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Monday Monday

Dinner last night was tasty, and very all-American

DSCN2551Steak and potatoes!  With carrots.  I love those carrots.  It’s more of the Prime steak we got at Costco last week, and even when frozen and then reheated it was still amazing.

Plus a salad

DSCN2554You can’t tell in the picture, but some of the tomatoes on there are tinnnnny!  They’re from my plants, and a few were smaller than my pinky nail.

And you know I wasn’t going to bed last night without more of this

DSCN2559Brownie + ice cream + chocolate syrup.  Heck yes.  And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  Those IKEA bowls are amazing.  They’re the perfect size for things like desserts, so that I don’t go too crazy on it 🙂

When I made pizza this weekend I told you I would show what I did with the extra dough… And then forgot to!  I made mini pitas.  I was worried if it’d work, I’ve seen lots on how it’s hard to make them puff to get the pocket.  My one and only previous pita attempt I misread the recipe, and made flatbread.  It was tasty flatbread, but still, no puff.  (They weren’t a waste, I took Farmgirl’s advice on un-puffed pitas and made delicious pita chips) I went for mini ones because that was more chances to get it right 🙂 I’d seen the pizza dough puff when we grilled it, so I thought maybe grilling was the way to go…

DSCN2514On the right is uncooked dough.  On the left is… a puffed pita!

DSCN2515A better view of the puff.  I have to do this again, I’m pumped it worked.

So today I used two of my baby pitas to make breakfast.  No, tuna pita pockets aren’t a normal breakfast food, but my hormones’ first choice was potato chips, so this was a compromise

DSCN2564Yummy!  With a salad on the side, a totally reasonable breakfast

DSCN2568Just watch-I’ll end up craving oats for lunch 🙂