Cheap and Easy

For everyone who asked about jeggings, mine are from Forever 21.  $15.80.  I’m a champ at cheap shopping. When I did Miss Spokane I had a friend tell me if I could bargain shop as my talent I’d win.

(I’m also that girl who when you say “I like your dress” will respond with “$5 clearance at Target!”   No shame in being cheap. )

I like cheap.   I also like easy.  No shame in that either.  So when I meal plan, I try to make things I can use more than once.   Roasted chicken becomes enchiladas, and then soup.  That sort of thing.  I multi-task on the starchy parts of meals too.

Last week, I cooked up some quinoa
(Costco baby.  Cheaper than even the bulk bins at WinCo)
I divided it in half, and with one half I sauteed onions in chicken stock
Diced a few little tomatoes

And then added the quinoa with some cumin, chili powder, and garlic.


(the weird garlic?  That for some reason says “California” on it?  I got it for free.  So I’ll use it.  Free is my favorite sort of cheap)

Plus black beans and corn

I served it up with beef quesadillas (made from a leftover roast.  Like I said, multi tasking)
Then, a few days later, I took the other half and added in black pepper and a Trader Joe’s spice mix

(see the bag of peas in the background?  They’re the cheap store brand.  Fred Meyer for some reason has an extra cheap store brand, and a normal one.  Guess which one I buy)

Plus peas and parm
You know that giant shaker of parm is from Costco.  It’s cheap and easy.  No shame in being too lazy to grate cheese all the time.

I also added a splash of this
because once the wine is out, you really have to have a glass.  Means to an end friends, means to an end.

And served it with salmon, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.
Easy Peasy.

Do you do multi-tasking meals?  Or is this one of those weird things that only I do?


9 responses to “Cheap and Easy

  1. you did miss spokane? no shit! i think you and the husband are due for a spokane trip soon. im sure there are tons of breweries we can do a meet-up at 😉

    i try to be cheap but sometimes i just fail majorly.

  2. I multi-task meals whenever I can. One of my favorite things is taking a bunch of random bits and pieces (like the veggies from the second meal, weird other leftovers) and add them to some vegetable broth. Voila! Instant soup.

  3. Both these dishes look amazing and I already have that Costco bag of quinoa (it’s bottomless, I swear).

    Over the weekend someone said they loved my dress. My first response was “$14 at Ross!” We probably shouldn’t do that. Maintain the mystique (but, seriously, if they had felt it they would have known).

  4. Ooh that quinoa looks delicious.

    I am also a bargain champion. I would rather have 1000 different sets of clothing than 2 expensive sets.

  5. Getting a great deal is one of the best things ever. I totally know that I’m cheap but prefer to think of myself as resourceful. I just love it when the cashier at the grocery store is impressed by my mound of coupons. I can’t help myself 🙂

    Your quinoa meals look great and made me remember that I have a bag of the stuff in the back of my pantry that is just screaming to be cooked.

  6. I hate multi-tasking. I like to do one thing, get it done, then move on!

  7. i heart cheap and easy. sales often lead to ‘big o’s’ around here, bc goodness knows nothin else is. maybe i need to apply this cheap and easy thing to other areas aside from clothing and food?!

    btw, spent like an hour catching up on your blog today and love it! you’re damn funny girl.

  8. i have a big ass bag of quinona sitting in my closet cause I dunno what to do with it. Great ideas…and like you I am cheap and easy…but guess what? THEY PUT A RING ON IT!

  9. I don’t multi-task meals because I usually finish mine in one seating. lol. I’m a champ at single-serving meals. I think it’s a smart thing, though! I’m plnning to roast a whole chicken soon, so that will lead to many multi-tasking meals, I assume.

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