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I’ve come to some realizations this past weekend

I realized too late if you run 10 miles*, a normal lunch isn’t going to cut it and you will end up ordering nachos the size of a small child for dinner

Plus a burger that I’m fairly sure used about half a cow. And bacon, just for good measure.

And a salad. Because between the running and the salad you can totally justify the rest of your meal.

And I realized no matter how many baby-sized plates of nachos you eat, when you get home you still need dessert
It happens.

I also realized that helping in my community is awesome. Mostly because my weekend volunteering at Springfest in my ‘hood resulted in this
Free beer. In a parking lot. On a Sunday evening.

I heart community service.

I also realized that when I drink my small-town roots show and I want to make fires.

And if I’ve been drinking I may also want to make s’mores. True story: if you have no chocolate bars, no marshmallows, and no graham crackers your s’mores dreams don’t have to die. You just end up doing this
Those are charred peeps. With the ear of a chocolate bunny shoved in them.

It happens.

And when you’re drunkenly eating molten peeps I’ve realized if you have a loving husband like mine he’ll laugh, tell you that you look homeless, and then take pictures.

Thanks baby.

And most importantly I’ve realized I’ve got less than a week till my husband’s birthday. And since my birthday comes a week after that, I need to get him some killer presents to insure I get awesome ones. So it’s shopping time!

Happy Monday friends!

*Um yeah, I ran 10 miles. Madness. I get pissy if I have to drive 10 miles normally.


Small Town Girl

Population-wise, where I grew up isn’t that small.

But trust me friends, I’m from a small town.

Case in point-Friday of Thanksgiving we went to HOCKEY
Here in Portland, hockey games are unfun.  I went once.  The best part was drinking out of my sippy cup on the max to the game.
(Let’s not judge that I was drinking tequila in public from a princess cup, ok?)

But in surreal america?  Oh hockey is AWESOME.

For starters, Beer and I recommitted.
True Luv.

(Shampoo and I on the other hand look like we’re seeing other people in this picture.  Hot.)

And there were fights

And when they play Cotton Eye Joe both small children AND middle aged men take their shirts off
The husband didn’t believe this really happened.  It does.

And we got the best nachos EVER
Baby Brother was all mad saying “I just spent $7 on nachos”

Then he ate some.

Holy Mother.

You know when bad for you food hits that right point?

These were it.

Hockey games-you love em?  I adore them, clearly, so long as they’re in my hometown.

What’s your favorite stadium food?

Off for a tetanus shot!  Back later with Life Lessons I Learn For You:  Don’t stick your finger in the immersion blender.

Because I may have done that.  Whoops.

Poor choices, Good choices…

So, we just joined a gym about a month ago.  And I’m loving having somewhere to work out.  But, it’s been a long long time since I’ve done any yoga or anything like that.  Which means right now my body is KILLING me.  I did yoga on Wednesday, and zumba yesterday (we danced the hora at zumba too-weird).  After the classes I felt good tired and sweaty.  But, later on oh my goodness!  My legs and butt are killing me.  It’s better today but last night I was totally doing the old lady style easing myself into the chair.  Ouch.  

So, I think I might’ve overdone it a little.  Which is a poor choice.  Not a poor choice?  This:

DSCN2323One raw ear of local corn (so sweet!), 3 smallish tomatoes,  3 hot peppers, cilantro, lime juice.  Oh my word.  Wow.  We had this at dinner.  Amazing.  I wanted to use some of my ginormous produce haul, so I bought an ear of corn to go with the tomatoes and peppers and made some sort of salsa-ish concoction.  No onions, because then it will kill you dead, of course. 

It was to go on our not so healthy dinner of nachos.  It was the fiance’s Friday last night, because he’s got a furlough day today, and we tend to do meals that go well with alcohol on those nights.  Yeah, we’re klassy.  

I also made this 

DSCN2324Turkey, tomatoes, hot peppers, cumin, garlic, onions (cooked onions, if chopped small enough, are ok, and won’t kill you), and cilantro.  It smelled like chicken tortilla soup! I cooked it down till it was just meat and peppers.  

Mise en place.  Of my nachoes.  Oh yeah


The olives and onions only went on my half.  Those chips are amazing.  They’re much closer to restaurant tasting ones than what you normally get at the store.  


And then we ate them and I was too hungry to take a picture.  Yum!  

We followed that up with drinking enough that setting the alarm to go work out didn’t sound fun.  Poor choice.  

So recap:  good choices-making that corn salsa stuff, eating yummy nachos.  poor choices-overdoing it at the gym so i look like an old lady, drinking too much.  

And now I’m going to go make breakfast.  Because french toast is ALWAYS a good choice!