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So this weekend Baby Brother has been visiting to run Bridge to Brews with us (and to see his favorite sister of course)

Yesterday, we went out for a happy hour, to help fuel ourselves for the race.

We hit up the McCormick and Schmick’s on the waterfront to get our pre-game on. I’m a fan of the view
We’re serious athletes, so you should take this as a lesson on how to prepare for a race.

Hydration is important in the days leading up to a race. I had a berry drink of some sort. Which was basically a smoothie
Healthy and hydrating.

Alternately, you can go the boys’ route and combine hydration and carbo-loading. We love the harborside McCormick’s because it’s also the PDX Full Sail, which means you get a bunch of pub-only brews
hydration + carbs = multitasking!

Don’t tell me alcohol is dehydrating. It’s a liquid, it hydrates you. Science.

It’s also important to have protein

And healthy fats
(Fats are healthiest if they’re consumed with a carbohydrate. Again, science.)

And when all else fails, you can’t go wrong with the hummus platter. You just can’t.
We also had burgers and fries. Just to double check that we got enough protein. And carbs. And super healthy fats.

And that friends is how you properly pre-game for a 10 k. I promise.

It’s science.

Race Recap tomorrow!


The Greatest Football Supporters

I’ve been a slacker on blogging. Been busy… Plus I might have accidentally bought too much on ebay and been trying to stay off the computer a bit.

And now since this is a food blog, I’m going to write about sports today.

Maybe I should’ve just kept slacking.

Last night was the home opener for the Timbers. They’re our local soccer team, and this year they’re part of MLS. It’s kinda a big deal around here.

The husband and I’s first kiss happened while tailgaiting before a Timbers game so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Plus, my husband likes soccer, and I like getting to yell profanity in public, so we had to go.

So we stood in a long line, in the rain, waiting for our seats

General Admission seems like a good idea until you do this.

Then we settled in. High class dinner
And I realized not wearing socks was the worst choice ever. My feet were soaked, and it was bad enough that this happened
Don’t judge, it helped my feet regain feeling for a while.

We scored!
Repeatedly. We we we so excited.

Ended up being 4-2, Timbers. If you ever watch soccer you know that is a LOT of scoring. You can watch entire games with no goals.

Here’s hoping the rest of the season is just as redic.

Normal posts again soon. Bridge to Brews this weekend!

Weather.com is full of Crap

Around 11 today, I looked up the weather. I wanted to go on a run, and I figured at some point it would rain.

Weather.com told me it was going to rain around 2. So I had a snack, got my sneakers on, and was out the door by 11:45

About a mile in I felt some sprinkles.

Light rain is awesome. Bring it.

At about 2 miles I realized I could more or less cross “shower” off my to-do list when I got home. I was soaked.

And after 3.5 miles, I came home looking like I’d reverse wet my pants


See that light crotch? (sexy, you’re welcome) That’s the normal color of my shorts. Totally soaked.

At least now I can say I washed my hair today.
The first time I ran in the rain I felt like a total badass.

Now? Most of the time I just accept it as part of running in Oregon.

But if I’d know it was going to soak me this bad? I’d have stayed inside.

You a rain runner? I used to look at people outside in the rain and think they were nuts. Now, I realize sometimes it’s the only way you’re going to get a run in.

Also, I’ve been getting some running questions, and I’m going to do a post on ’em soon, so if you have any more leave ’em in the comments!


This weekend on our hike (WHICH WAS A HIKE) we watched some of the Shamrock Run

The 15 k runs near our house.
We avoid running long distances near our house because the hills start up. More than 3 miles and you’re doing a lot of uphill.

These people were rocking out 9 miles. In the rain. Uphill.

Pretty fantastic.

(We might have not gotten around to signing up for the Shamrock before it sold out. Whoops).

But on happy running notes we’re signed up for Bridge to Brews and Baby Brother is coming to do it with us! Which means we get to run over the Fremont Bridge!

(Note: it’s depressing when your little brother complains about how he had taken time off running and was “so slow” when he started up again with his 12 minute miles. Our half pace group is 11 minutes. Thanks Baby Brother. I’m ready to see you kill my time next month)

Foot Traffic University is going great

(This is what you look like when it’s 8 am and you’re about to run 5 miles in the rain. And a really short person takes your picture. Sexy angles!)

I made a new friend this week. And by “new friend” I mean I had a lady tell me it looked effortless when I run. If you say nice possibly untrue things to me we’re besties.

I shared my running fuel with her
I hear some people eat things that are, you know, made for running or something on their runs. I on the other hand carry Dove Promises. I’m clearly a real runner.

Best part of running though?

When it’s 10 am and you’re sitting down to a post run breakfast
And feeling totally justified in being lazy and shoving food in your face the whole rest of the day. Love it.

Any races coming up for you?

It’s a Fact

Fact: Pizza for date night may not be romantic, but it is delicious, and becoming a habit

Fact: Since this pizza (Which was amaaazing and garlicy) is from Hot Lips, and Hot Lips is into sustainable and local the pizza was healthy.

Fact: I should never become a nutritionist.

Fact: I ordered a beer called “Girl Beer”
I felt a little lame when I realized it was called that. But at least it wasn’t pink.

(And yes, pink beer exists. Lookin’ at you McMinnamins)

Fact: If you take me to Cool Moon I will try a million flavors

(that one was gingersnap cookies and cream!)

because there are a million to try
but I will always get cinnamon because I have a crush on cinnamon
Fact: writing about food when you haven’t had breakfast yet means you apparently start to have romantic feelings for things you eat. Awkward.

Sad Fact: I worked at Baskin Robbins for years and years.
(yes, Baby Brother and I were coworkers) And while it didn’t make me hate ice cream, it means I have a clear limit where I have to stop or I wanna puke (about 5 ounces-and yes, I can tell approximate weight by looking at the scoops. Not weird). So I had to toss some of the ice cream. And then cry. A lot.

Fact: I went hiking


Fact: Baby Brother says silly things like “it’s not hiking if it’s in your neighborhood”

Fact: if you’re surrounded by trees and cross multiple creeks, it’s hiking. And Baby Brother is full of crap.

It’s a fact.

Date Night

I’m a good wife sometimes.

After sushi for dinner Friday?

I asked the husband if he wanted some Lucky Lab on Saturday.

It was one of those moments where he realized why he married me.

Lucky Lab is a local brewery and pizza spot.

Beer and pizza would be my husband’s dinner every night if it weren’t for his mean mean wife who makes him do things like eat vegetables. So going to Lucky Lab = perfect date night for him.

We live a bit over a mile from a Lucky Lab. Which means it’s walkable. Which means we can get crunk.

Well, as crunk as one can  get in Southwest Portland at least….

Since we walked we figured we should have a drink at a little bar-ish spot nearby  called Journey’s first

It happens.

Then on to Lucky Lab.

The paintings had a business card for “pet portraits in oil” under them. I’m so demanding a picture of the cats for my birthday.

We had a salad

because salad is good for you! It balances out your giant amazing pizza
This sucker has spicy sauce. It’s heaven.

It’s hard to guess which side was mine, right?

And on way out we found RED VINES
Why are red vines so good? I don’t understand.

Know what happens when you’re a good wife? The next day your husband buys you new shoes!

I’ve gotta make a plan for next weekend. I want new jeans too.



When I was little my daddy would buy all sorts of snacks for the Super Bowl, and bribe us to watch it with him.

Chicken in a Biskit were my kryptonite.  I’d ignore the fact that football made no sense at all if I could get my hands on a box of those.


And my daddy knew that.

No regrets.  Not even the part where I adored chicken flavored crackers, which in hindsight is kinda a gross idea for a flavor.  Although I am now sketched out that it’s spelled “biskit”.

Now, to my father’s joy I’ve married a football fan.  I’m stuck watching game after game, even without questionably flavored crackers as bait.

Since yesterday’s game was kind a big deal and all, to appease both members of our household we went to McCormick and Schmick’s on the waterfront.  It has a killer happy hour and it’s the Portland location for Full Sail, which we’re always fans of.

So basically: food for me, beer for the husband.

And, in what I think may have been a bribe to keep me sitting still (not unlike the Chicken in a Biskits of my youth) my husband got me this yesterday

an iPhone 4!  My old phone had went to Jesus the night before, and he convinced me to get an iPhone-I’d been using a non-smart phone.  You know, like the pioneers had.
I may have been playing Oregon Trail and Angry Birds while watching the super bowl.  It happens.

Like I said, the happy hour at McCormick’s is great.  We had edamame hummus
Two bucks friends.

Plus cheddar tots with chipotle ranch
Which were amazing

And polenta with chicken sausage
and an unpictured cheeseburger and fries.

(Plus several unpictured adult beverages)

Did you watch the super bowl?

Anyone else bribed to watch sports as a child?