Don’t Judge my Bulk Food….

We went looking at houses again last night.  We went to like six.  Good lord.  Loved the last one though.   It’d be nice to buy a house, because I’m getting tired of looking.

I got snacks. Snacks are key when looking at 6 houses.


The apples were adorable because they were tiny.  But I think the tininess might have had something to do with not totally being ripe.

We got home at 8 and I made dinner in 20 minutes.  Eat your heart out Rachel Ray-10 minutes less than you AND I don’t make up acronyms for everything I do

Mashed potatoes, salad, pan fried chicken.  Tasty, simple, and it makes leftovers for the fiance’s lunch, which saves me having to pack one.


Plus beer.  Sometimes, you just need a beer, let’s not lie to ourselves.


I made overnight oats for the first time today-mostly to make sure I’d eat before I went grocery shopping….


Nut-tastic: oats and oat bran (half of each), plus almond butter, peanut butter, and some cinnamon pecans.  And a ton of cinnamon.  Because it makes me happy.

Then I went to Winco.  Winco is really overstimulating at 7 am.  I don’t recommend it.  They’re stocking the shelves and cleaning the floors and DRILLING THE FRIGGING CEILING


See that?  Man drilling the ceiling.  I can’t make this up.

I put up with it because Winco sells an insane amount of bulk food.  So cheap.  Don’t tell me how unsanitary or old stuff in the bins is.  I’m going to keep buying it, and I’d rather not think about it.  The amount of bulk stuff is crazy.  It’s this


times 8.  And that’s not even a full row.  My favorite is that they have bulk, store brand cheetos.

When I was checking out the woman in front of me was stating at my stuff.  Like, full on, walking backwards to check out what I was buying.  I’m not judging the fact that you not only smoke, you smoke Parliaments.  Menthol Parliaments.  So don’t judge my bulk foods, ok?

For the record, I did get a decent amount of bulk stuff…. white flour, whole wheat pastry flour, cinnamon, peanuts, oats, red beans, pinto beans, and black beans.


But still, don’t judge lady.  You smoke Parliaments.  Except you couldn’t remember your PIN, so you didn’t even get them.  Sad day for you.

Do you ever have people at the grocery store say something about your purchases?  I get the weirdest looks when I get food for Canadian thanksgiving-it’s in them middle of October, but it’s all the same food (my mommy is canadian, i like the excuse for a turkey dinner), so it looks like I’m just really prepared.

2 responses to “Don’t Judge my Bulk Food….

  1. lol @ ‘eat your heart out rachel ray’! you’re too funny.

    I LOVE winco too. I try to block out all the negatives about buying in bulk because saving money for me totally cancels out germs. lol.

    the only time i get wierd looks is when i go shopping by myself (which is rare) and have my cart completely FULL. they dont understand that I have a teenage brother who seems to eat for a whole village and a boyfriend who eats for a city.

  2. I’ve never had anyone say something about MY purchases, but I have to bear the brunt for my sweetie. The checkout lady scans tofu, soymilk, rolled oats, broccoli, bananas, and 10 bags of Keebler’s cookies. She inevitably ignores the stuff that’s obviously for petite me and chortles, “That’s a lot of cookies!” Well, when they’re 3 for $6 instead of their usual $4 each we like to stock up. Sweetie has to have his cookies at night, and I get tired of baking them.

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