Grimace for Dinner

On the menu for dinner last night:

DSCN4649I felt like I was eating Grimace

Despite the other-worldly appearance, it was actually all natural!

We mashed up some of the purple cauliflower from the farmers market.  The fiance LOVED it.  And I was just amused at how pretty it was.

It didn’t go with the main dish at all.  But some days, that’s ok.

Main course:

DSCN4645Whole wheat penne, with pesto, chicken, tomatoes, broccoli, and some mozzarella.

DSCN4651And olives.  Love olives.  almost never have them!

The fiance was proud of his eating because apparently before he had me, he wouldn’t eat tomatoes like this on pasta.  Something about only wanting them as “real” (ie pureed) sauce.  Given how much he liked the cauliflower, I’m thinking baby food texture must just do it for him.

Hmm… maybe I should buy baby food versions of the foods he hates.

Althought that might get a little too Deceptively Delicious.

I showed him that book once.  He said if he ever saw me read it he’d never trust me again.

Which is silly as he know I get so excited when I feed him something he says he doesn’t like I start giggling and going “YOU JUST ATE ARTICHOKES” while he’s still mid bite.  It wouldn’t be so deceptive.

Had some fruit this morning

DSCN4652And now I have to get to work on this disaster area downstairs

DSCN4654Did your mom every try and sneak you vegetables?

My mom called frozen peas “gumdrops” and we LOVED them.

Trying real gumdrops was a sad disappointment.  Nowhere near as good.



7 responses to “Grimace for Dinner

  1. I want to eat some grimace. It looks tasty. Ok, not really, but it has peaked my interest.

  2. I just screamed reading your post. When I was a little girl, I had a nightmare about Ronald McDonald (he had fangs). I’ve been scared of clowns ever since, especially Ronald

  3. I love the purple- so pretty!

    I was a bit of a nutty kid and loved all my veggies. I remember that I had fresh tomatoes with salt and I would eat the tomato like an apple…crazy kid I was!

  4. I love the purple cauliflower. I think it looks beautiful. My parents never hid veggies, I actually liked them. My son LOVES them. The weirder, the better. I’ll have to tell you about the rutabaga turnip soup my mom made him. I thought it was vile. He genuinely loved it.

  5. I thought you had black raspberry ice cream for dinner and for a seconds I was jealous

  6. Love olives, but can’t bring myself to buy them. So many dollars for such a little can!

  7. I love olives too, and luckily my hubby has gotten WAY less picky over the years. Now he will eat almost any food – except he still doesn’t care for broccoli that much.

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