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I don’t know if I’ve explained this before, but Bliss is not the smartest kitten.

We call him “genius”

He’s also fat
But that’s another story.

Anyways, I’ve been sewing lately. And while genius cat is normally vaguely disinterested in what I do somehow he’s sure that EVERY SINGLE THING related to sewing is a toy for him.

Some of them I kinda get. Things hanging off the ironing board totally make sense to bat at.

But he’s a weirdly huge fan of patterns.

pattern on fabric? Even better!

If I make the mistake of walking away from a piece of fabric?
He lives there now.

The other night he was worried he hasn’t been helping quite enough with my sewing and settled his fat self in behind the machine.
(I’m aware this has nothing to do with my overall blog. But 1. I do what I want 2. I’ve been sewing instead of cooking and 3. Bliss is fat because he EATS a lot. See how that ties in?)