Farmers Market Love

Know what I love?

(besides chocolate, crack oranges, reality tv, black capri yoga pants, cookies, green tea, IKEA, New Seasons, and the 86 million other things I constantly declare love for.  I’m a loving person)

My farmers market.

It sells things like these crazy mushrooms


I wrote about it a few months back.  And at that point, it was a decent hike.

Now, it’s a nice little walk.  Somewhere around a third of a mile from our house.

Wanna know what’s extra cool??  It’s year round.  Every other week for the winter (starting after Thanksgiving).  But still, year round.  Pretty great.

We had fun this week because there were so many random things

DSCN4644These crazy things looked like they’re related to cauliflower.

And speaking of cauliflower….

DSCN4643Purple!  We totally got some.  How could you resist?

I was a little bummed, because I saw on the market’s website that there would be chickpeas, and was all ready to spend way too much to get some.

But when we got there (an hour after the market had opened) they were already sold out.  😦

The woman told me that they’ll have the chickpeas again next week, and that the type they sell are smaller than normal ones.

Chickpeas + tiny food + farmers market = so many things I love.

That same farm was selling these crazy squash by the slice


Which is pretty fantastic-you don’t have to commit to 20 pounds of squash that way.

Do you do farmers markets?

I totally shop them for amusing things (see, all the pictures above)… Because I can’t really afford them for all my food.  I want the stuff I splurge on to be either amazing (see the peach sellers in the summer), or unique.


10 responses to “Farmers Market Love

  1. I absolutely LOVE going to the farmer’s market … but in my city it is only around for a few months during the summer. I look forward to it each year.

  2. We have year round farmer’s markets here, but I seem to sleep through them by the time I remember. I keep meaning to make it to the lunch time farmer’s market during work one of these days.

    I do like getting the more unique items since I can get the normal stuff for cheaper at the store.

  3. wow, i have never seen that veggie before. did they give you the exact name?

    i work at a farmers market during august-october. bummer about working at one is you dont get a chance to walk the market.

  4. I love farmer’s markets. Unfortunately the ones here leave a lot to be desired. And I can never get my lazy ass out of bed to get to the good ones.

  5. I’m so jealous. I love farmer’s markets. One time my little town had a farmer’s market planned…we showed up…and it got canceled but there was no notification about the cancelation. Cue charlie brown music.

  6. I love my farmer’s market, but it ended last week 😦 I need to find new cheap produce

  7. i love colored cauliflower – it’s so fun!

  8. Those green things look like toys for my dog lol…

    We have farmers markets out here but most of them are closed for the season =(

  9. wait, you live close to the hillsdale farmers market? umm i live like a mile from there!

    the teen in my house goes to wilson…

    so are we like totally neighbors???

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