Busy Busy

Last night we played this fun game


What is that?  Threading a ribbon through the cabinets and behind the dishwasher, so we could then pull the water hose through using the ribbon.  The measuring cup is tied on because I was worried about the whole thing getting lost behind the dishwasher.  Not the greatest game.

We hit up some grocery store take out for dinner


My plate:  curry quinoa with apples, tons of veggies, and half a samosa


Plus cheesecake eyeballs (Halloween clearance!  50 cents each)


And a baby sized cookie (my size 5 ring for reference)


Breakfast today might have looked a lot like this


Let’s not judge

Then while my fridge was being delivered I got a call to sub.  The job started at 9:30.  It was 9:25.  There were delivery men in my kitchen.

Of course, being the genius that I am, I hit the wrong button and accepted the job.

Which led to a mad dash of getting teacher clothes on, signing for the fridge, printing a time sheet, mapquesting, and calling the school.

Oh and packing the saddest lunch ever.  I wish I’d taken a picture-it was peanut butter on a flat out, a banana, a crack orange, and some dry cherrios.  Awesome.

But the kids were good.  Only sent one home (not kidding).  But at least the one I sent home didn’t throw anything at me.  His reading teacher got a whiteboard and a chair from him.

I’m there again the next two days.  Should be interesting.

Keep your fingers crossed nothing comes near my head.


10 responses to “Busy Busy

  1. I’m really disappointed the cheesecake eyeball picture isn’t loading cuz that sounds awesome

  2. Your lunch sounds like mine everyday, haha. Except I ate the dry cheerios for breakfast today. This is why I can’t be a food blogger, I’d get laughed at for sure.

    Good luck surviving any student generated projectiles!! A white board? Yikes!!

  3. I could never do handy work like this. I don’t know how to do anything. My husband doesn’t either. We need to learn!

  4. Omg good luck with those kids lol…what grade is it??

    Ha I would have put the Banana in the flat out with the PB and made a Panini out of it =)

  5. fun game!

    you are one tough sub!

  6. Oh subbing – how I don’t miss it! After 4 years of subbing, I am glad those days are over. I hated the phone call … but you are lucky … sounds like you don’t have to talk to a real person. I had to. And if you said “no” she wouldn’t be happy. And she was the only one who called for the whole school system, so you had to make sure she liked you!

  7. LOL- who’s judging? You’ve got the vitamin C and fiber from the oranges, and the good protein from Snickers, and a good healthy shot of sugar to keep you going through the day! sounds like a good breakfast to me! 😉

  8. I’m totally judging…the deliciousness! HOLLA to half off sales the day after holidays! It ain’t over till it’s moldy! What happens if you don’t show up to a sub job if you accidently hit yes?

  9. Hehehe, no judging here 🙂 That looks pretty yum!

  10. hope the subbing goes well!

    love the cheesecake eyeballs.

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