Sign from God

Today, I want to teach you guys about signs from God.

Did you know God gives us lots of signs in our life? If you watch, there are constant signs from God.

In high school I would when I’d find Pringles (reduced fat sour cream and onion because they mysteriously had more of that awesome sour cream powder than the full fat ones) on sale? Sign from God to buy some.

Turns our Pringles go on sale a lot. Because God wanted me to be happy.

And this Sunday when I was stumped on what to make for dinner, corn tortillas for a dollar at the co-op were clearly a sign from God to have tacos for dinner
Delicious idea God!

God doesn’t just speak at the grocery store though. When you run 8 miles and there’s a pancake breakfast in your hood?
Sign from God to have pancakes for breakfast!

God loves both carbs and not doing dishes.

Today though, I got what may be the best sign from God yet. It came in two parts.

First, a text from my husband
(yes, he really is “husband” in my phone. Baby Brother is labeled as Baby Brother in there too. I like descriptive names)

And then when I got the mail
My debit card for our joint account showed up.

(also, Bliss totally understands what’s going on, clearly)

The same account that has our ballin’ tax refund in it.

If that’s not a sign from God to go shopping I don’t know what is.

What has God told you to do lately?


11 responses to “Sign from God

  1. weee! yay for tax refund shopping! πŸ˜€ AND pancake breakfasts – that is awesome!

  2. LOL! That is a sign if I ever saw one! Have fun shopping.
    The only signs I’ve had lately have to do with sleeping and getting off my laptop. I’ve been ignoring both for too long.

  3. I love this post for two reasons–well more, but these two:

    1. marshall is in my phone as huisband, too!
    2. me and my mom ALWAYS say “it’s a sign from god!” like.. all the time, in silly situations.


  4. Definitely a sign to go shopping πŸ™‚

    I love it when chips have LOTS of flavour powder. I lick it off. Shhhhh – it is my secret!

  5. Sometimes God works less in mysterious ways and goes more for the obvious ways. CLEARLY a sign to go shopping.

    God was speaking to me all weekend with the first hot sunny days, telling me to lay out in the sun, read and accomplish absolutely nothing of value. I listened.

  6. hooray for refunds! and…thanks for the reminder that we still haven’t done our taxes :\ oops!

  7. Damn God looooooves you! I love that he is under “husband” in your phone =)

  8. tax refunds definitely equal baller status!

    descriptive names make it easier. i do Best Friend, Brother 1, Brother 2, Person I dislike, etc…so simple.

  9. I also felt it was a sign from God when I got some mail from you yesterday, just as I was cryin’ poor. Thanks!

  10. God really loves you, girl! When I get signs from god I just go with it like you. I wouldn’t be able to refuse a pancake breakfast after a long run. And your cat by the way is a freakin’ doll!

  11. i hope God gives me a sign by loading up my bank acct from mysterious earnings…alas…no sign here…

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