A new home?

We had our home inspection today! So food is lacking, but I can show you this:


My future kitchen!

DSCN3351The main floor has a living room/dining room/kitchen that are all open and together and lead out onto the deck

DSCN3354All the windows have these shutter thingys.  They’re fantastic.

Also-this house HAS AC.  If you live in Portland you understand how awesome that is.

I’m really amused by the sink in the upstairs bathroom

DSCN3356It’s like a giant bowl.   Weird.

Bedrooms with no furniture aren’t too exciting, but basically there’s three that look like this

DSCN3357Neutral walls, hardwoods, white trim, pretty light fixtures.

The yard needs some work, but see how it’s got lots of trees (and flowers!)already?

DSCN3365I think baring any craziness this is going to be our home soon!  I love it, I hope it all works.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with some food goodness-we had a fantastic happy hour meal tonight in what will hopefully be our new ‘hood!


6 responses to “A new home?

  1. LOVE your new home! Wow, that kitchen is way better than the teeny one I have here, all right! Can’t wait to see the makeover as you decorate and settle in! 😀

  2. What a beautiful place! I hope all the closing stuff goes well!

    I love those bowl sinks. I’ve only seen them in restaurants, but I think they’re super fun.

  3. Omg it’s beautiful! 🙂 Congratulations!

  4. very nice. you better actually get chickens too!

  5. that’s so exciting!!!

  6. Looking good! I like the doors that lead out to the deck

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