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Coming to Terms

It’s for reals fall now guys.

Like I can’t pretend.

Well I can.  But then I’m caught in a rainstorm in flip flops and no jacket.  Which happened this weekend.

I’m trying to come to terms with it.

I know I’ve said I love fall, and I do.  I can dig on halloween, leaves changing, things like that.  But the rainy season starting?  Nuh-uh.

After the rainstorm this weekend, I tried to make peace with the seasons.

I found my umbrella, but that print realllllly didn’t help
(yeah, beach themed umbrella.  way to depress myself all winter.  smarrrrrt)

Thinking about buying squash at the farmer’s market, curling up by the fire, how in about a month I could start attempting to justify my Christmas tree going up.

All that ended up doing was making me crave hot chocolate.

But then I realized even better than liquid chocolate is chocolate CAKE.  And that’s where this started
Butter and chocolate.  Health foods friends.

A few more ingredients, then into ramekins
What is it?

No, not just mini cake.

Although all mini foods are delicious, let’s not lie.

Those went into the fridge while we had some chili for dinner
(and watched so much football my head almost exploded)

Then those ramekins went into the oven

And out came these adorable cakes
That inside were…
Lava cake.

Oh my goodness friends.

Lava cake.

It warmed the coldness out of my soul.

And at least fall also means apples
(first new ones of the season!)

My husband had one this morning and declared “Put these on your blog.  Just write ‘awesome’ under them”.

They are awesome.

I’m having one for breakfast
While shopping for new boots online.

Do you like rain?  I used to.  But in Portland, by mid winter I feel like the rain will never end.  I fear the rain now.

Comfort Food 102H*

*I was going to call this comfort food 101, but I realized it’s not really a 101 course.  In undergrad I was in the honors program.  Rather than philosophy 101** honors kids took philosophy 102 H.

Cold weather makes me ready for comfort food.  Yesterday, with a rainy morning outside I realized my life needed some real comfort food.

I looked in the cupboards and found these
Plus I realized I had this sitting on top of the microwave
(yes, my yeast is expired.  no, I didn’t pay 54 cents for it.  I had a coupon.  I paid 12 cents. For a 4 pack. I love me some coupons.)

I realized that there’s few better things on a dreary day than soup and fresh baked bread.  So I got to work.

(I’m fairly sure normal people don’t bake bread when they’re in the mood for comfort food.  Hence the 102H.  I’m ok with not being normal.  It means I have bread.  Win.)

We all know comfort food needs butter
and comfort food means I even busted out

We don’t use a lot of it in our house.  It’s exciting when it happens.

(I also may have ran out of whole wheat bread flour.  Details)

While the bread was rising
I worked on some split pea soup
I love split pea because it’s all stuff I have in my house.  Dried peas, chicken stock, carrots, celery, and onions.  Simple.  And yet magically delicious.

And I got to sit down to a happy, warm lunch

After lunch, the rain stopped so the kitten and I went outside.  She immediately decided to make good choices, and did this


Then realized she couldn’t get down.  Smart kitten.  Smart kitten.  Of course, it started to rain again as this happened.

So I scooped the kitty out of the tree, went inside, and had another bowl of soup.

When it rains, you can never eat too much soup.

What’s your favorite comfort food?  I love soup, and I love that it’s pretty low key to make.  Stew is well loved in our house too, it just takes more planning.

**philosophy 101 was logic.  Really, if there was ever a course a bunch of smart kids need, it’s logic.  Intelligent /= logical.


I love fall.

I also love spring, summer, and winter.

You know how little kids get super excited to see tiny buds peek up in the spring?

And then are equally excited to run through the sprinklers for the first time in the summer?

And point out loudly to everyone that the leaves are changing in the fall?

And can’t wait for the first day they see frost on the roofs in the winter?

Yeah, I never grew out of that.

This week we had some fall-ish weather.  I love summer, but it was nice to have days where I could use the oven without making my whole house into an oven.

We used it as a reason to finally bust out the coupon for this

Butoni had sent me a coupon for one of their frozen entrees as part of Foodbuzz’s tastemaker program.

I’d been wanting to make lasagna, but not motivated enough to actually, you know, go beyond the wanting part to the making part.

I added extra cheese on top.  Because you can never have enough, right?

Served up with salad

The verdict?

Tasty!  It had sausage instead of ground beef, which made it extra flavorful.  It was high in fat, but that’s not shocking when it’s meat and cheese, you know?  And it was a nice easy meal.

Which I needed because the fall weather had me craving other things too.

Mostly this

I was quite sure that I had some pumpkin puree hanging out in my freezer.

From cooking down my jack-o-lantern last fall.

(Cooking down the jack-o-lantern because it’s foolish to waste pumpkins can be filled as reason #459 I am becoming my mother.)

I went through everything in the freezer.

And found…

Butternut squash.


While I’m pretty sure I could’ve used it and not know the difference, I was set on PUMPKIN.

So I went to the grocery store.


I cried a little, and went to the co-op.  Where I found organic pumpkin.

I’m sure being the girl buying only a can of pumpkin on the last day of August was not weird at all.

Whatevs.  I got it home and made this

Greek yogurt + pumpkin + honey + pumpkin pie spice, topped with almonds and more honey.


Made me want fall RIGHT NOW.

Of course, I am not totally done with summer yet.  I mean there is still this

No, that’s not a ball the cat has.

It’s a tomato from the garden!  First one of the year.

On a salad with roasted corn?

So much love.

I guess I can handle a little more summer…

What are you excited for in the fall?

I want SQUASH!

End if the Season…

We went to the Timber’s playoff game yesterday…

It started out like this


And ended like this.


No win.  Sadddddd.

Before we left we had some leftover pizza… I was starving because we hadn’t eaten before church (overslept!)

Plus I had a salad.  Salad is my bestie. Seeing as how leftover pizza isn’t terribly photogenic (although it is delicious-especially if you reheat it in the oven!) and I have another picture of salad with dinner, I think you can just imagine this meal in your head.

After the game we came home and pouted.  And then made dinner.  The fiance had some leftovers, and really all I wanted was vegetables.  So I had vegetables.  Lots of ’em.

Roasted carrots, white acorn squash, apple, and pecans


Wtih some corn on the cob


and a salad.


I think I’m getting a little obsessed with spinach.  There are worse obsessions.

And now I’m drinking some life giving coffee and trying to motivate myself to de-cocoon from the blankets and make breakfast… Weather.com says it’s 40 degrees.  We haven’t turned on the heat.  So blankets are pretty much my bestie right now.

Have you turned on your heat yet?  (Tell me yes so I can feel like it really is time to do it!)

The perfect pumpkin

Found it!


We hit up Sauvie Island today-it’s not too terribly far from Portland, and has a bunch of farms/pumpkin patches.

We did the big pumpkin patch first.  I got excited at the squash for sale


That’s not nearly all of it.  So many types! And 45 cents a pound!

We found absurdly large cabbage

DSCN3711BIGGER than my head.  The sign said they were for making sauerkraut.  I’m pretty sure that’d make a lifetime supply.

The fiance climbed the haystack

DSCN3717Ran into some people I babysit for and got to hold a very cuddly baby.  Cuddly babies are the best.

And we shared corn on the cob and sausage


(the ketchup only side?  Clearly, the fiance’s half)

Then we drove around and saw pretty nature.  And trailer parks.

We hit up a second farm where they had tons you could pick yourself


How pretty is it?


Also, far less children on sugar highs here.  Win.

Hot peppers were high on the fiance’s list of wants


And I was excited to pick my own corn!


We were tempted with all the pumpkins, but I think they might rot if we buy one now, right?


So we settled for just one little one.  And we got a caramel apple covered in heath


They dip them fresh, so the caramel made the chocolate all melty and amazing.

And we’ve got this stash of fantasticness at home now!


Do you go to pumpkin patches?  I love ’em.  I think maybe I’m too old for them now but seriously-caramel apples and cheap squash.  Who can say no?

Cuddling my clothes…

I think have the worst curculation ever or something… but I am always cold in the winter.

In college I almost let my boyfriend move in with me, purely for the warmth at night.  And I think he was schizophrenic.  It’s that bad.   The fiance always makes fun of me because after a shower I always climb back into bed and cocon myself in the covers.  But it keeps me warm.

And, not going to lie, I tend to do this:

DSCN3637(the light blue in the bottom corner is me)

Cuddle my clothes.  I hate hate hate putting on clothing that’s cold.  Also, I like my bed.  So this is a win win-I pick out what to wear, and put it under the covers with me till we’re warm.  I actually put them under the covers, and if I’m in a hurry I totally hold them like a teddy bear.  But it works!  So let’s not judge.

This morning before I’d managed to put on real pants I had a knock on my door and found the UPS man!  (I’m pretty sure he was blown away by my slippers/pj pants/sweater/hair held up with a pen look I had going on at 11 am)


What’s in those boxes?


Cereal, granola, and yogurt!

It was like Christmas except without crack oranges satsumas.  (Just wait till those babies come in season-they are what started me calling food crack-I go through a 5 pound box in 3 days.  We get them in our stockings.  Santa loves me.)

The nice people at Nature’s Path and Chobani sent me fantastic things to try (separately, it was just magic that they showed up together!)

My mommy used to send me the Nature’s Path Koala Crisps in care packages when I was in college.  It’s quality.  Because I lack patience I tried one of each!

I put some of the Crunchy Maple Sunrise on top of blueberry Chobani.  (I’m  going to share with the fiance, but I knew he wouldn’t want the blueberry!  🙂 )

The cereal?

It’s a bestie.  It has quinoa in it, which is what prompted me to pick it first.  The quinoa is little tiny balls ,and then there are flakes and puffs and all sorts of things.  I like texture, so this is a winner.

On top of the yogurt

DSCN3627See all those shapes?  It’s like I mixed up cereal, but with less effort!  Win.

I love greek yogurt, but I almost never get flavored.  When I had things to do in my life beyond being a housewife I adored putting yogurt in my lunch because I was too lazy to pack a lunch yogurt is good for me!

My fiance has yet to be won over to Greek yogurt (I know!  What is his deal?!) -we’ll see if flavored works better than plain with honey for him.

Now I’m eating my baby lasagna


(the burned sides are hawt right?  I didn’t cook the veggies before putting them in, so they shrunk when I baked it, leaving the burned-ness) Which is full of broccoli and spinach

How cute is the mug?  I love these-my parents know my tendency to adore little things to put food in and got them for me two years ago as a birthday gift.  They’ve got lids, which means it’s easy to make stuff ahead of time and put it in the fridge, or use them for lunch (they’re microwave safe!), and they hold just the right amount for a meal.  Loves it.

I’m google mapping my job interview… looks like I have to drive near Dave’s Killer Bread for it… If I bring Sin Dawgs, I definitely will get the job, right?

Fall has its good points…

Not ready for fall.  My big problem with fall?  I hate pants.  Hate ’em.  But fall starts to get all cold and rainy and I’m stuck wearing pants for months and months.  I just want to wear dresses and flip flops.

But fall does have good points too.  The biggest one being food 🙂

And coats.  I love coats.  Coat weather I’m excited for.  I own way too many (just in coats-wool coats, not jackets or soft shells or anyhing-2 or 3 black coats, a green coat, a white coat, a red plaid coat, a black and white plaid coat… and i took at least 3 to goodwill last year.)

Anyways, the food.  We have no AC which means it’s been a long time since yummy colder weather food has been a good choice.  Last night was chili!  Basically, I  chopped up lots of yummy peppers and tomatoes and added them to beans and meat and spices


And cooked until it turned into this


Not so secret ingredient?


And cinnamon.  Cinnamon is my lifeblood.

I put sour cream and a little cheese on mine


Plus cornbread on the side.

DSCN3053(Sidenote-Bob’s Red Mill makes whole grain cornmeal…a lot of other cornmeals aren’t. We use Bob’s.)

We started talking about fall food while we ate.  Roasts, chicken pot pie, stew…. That part of fall I’m now looking forward to.

I’m also looking forward to forcing the fiance to this again:

The Little People Big World pumpkin patch!   Last year me, the fiance, my roommate, and my little brother all went.  You have to drive to the middle of nowhere, and then because everyone else is trying to go there too you’re stuck in traffic forever…. And my fiance had never watched the show so was just totally mystified by the whole thing.   (That is Amy Roloff.  She’s on the phone with our mom, saying hi.  We saw someone else do it first, so we think it was ok to do)

And today I’ve been busy taking care of all the fruit from my fam.  Some was washed and put into the fridge


And some was chopped up to be frozen. I can have nectarine chunks in my oats this winter!


I talked to my daddy last night and he kept saying how he was sorry he didn’t send enough.  My family doesn’t quite understand what “enough” means I think…

What are you excited to cook now that it’s starting to feel more like fall?