We topped it…

So, after our klassie New Years night, and our New Years Day run, we clearly needed to eat.

We realized that when you’re as close as we were to Mexico, you need to eat Mexican food.  So after a quick Yelp search to make sure none of the places around us were terrible, we set off to find the sketchiest one possible.

Cause let’s be honest.  The best Mexican food comes from a slightly dirty spot where you ask three times for your chips and have to rack your brain when they tell you that you food costs trece dollars.

The spot we found didn’t disappoint.  Slightly terrible service, amazing food.

I had a carnitas taco and a carne asada taco
The carne was good and all, but I wanted to have babies with the carnitas.

And do you see that giant mound of guac on each taco?  Love.

We walked off the food baby wandering around.  I was a fan of the Christmas tree
Those ornaments?
Beach balls.  Love it.

And I insisted on stopping at this spot
Yogurt FARM.  I was amused.  They also had sushi.  Not sketch at all.
Whatevs yogurt is good for you.

The more walking.  Since, you know, it was the only sun we’ll see until July.  (You will never hate Oregon winter more than when you’re realizing what winter is like other places.  Sunshine exists!)

It was insanely gorgeous out
(That btw is apparently the longest pier in the US or something?)

And watched the sunset
Redic my friends.  Redic.

And how do you end a day like that?

You find this
That isn’t a 7-11 friends.  It is a BAR.

A slurpee bar.  Remember how I said we managed to top the Jello shots in klassieness?  Slurpee bar.  (“Daiquiri bar” technically but whatevs)

You know we had to
(wow do my bangs need a cut too.  6 months between haircuts will do that)

You stay classy San Diego.


What’s the weather like for you?  I’ve been pouting since we got home.  So cold here!

5 responses to “We topped it…

  1. Do you have to buy the booze separately, or is it already mixed in!!!? Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! You two are the classiest of class.

  2. classy – I wish we had a bar like that here!

  3. Food & Other Things

    I love the tree with the beach ball ornaments and that bar looks amazing!

  4. thehungryscholar

    The making babies comment was hilarious.

    I love Mexican food and the booze that comes with it.

  5. love your vaca recaps! looks like a blasty, and very jealous of the weather. its freezing here in VA, too; highs in 30s…blah. could be worse for sure, but damn i hate winter.

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