Happy day

More on my california adventures to come…. Have lots to get caught up on around the house!

Today is a happy day.  If you didn’t know, Mama Pea is BACK.  Which is pretty happy (also happy is how she doesn’t judge when I text her, drunk, on a Sunday afternoon.  Which might have happened this weekend)

Other happy things:

My fruit bowl looked like this earlier today


Yeah, those are cookies.  They’re like fruit, except with carbs and sugar.  And no vitamins.  And some peppers. Which are also not fruit.

So I hit up the grocery store


Happy day!   Apples and PINEAPPLES are on sale!  Much better

I had a quesedilla for breakfast.


Happy day- this time the cheese wasn’t moldy.  Also happy-melted cheese for breakfast.

Went to the sub orientation.  Found out there were over 800 applicants (just to sub!) and I was one of just over 100 who got on.  Happy happy for employment

Made lunch


Butternut ravioli, with tomatoes, spinach, and creamy sauce (Jessica, this is how to love veggies.  Put them inside carbs, then cover with sauce)



It’s a happy happy day!  Fts.*

*fts = for total serious.


12 responses to “Happy day

  1. Ugh you’re so lucky! We’ve put an offer down on our dream house (no lie it has a green house, a composter in the back, the yard is huge, two bathrooms, skylights, etc.) but we have to wait possibly another two and a half months before we find out if we get it. It’s irritating but at the same time we know this is our house so we’re not too worried. It’s just the being patient part which sucks… Congrats to you again.

  2. New houses are so fun!!! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new home again! Move in day will be fun(read: hectic) to watch

  4. congrats! now you’re gonna have to strategize your moving day & packing day!

  5. Thanks for the linkage! Congratulations on your house, girl. And you can drext me any time you want 🙂

  6. You did have fruit in that bowl, actually. Chili peppers are technically classified as berries.

    My botany professor would be proud of me for remembering that.

  7. Yeah congrats on the house news and the job!!!! It is a happy day 🙂

    You guys have an orientation for substitute teachers?? We don’t … maybe we should. What does it involve? How does subbing work where you live? Do you get called in the morning?

  8. Congrats! Sounds like a fabulous day to me!

  9. ooh. congrats!!! That’s so exciting!!!

  10. Hahaha love the fruit bowl before and after picture!

    And congrats on your house! That’s exciting.

  11. Congrats!! Also, where did you get that ravioli?!

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