Just like college…

Yesterday was remarkably like college…

I forgot to eat lunch until 2:30, and was too lazy to cook, and went to the grocery store to get food

1114091425-00Roasted root veggies (carrots, sweet taters, celery root…)

1114091426-00Nancy’s kefir-so good!  Had a nice tartness that you usually don’t get in fruity yogurt.

This was probably an upgrade from college, were my grocery store meals were the fried rice from Safeway.  Probably.

For dinner, I had pizza

DSCN4635Homemade, with a whole grain crust, but still, pizza

DSCN4636Then we went to a party.  It’d been a while since I’d been somewhere that involved keg cups.

Reliving the story of my life in college, there was someone there who knew me and was quite sure we were besties, who I didn’t realize I knew… Which means that I must’ve met her in a really clear and non booze induced state.  Awkward.

I tried to avoid some of my poorer choices from college

No keg stands.

No beautiful loving nicotine

(college.  Blond hair and nicotine were clearly two of my favorite things at that point)

No dating republican frat boys

No throwing up in Ihop

I’ve gotten a little better with age.

But, I am who I am and so, just like in college, I ended my night with cheap wine

DSCN4640Which loves me so so much

And woke up this morning to a less than healthy, carb filled breakfast

DSCN4638Plus a couple aspirins.

Just like college.


5 responses to “Just like college…

  1. Ha I remember my college years…I was in a Sorority so I partied hard lol. And I am sad to say that cigs were a part of it too.

  2. oh the infamous cancer sticks. for some reason that habit got kicked when i went to college. now that i think of it. if only the drinking and stuff left me a lot sooner…but oh well, i wouldnt have all those memories…good or bad.

  3. I was hoping for a sexy hair pic. Damn.

  4. LOL – I have been in college for 10 years now … I still have those nights 🙂 More than I should! At 27 I need to tone it down a bit!!

  5. LOL I loveee how you guys posed with those cancer inducers!

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