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I don’t wanna!

Taught all day today!

Made myself eggnog coffee this morning

Had some toast with cream cheese, plus an unpictured apple for breakfast

And, awesomely came home from work to realize i never turned the oven off from making my toast.

One of these days I’m going to burn down the house.

I packed a lunch ahead of time, which means it was only a little pitiful

Cheese and whole grain ritz, yogurt with some agave and pumpkin pie spices, and granola.  Plus crack oranges.

We’re leaving for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and wanna know something?

So not excited.

I’ve never had thanksgiving anywhere but my parents house.  Like, NO WHERE else.  Not even down the street and still in my home town or anything.

And we’ve gotten emails from the fiance’s fam about food…. and it makes me less and less excited.

There’s Cool Whip on the menu.

And, um, deer?

And NO rutabagas

I’m kinda getting the vibe only veggies covered in stuff are being served (candied yams, green bean casserole).

I know I’m totally spoiled but I am pouting about the whole pumpkin pie being made from canned pumpkin (which, btw kids, isn’t pumpkin, it’s dickinson squash.  Google it and tell me if that looks like a pumpkin to you)

And no blackberry pie, made from berries we grew.

And I’m just bummed I’m not going out sock shopping with my family (And Sarah Palin stalking!)

And I’m getting this all out of my system now so I don’t spend the trip pouting 🙂

Anyone else wanna complain about the holidays?

Or tell me how they leave the oven on so that I feel like I’m not the only one?


I have no idea…

Randomtastic lunch:




and apples.

What’s in the sammie?


Hummus, mozzerella cheese, spinach, tomato, carrot, mustard, avocado.

Weird, yes.  Tasty, yes. I was craving a sandwich, but we didn’t have much as far as sandwich-y things.

Plus, I had bought this cute jar of mustard and I wanted to put it on something


Have I mentioned the fiance hates mustard?  Not dislikes, but hates.  Sauerkraut too.  His buck fifty sausage and soda at costco are decidedly less tasty than mine.

Anyways, I was a little skeptical if the sandwich would taste good, but it did!

Dinner is making our house smell sooo good


What is it?  Baked beans and delicious pork that we’re going to make into BBQ pork sandwiches.

Still need to figure out what else to put with the beans and BBQ pork.  Coleslaw seemed to go, but  the fiance hates coleslaw, and can’t tell me if it’s just the coleslaw dressing or cabbage that he dislikes.  Hmm…. We shall see

“I don’t want bread with fruit in it…”

I made wheat berries today!

I’ve had them before (Lamb pita cart at the farmers market, I’m looking at you!) But I haven’t cooked them.

Although, I think knowing what they are puts me ahead of the general popualtion… One time I was in the store buying bread and a family standing next to me was staring at a loaf of Wheatberry Bread. The daughter was going “I don’t want bread with fruit in it” while the mom was trying to figure out what fruit was in the bread “I don’t see any fruit at all!”  I (really nicely, because I could totally get being confused) explained that it was the wheat kernels and the name meant it had whole wheat berries.

What did I do with my wheat berries?

DSCN3462Made a bowl of deliciousness!

That had wheatberries, corn, celery, onion, carrot, tomato, beans, and cilantro

DSCN3463Plus pecans on top.  I’m getting a little pecan obsessed.   Pecans are the new nectarines.  (Depressed is the new pink, empanadas are the new cupcakes… <line isn’t until the end of the video, rest isn’t too terribly funny>)

Fred (that’d be Fred Meyer) and I made up today.  We still have our issues but the nice nurse told me today that they have my prescription for less than a third of what I was paying at Walgreens.  I can be bought.  Let’s be honest.

At Fred’s I bought this cause it was ultra cheap with a coupon.  It’s part stevia, part sugar?

DSCN3464And put it on my snack…

DSCN3465A chopped up apple with peanut butter and pecans.

And… those sun crystals are funky.  Once it’s in your mouth it’s not so bad (yes, that is what she said), but the first taste is nast.

We’ll see how it is in coffee tomorrow, but I’m skeptical and sad now.  Lameeeeee.

What’ve you tried and been disappointed by?

So pretty!

Ok, first things first, isn’t this granola I made for my mommy so pretty?


I might’ve saved us a bowl 🙂


It better be good, because see how many ingredients it took?


Good lord.

(I was trying to recreate some that she loved, she had an empty container and gave me the ingredients-i left out a few things like dried yeast and xanathan gum…)

Lunch was simple but yummy-I needed something to keep my hands off the granola


One of the homemade rolls with hummus, tuna, lettuce, onion, and pickle plus carrot, apple, and squash on the side.  Did I dip the squash in hummus?  There’s a chance, there’s a chance.

I saved the wishbone from our chicken last night.  I always lose at this, but really, how good of luck can it be?  If the chicken were wishing, I think she’d wish to not be eaten…


Do you make wishes on anything?  I do the 11:11 wishes.


I’ve been FREEZING all day.  But cooking warms me up!

Lunch was a mexican mis-mash…. It had squash, rice, meat, tomatoes, salsa, cheese, and some sour cream and avocado on top


Then I set to work on something I’d never made before…. Roasted peppers!  My daddy always makes them at home, but I’ve never done them myself.

We have way too many (I didn’t roast all of them, and you’ll see, I roasted a ton).  Basically what you do is brush each pepper with oil

DSCN3062(Sidenote: when things have a messy potential I like to put foil over the baking sheet.  Recycle it when you’re done!)

The put them into the oven, on a high rack (this was the second from the top because it looked like if I did the very top they’d be straight up touching the burners) on broil.  I did half at a time just so that I had less stuff at risk of burning at a time.


When they start looking all pretty like this you flip em


And when they’re all brown and blistery you take them out and put them into a bowl or container and cover it.  This lets steam build up for the next step.  After 20 minutes or so you open up your bowl and see this


You take them one by one and pull the stem out (some of mine needed a knife to get that sucker out) and then peel the skin off.  I’m always skeptical of “it just comes right off” type instructions, but it did!


Then you run your finger along it to squeeze out the seeds


The seeds get all over, especially when you’re making a lot, just a warning.  I had to wash my hands a lot.  After that you just chop them up, and use your knife to scrape out any lingering seeds from inside.

Now I’ve got this in my fridge


The fiance wants some for sandwiches… I don’t know quite what else we’ll use them for… I’m thinking pasta sauce?

Do you have any roasted pepper ideas?

I’m not above judging…


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Nectarines = crack.

If you notice, whenever I post these there’s always a bite out of them.  Because once I pick it up I can’t wait for a bite.  Or three.  Seriously. crack. Let’s not judge.

Had some of the zucchini bread too


Yummmm.  I might have added frosting.  You can judge me for that.

I went to the store and in my head I turned on the rice cooker before I left.  Um, turns out plugging in and turning on are different.  Whoops.  I was in the honors program in college.  It shows.

I made some sort of a mexican rice bowl thang for lunch


Rice, spinach, beans, seasoned beef, tomatoes, avocado, raw corn, little bit of cheese, and sour cream.  I put the spinach between hot rice and hot beans so it wilted it a little, but it’s not cooked…

All mixed up.  Yum!


Apparently the last tenent where I lived has a birthday coming up!  I’m holding in my urge to open these and see if they’ve got money.  Return to sender. Opening mail is against the law. People would judge.

DSCN2970(See my mad Photoshop iPhoto skills?  Can’t make out the address-that was allll me.  That’s the extent of my skills in that area.  Need Photoshop.)

And on to judging-I have a little brother.  He’s 19.  One of his friends is dating someone I dated.  His friend is, like him, 19.  My ex?  27.  And has two kids. He works at Fred Meyer and goes to community college.  So many questions out of this.  What 27 year old dates teenagers?  What teenager thinks it’s a good idea to date someone with two kids?  When did this guy have another kid?  I saw him 6 months ago and he didn’t mention another one… which brings up the question, is he ashamed that he got another girl pregnant?  Why did I date such trashy people?  Am I bad person for judging?  (No.)

On a less judging note:  my fruit bowl makes me happy

DSCN2974Sometimes I feel like I have way more food in our house than we need.  And I judge myself a little.   But we eat a lot.  And I never judge myself for eating.

How much fruit do you keep around?

Nectarines are my crack.

We made it to the doctor!  Well, a nurse actually, but still.  The fiance doesn’t have strep or mono, so basically he just needs to sleep and drink lots of water till he’s better.

On our way out the door I ate another nectarine.


Even better than the first one!

While he got his strep test I went to Target.  (pretty sure that’s more fun than the waiting room).  I got 48 cent lipgloss, and a tank top to replace an old, super decrepit one.  I did the math on the old tank top-I was 16 when I bough it, so that sucker is 8 years old.  Which would explain the fraying straps.  Sexy.

I wanted to use some of the farmers market veggies.  I chopped up part of this adorable little eggplant


It’s so little!  Which is good as (shocker) the fiance won’t touch eggplant.  I diced it up with some yellow summer squash and put them into a pan with salt, pepper, tomato sauce, and basil.  Topped with mozzerella and then put them on broil in the over.


It came out looking like this


I love how browned cheese tastes!  Is that weird?

I put a little bit of whole wheat rottini in the bottom of a bowl (Got at Target today-isn’t it a fun color?)


And put the veggie cheese goodness on top!


Yum!  I added the pasta because we’re going to look at houses again this afternoon, and I didn’t want to chance being hungry… I get grumpy then!

We’re having salmon again tonight (it’s on sale at New Seasons right now!)… If anyone has any good ideas for seasonings/cooking tips I’ll take ’em!