Dear New Seasons

Growing up, I loved a lot of stores.  Especially stores that fed me, free of charge.  I loved Fred Meyer for the free doughnuts on Black Friday.  I loved Lamonts for their Cracker Jack sale (box of cracker jacks with a coupon inside!).  I loved Albertsons because the one we went to always gave kids a free chocolate chip cookie.

And of course, I love Costco.  Loved the mystery of what we would get.  Would it be a good sample day?  Or will it be all Go-gurt and Joint Juice?  I became an expert on the best times.  I learned my family went to Mass too early-when we went right after Mass they were still setting up the samples, and we had to make a quick loop back through when we were done shopping if we wanted snacks.  I discovered that some Costcos give better samples than others… I’d call my mom to report that I’d had rolled steak and lamb at the North Spokane Costco, and hear that she only had chips and Salas at hers.

But, then you came into my life.

And you changed it all.

And I have to say, as of today, you’re #1 in my sample heart.

How did you replace Costco?

It was hard.  Just today Costco was reminding me of the love I have with Coho Salmon, hummus, and pumpkin pie.

But Costco also had Go-gurt, salad with blue cheese dressing, and those nasty sweet and sour pork things that are weirdly pink.  It’s hit or miss.

You, New Seasons, gave me this.

0926091149-00(Note:  every table has TWO ROWS of cookies.)

And this


And this.


And in case those 40 or so varieties of cookies sitting out weren’t enough, you gave me coffee


You consistantly do this New Seasons.  You give so much.  And you bring your A-game.  Never do I find less than 100% from you.  You feed me, and you feed me well.

Know what put you over the top?  While we were there one of your fine employees informed us of BEER TASTING tomorrow.

Yeah Costco, we’ll talk when you start givin’ out booze.

Till then, New Seasons and I are besties for LIFE.


Eating Machine


6 responses to “Dear New Seasons

  1. Wow, just wow. I need to find a New Seasons ASAP. Maybe they’ll build one in PA?!

  2. My mom’s Costco always has way better samples- AND mine just discontinued carrying the Annie’s mac and cheese!!! My mom’s checking hers tomorrow to see if they still have it.

    I love hearing about grocery stores from other regions- New Seasons sounds awesome!!

  3. Ok, I didn’t even know about the beer samples. Sign me up!

  4. I want a New Seasons NOW

  5. wow that is ridic!!!!!!!!! Id love one of those here!

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