wow, I’m on the first page when you google that?!

Used some of our insane stash of food for lunch


Whole wheat pasta with tomato, basil, pepper, spinach, and zucchini with parm on top.  So good!

Then we went on a drive to check out houses.  (The house we were putting an offer on went pending, and that person wanted to pay full asking price, which we didn’t so…. we’re still looking)

We stopped at New Seasons mid drive to refuel


0906091421-00There were lots of samples today!  Love samples-we used to go to Costco after church every Sunday when I was a kid and go crazy for the samples


And I had my first Lara Bar.  Not bad!  I shared with the fiance who was quite impressed.


My favorite part of the shopping was when we walked by this


and the fiance asked “are those tomatoes?”

(Also, that may be the pretties picture ever taken by my cell phone)

And then while I was playing Farmville, because I make good use of my time, I got the best facebook ad EVER

Picture 7

The school I already got my masters from and…. Oh yeah, divorce attorney.  Awesome.

My gmail will get some awesome target ads too.  But really, divorce?  I need to get married first!


4 responses to “No answers here, sorry

  1. You won’t need the divorce attorney if you kill your fiance first–just a thought to save some green

    I need better ways to kill my time. Is farmville any fun?

  2. I had someone find me through a search for “uncoordinated kitten” once – it totally made my day.

  3. isn’t it funny seeing what people search for when they find your blog? cracks me up some days.

  4. I’m guessing that happened because you have a tab for “Foods that will kill you dead,” and you sometimes reference the fiance…but why the two got smashed together is one of the eternal mysteries of Google.

    I want that pasta. Is it lunchtime yet?

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