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I am Oregonian

I love Oregon.

We have trees and beer and delicious food.

Which are three of my favorite things.

The second part of our trip was all about those things.

In Hood River we, of course, like last year, had some drinks.

Honest pints at Full Sail
(We’re serious about these here. I’m still sad the honest pint legislation didn’t go through)

And at Double Mountain?


Sour. Delicious sour.

Sour beers are a newer trend. If you’re not a big beer drinker, this might be one you like. My sister in law says it tastes like Kombucha.

And since we live in Oregon, it’s full of amazing delicious local cherries. Heaven my friends.

(we tasted wine too but I took no pictures)

Hood River is also less lily-white than Portland, which means amazing Mexican food

And we had some Oregon grown huckleberries in our muffins at the B&B

After that breakfast we got our game faces on

(my husband clearly married me for my good looks)

And I got on my outdoor shirt
(I also wore it camping last fall. I have a terrible lack of scrubby clothes in my life. Like, I literally don’t own a sweatshirt. But my “I am Oregonian” shirt makes me feel outdoorsy. And it’s a bit more suited for camping and hiking than my typical cardigan and tank top combo.)

We went up to the top of Multnomah Falls

There were amazing views

And a platform thing to look over the falls.
Unless you’re a scardy cat like me. Then you stand back and take pictures of your husband.


What’s your favorite part of your state?

(If you live in Oregon “living in the same state as Kalin” is a legit answer)


Life Lessons

Sometimes, I learn really useful life lessons.

I learned quite a few this weekend in Hood River, and thought I’d share

Lesson 1:  if post brewery tour you stick around and talk to the brewer, you totally get another free beer

I look deranged. It was the theme of this weekend’s pictures.

Lesson #2: Views like this
make you start looking up houses for sale in other towns.

Lesson #3: Until you win the lottery, you’re not going to be buying someplace with a view like that

Lesson #4: Heaven’s movie theater is in Hood River
Alcohol (reasonably priced even!) and self serve butter for the popcorn.

Lesson #5: if you’re going on a run the next day, you can have all the self-serve butter you want, I promise.

Lesson #6: Crepes full of deliciousness are, clearly, delicious
But sadly, not the best breakfast when you’re setting out on an 8 mile run.

Lesson #7: If you’re going on a run along a gorge 127 Hours is not the best movie to watch the night before.

Every pebble going down the hillside makes you realize you have nothing to cut your arm off with. And no camelback to pee in.

(It doesn’t matter that you see two dozen other runners walkers and cyclists while you’re on it. and that it looks like this


not, you know, an isolated spot in Utah. You still might need to cut your arm off)

Lesson #8: I’m ridiculously paranoid

Lesson #9: If you’re going to cut your arm off, there should at least be a good view involved
(for my Oregonian friends, this is on the Historic Highway Trail, which goes from Hood River to Mosier. The whole thing is like 4.6 miles, crazy pretty, and closed off to cars)
Lesson #10: I need more vacations in my life.

Too Cute

Last week we had a really quick trip to the Gorge.  My husband had a presentation to give, and I tagged along because who doesn’t want to spend 18 hours in The Dalles?

The Dalles is 20 miles east of Hood River.  If you played Oregon Trail as a child, this is where you could raft the Columbia and win the game.

Sadly, there’s a lack of rafting opportunities that I can find there these days.

Given the lack of rafting to a homestead options in The Dalles we went to Hood River and visited Full Sail.

(Well, first we stalked the Tofurky factory.  Couldn’t see anything though.  I was hoping for a tofurky outlet or something.)

Full Sail had a pale on nitro
See how the whole beer is kinda cloudy?  Nitro makes the beer have this amazing creamy foam.  Love it.

Know what I love even more?

We had a stellar bartender (who is also a brewer there!) and when we ordered a Black Session Float he brought us each our own glass, plus tastes of both black session and the stout
Amazing.  Personal sized beer float?  Way too cute.

We somehow accidentally bought a second growler there too.  Because the only thing our house needs more than one 64 oz jug of beer in the fridge is TWO 64 oz jugs of beer in the fridge.  Clearly.

Post presentation in the AM the husband and I walked through The Dalles to breakfast.

I don’t think I’d really been anywhere in The Dalles besides Burgerville.  It was surprisingly adorable

And our breakfast spot was even cuter
Petit Provence was a little bakery/cafe thang.
Adorable inside

I had a terrible time picking out a meal.  So many things looked good!  Salmon hash, savory french toast, omelets…

I finally decided on the risotto cakes.  They came with squash and potatoes
Plus poached eggs on top
And, as if that wasn’t enough…
A croissant on the side.

When I went to France (good lord over 8 years ago!) I ate croissants with jam and butter every morning.  France was awesome.

This spot was just so attack of the cutesies.  Way too cute for The Dalles.

Although I’d still rather raft down the river.

And Food…

Believe it or not, I didn’t just drink non stop while in Hood River.

After our wine tasting adventures, we went and  got changed, and hit up Nora’s Table

We actually had tried to go last year, but learned Valentines Day + Long weekend + Saturday night = no tables.  And we’re not good at waiting.  This year, we got reservations.

Was it worth waiting a year to try?  Heck yes.

For starters, they have Double Mountain on tap.  So basically you could’ve served the fiance zucchini and olives covered in mushrooms and he wouldn’t complain.
I had wine.

They brought out some bread with deliciousness
I honestly have no clue what all was in the deliciousness, but it was good!

We got the Nosh Plate as an appetizer
House made chorizo, house made pickled veggies, cheese…

I seriously had to FIGHT the fiance for those carrots.  Amazing.  He wouldn’t shut up about them… the whole drive home the next day was “how do you think they make those carrots?”  and “can we try and make those?”

Main dishes?
The fiance had filet with foie gras butter and purple potatoes.
Steak + purple potatoes = happy man

I got the crispy arctic char with Israeli couscous
Heaven friends, heaven.  The char had a delicious crispy salty top, and the couscous had a nice cinnamon-y sweetness.   Some sweet + some salty? Yes please!

Since it was Valentine’s Day, we got some bubbly
And had yummy chocolate cake, with tropical fruit on top
Notice how we clearly had already started devouring it before the picture was taken?

Then we thought, how should we end the night?
And hit up Double Mountain for one last drink
(Tasting, to make sure the beer was still delicious.  It was)

The next morning fresh air was the best idea ever, so we took a walk along the river
Fantastic weekend.
And I do still want to figure out how to make those pickled carrots.

Getting Naked

Post delicious breakfast we went to go stare at the Columbia Gorge Hotel.


It’s a 70+ year old hotel, and it’s got crazy pretty views.  (It’s also not walkable to downtown, and cost more than our B&B… so we didn’t stay there 🙂 )

They do a lot of weddings in the summers-and after walking around I could see why
After a nice walk (despite the weather reports all saying it was going to rain, we never had more than a drizzle!) we went off to try out “the best Mexican restaurant in Hood River” (According to the B&B owners)
It was a place for real mexicans-check out the meat choices
Tongue, head, and goat!  (Also, the refried beans tasted like they were full of delicious lard)

I had chicken flautas with black beans

And our check came with a little sweet treat (it was Valentine’s Day)
Bellies full of food, it was time for some wine tasting!

Our first stop was Quenett
Where we both tasted six (trust me, this count is going to get bad)

Then we went down to Springhouse Cellar
WHICH HAS WINE ON TAP.  My mind.   Was blown.
You can buy refillable 1 L bottles, and they fill them up from the taps.

Sustainable!  And awesome.

They also had chocolate fondue
They were pouring 10ish wines.  Plus a port (6 earlier + 11 more = 17 tastes.)

They had these crazy old building bits attached to the side of the building, where they do their crush
(Was I told what these were from?  Possibly.   I’ll have to see if the fiance remembers)

We were enjoying ourselves
And feeling sad as each glass emptied
But it was time to… get naked!
The Naked Winery is awesome for several reasons.  The taste a ton of wines, their wines have dirty names (Penetration is one) and I’m 12 so I love it, and they’re into just having fun with what they do-it’s the least serious wine tasting I’ve ever found.   And I’m not into being serious.

Case in point: palate cleansers?
Heck yes.

With some real wine fare thrown in
We discovered they were also doing pairings with Moonstruck chocolate.

While we were there some live music started up
(Also, the couple on the left there?  Really into each other.  We kept seeing them around town.  Making out.  Awesome)

When I was saying they pour a lot?  We had about 17 tastes.  And then retasted a few to decide what to buy. (Grand total of tastes for the day = 37ish.  Even at 1 oz pours-and some of these were more than that-we each had about a bottle and a half of wine.)

Can you see why we love Hood River?

Shutting it Downnnn

After our beer-adventures it was clearly time for….
Wine tasting!

Not even kidding.  Our game plan for the evening was to hit up a tasting room, then grab some food, another tasting room and/or round 2 at Double Mountain.

Instead?  We went to The Pines made new best friends with another couple and the woman pouring, and spent a solid three hours in the tasting room. Tasting.  And retasting.

Pretty awesome, not going to lie.

Their tasting room is a huge place, with an art gallery


The tasting room was open till 9.  We all left at 9:30.  Cool kids shut down the tasting room.

We went off in search of a meal, and found North Oak Brasserie
Hood River is all on a hill, so (excuse the terrible pictures) you walk down staircases into some of the shops and restaurants there.

I had a salad (which clearly balances out all the booze, right?)

And then veal plus some pasta and asparagus

In a shockingly smart move on my part, I didn’t order more to drink.

The next morning we got up and went downstairs for breakfast
One of my favorite parts of a B&B is that breakfast is there without even having to put on shoes!  And this was yummy-so many types of fruit!

We were staying at the Hood River B&B
Which is in a 100 year old house, only a couple blocks from the main part of downtown
Check out the view we got!

Have you ever stayed at a B&B?