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Marriage is Awesome and you go to the Beach.

We were on the coast to celebrate our wedding’s birthday. Which meant my husband had to take me out to dinner. Marriage is awesome.

Since we were in a tiny town, dinner options were limited.

Sure, we weren’t that far from other places but driving = one of us staying sober. And everyone knows sobriety is NOT how you stay in love.

But we were across the street from one of the only restaurants in town, Pacific Way Cafe. Which actually had really stellar reviews. Which is good because the other options were McMenamin’s or something called “Great Wall Restaurant and Lounge”

It’s also the town bakery in the morning. Which meant redic bread baskets
Three types of bread. Because you need variety in your carb consumption.

I honestly don’t get the people who give advice like “ask for no bread basket to save calories!”

Do they hate life? Joy? Happiness?

I ate my bread.

And my Cesar salad
For an entree I had halibut


The green beans with it were legit. Fresh and delicious and totally balanced out the fact that I’d just had a bread basket and mashed potatoes and a salad coated in cheese.

Eating in a restaurant with a bakery attached means you have to order dessert.

Strawberry tart for the husband
And creme brulee for me. Because my husband is a weird face and doesn’t like creme brulee.
Whatevs, more for me.

Post dinner we realized we clearly had more drinking to do. So we went to the one grocery store in town, and found some bubbly. And took it to the beach.
True story btw: room temp bubbly out of the bottle is hard to drink. Too many bubbles.
We persevered.

Watched the sun go down
And my husband took what is possibly my new favorite picture of us

Which he entitled “#marriageisawesomeandyougotothebeach”

Seriously, if you’re my facebook friend you can see, that’s the caption.

Cause marriage is awesome. Especially after a bottle of lukewarm bubbly.




Sad times: I had a dentist appointment this week and one next week. Turns out next week is the tooth out. Which means I was totally unprepared for a lecture on needing to floss better AND lacking awesome painkillers to make that lecture more fun. Boo.

This means you’ll have to wait till next week to hear how smart I am on drugs*.

Anyhow, way overdue trip recap continues!

Here in Oregon we don’t get a whole lot of that “summer” thing I hear other places get. Case in point:
Mid-July. Looks like February.

It’s part of why we drink so much here. Numbs the grey.

Astoria is at the mouth of the Columbia River. There used to be canneries and things here. But the canneries mostly moved where they could better catch dolphins or something, so the piers have been remade into other stuff. Including a tuna museum. Not joking.

We went for breakfast at Coffee Girl out on one of the piers. You could actually drive *on* the wooden pier, but that seemed terrifying. So we parked and walked across. Which meant cars drove past us AND you could see the spots where the wood MOVED when you walked. Equally terrifying. Good choice me!

But I had a big ol’ scone and coffee the size of my head
I’m on a scone kick. Because they taste like straight butter. Butter has like no carbs so I think it makes me skinny. Right?

The husband had a bagel sandwich thang

We looked through the window at the grey river
And then wandered Astoria for a while, so that we could justify lunch.

We went to the Astoria Column
Totally thought it was going to be lame, but it actually had redunk views.

And finally we’d killed enough time to justify eating at what we’d been told was the best spot in Astoria

The Bowpicker

It’s a boat. A real boat. In a parking lot. Serving fish and chips.

So basically, it’s awesome.

And now, since The Goonies was filmed in Astoria, making this almost relevant, my favorite thing on the internets today:

Everyday I’m shufflin’


*Unless you went to college with me.

Go Fish

When we got home with our fish I realized I was going to have to cook it.

Fish is one of those things I have no idea how to cook.

I make salmon the same way every time.  And that’s generally the only fish we eat in this house.

I read about 45659408 recipes for trout before I made dinner out of our catch.

Then I ignored all the recipes and made up my own.

It was a little garlic, a little wine, a little butter, a little lemon juice.

And honestly, it was fantastic.

I really like tarter sauce.  What I can I say, I’m 5.  We didn’t have any in the house though.  So I made some.  Turns out it’s basically just mayo and pickles.  Health food my friends, health food.Photobucket

Most recipes called for chopped onion, but we were out, so I used onion powder.

(Wanna know a secret?  Since my husband hates onions I sometimes use onion powder in our dinners.  If he can’t see it, he doesn’t know it’s there.  Flavor obviously isn’t as good, but it’s better than nothing)

The cat was very curious about this.  Our cat loveeees tuna-when I open a can I pour out the water for her to eat.  But I’ve realized that since I put pickles with my tuna when she smells pickles she thinks she’s getting a snack

I made a turkey sandwich with pickles last week and poor little bear was pacing the kitchen trying to find the tuna.

After dinner I was craving dessert.

A normal person would go get something.

But I wanted a WARM dessert.  It HAD to be warm.

What did I do?

I walked down the street and found a blackberry bush.

Totally normal, right?

Blackberries are a weed here.  Which means there’s free fruit all over the place.  God wants Oregonians to have pie.

Or, in the case of this night, crisp.  Which is easier and faster than pie.

I cooked up the berries with some frozen raspberries from my parent’s house I had hanging out in the freezer

Added some sugar, added some cornstarch, and made the crumb topping.

And homemade whipped cream.  Totalllly normal.

I love crisps because this sucker took under an hour, including berry picking.  Almost instant gratification.

Do you cook fish?  I always feel like we ought to eat more in our house than we do.  But I have no clue what to do with it.

What’s an easy dessert you love?  I’ve totally been making crisps since college.  Or teddy bear toast (toast with butter, sugar, and cinnamon), not going to lie.

Not on a Boat

After dinner, we continued our roughin’ it at our hotel
PhotobucketHotel bathrobes?  Heck yes.

There was a rule about no glass in the hot tub.  Can you take a wild wild guess what’s in our coffee cups?

Romance friends, is Friday nights with  a paper cup full of wine in a hot tub.  I swear.

We actually got outdoorsy the next day, and went on a hike.  It was by a very pretty lake

It was perfect weather-sunny, but not hot
I got all excited about the flowers

Then realized flowers are full of bees.

Clearly I went to college.

The view was redic

The only problem?

My husband started staring at the boats on the lake.  And came to the conclusion he reallllly realllly wants a canoe.

Never mind that our one car is not so much made for hauling anything.

I have found him searching Craigslist since we got back for one.

We NEED it.

You know, for all that camping we do.

On our way back into town we stopped off for something that made me feel like I was 5 in the best possible way.

The mechanic who worked on our car had told my husband that there was a place with stocked ponds where you could fish for trout.

And then pay for the trout of course.

It’s possibly not the most cost effective use of one’s money.  But seeing as how we don’t own fishing poles.  Or have fishing licenses…. Real fishing would’ve cost more.

And probably made my husband think we need a boat too.
Stocked ponds = successful fishing

When I was a kid there was a pond in Surreal America that was stocked with fish that only kids could fish in.  I remember my daddy hooking the worm on for me and helping me cast.

Now I’m a grown married woman, so I can cast by myself.

(and make my husband put the worm on.  I’m not THAT grown up)
This totally brought it all back though

I totally got 5 year old excited when I caught onePhotobucket

Then I immediately caught another.  And my husband caught one.

And we realized that paying per fish would get expensive if we stayed for any amount of time.

So we paid and had our fish cleaned ($16 for three of ’em-they charge by the length of the fish)  and headed on home.

I kinda wanted to fish longer.

Maybe we do need a boat….

What’s something that makes you feel like a kid?  I still love going on swings in the park.

And Food…

Believe it or not, I didn’t just drink non stop while in Hood River.

After our wine tasting adventures, we went and  got changed, and hit up Nora’s Table

We actually had tried to go last year, but learned Valentines Day + Long weekend + Saturday night = no tables.  And we’re not good at waiting.  This year, we got reservations.

Was it worth waiting a year to try?  Heck yes.

For starters, they have Double Mountain on tap.  So basically you could’ve served the fiance zucchini and olives covered in mushrooms and he wouldn’t complain.
I had wine.

They brought out some bread with deliciousness
I honestly have no clue what all was in the deliciousness, but it was good!

We got the Nosh Plate as an appetizer
House made chorizo, house made pickled veggies, cheese…

I seriously had to FIGHT the fiance for those carrots.  Amazing.  He wouldn’t shut up about them… the whole drive home the next day was “how do you think they make those carrots?”  and “can we try and make those?”

Main dishes?
The fiance had filet with foie gras butter and purple potatoes.
Steak + purple potatoes = happy man

I got the crispy arctic char with Israeli couscous
Heaven friends, heaven.  The char had a delicious crispy salty top, and the couscous had a nice cinnamon-y sweetness.   Some sweet + some salty? Yes please!

Since it was Valentine’s Day, we got some bubbly
And had yummy chocolate cake, with tropical fruit on top
Notice how we clearly had already started devouring it before the picture was taken?

Then we thought, how should we end the night?
And hit up Double Mountain for one last drink
(Tasting, to make sure the beer was still delicious.  It was)

The next morning fresh air was the best idea ever, so we took a walk along the river
Fantastic weekend.
And I do still want to figure out how to make those pickled carrots.

Farmers Markets in February?

One of the things I adore about our ‘hood (besides Baker & Spice and margaritas the size of my head) is our farmers market.

It’s a great farmers market, just on its own-good variety, lots of vendors, but not too crowded.  But what’s extra awesome is that it is YEAR ROUND.  Which means that dinner last night came fresh from the farmers market.  In February.  Sweet.

(Also, aparently this is the time of year to buy eggs?  There were a TON
How pretty are they?)

There’s a decent variety going on at the market, even though it’s winter.  On Sunday morning we bought some polenta, catfish (caught the day before!), and a squash.

We cooked up the catfish with some spices plus cracker crumbs, and then did the polenta with just a little cheese added

And squashies!  The fiance actually tried a few bites.
Isn’t the polenta pretty?
I’m marrying a 5 year old, and he chose this based entirely on the fact that it had pretty colors

Not kidding.  Don’t worry friends, he works for the government

Today I made use of some Super Bowl leftovers.  Cause a good follow up to local farmers market food?
Artichoke dip.  It was made to be a breakfast food, right?

Don’t worry, those chips?
ORGANIC.  That means healthy, right?

If you follow me on twitter you saw that we’re having a plumbing adventure right now.  I’m pretending it’s not happening at the moment, so I’ll tell the whole story later.  Basically, the bubble in the ceiling didn’t go away on it’s own.

But on a happy note, we have leftover polenta! And really, how much can you worry when that’s in your fridge?

And then home…

Sunday the fiance and I wandered through my parents yard.

It was one of the last days of November.  They still had healthy plants growing.  Good Lord.

The fiance had never seen beets growing.

I think that’s cause in Real America vegetables only come from a can.  In Surreal America you can have fresh beets from your garden in the winter.

We drove past the giant line of people waiting to see Sarah Palin (I’ll let Baby Brother tell that story) and were off down the… um…. scenic drive?

I-84, that we drive to get back to Portland, follows part of the Oregon Trail.  Every time I go on this drive I just think how PISSED I would be on the Oregon trail and going “ok!  Almost there!” and found this.  “Oh look.  I can own my own land.  Too bad it’s a wasteland”

But we didn’t get cholera.  So it’s a little better these days.

Although I am always a little sad at The Dalles that I don’t get to do that fun raft down the river part.  What a let down.

We did find a wagon though!

Where does one find a wagon full of condiments?

Charburger!  It is a little burger place a little under an hour outside of Portland.  It’s right on the Columbia River, and you can see The Bridge of the Gods from the window

The first time I took the fiance I mentioned that the logo was “a little un-pc” before I took him.

When he saw it, he told me that was the understatement of the year

Racial stereotypes + salad.  What a dinner

I had the small fish and chips too

I know the logo is all sorts of wrong, and the food is greasy like whoa, but I kinda love it there.

Do you have a place you always stop on road trips?  When we go here it’s totally the fiance indulging my whims, as there are really good places to eat in Hood River if we want a real meal, and lots of quality gas stations full of hot dogs and candy.