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My week in Sarah Palin… [by baby brother]

Admittedly, this post title sounded like a much better idea when Eating Machine and I were not drinking…

I think this has some major promise in becoming a blog of its own, as well as getting me arrested for stalking loving Sarah Palin.

Well it all started Wednesday evening, when Sarah Palin arrived in my town to spend thanksgiving.

Thursday morning [thanksgiving] my brother and I decided we needed to go stalk visit our dear old friend Sarah, so we grumpily got up at 6 am and went out in the freezing cold trotted on down to the annual turkey trot at the park, where Sarah Palin was going to participate in the run.

Big Sister says:  my mother has never been more confused.  “You’re going on a RUN?  In the morning?!”

She told me she’s pretty sure Sarah Palin is a magician for making that happen

[i am 2 people to her left in the grey sweatshirt]

well then i decided i needed a creeper stalker pic…

she was insanely nice. like i know everyone says she has to be nice because she is trying to sell books and such, but like she was way nicer then she had to be. she also had her whole family there, the little girl behind the one in red next to palin [the one you cant really see] is piper, who was running around everywhere. and Bristol was there- and was not friendly.

Big Sister says:  Bristol was a disapointment to Baby Brother, who had plans to marry her.  Not so much, sadly.

After her thanksgiving break Sarah had a book signing at the local bookstore on Sunday. the line was INSANE. people started to line up at 10 am on saturday, 26 hours before the book signing would start. I had friends who got in line around 5 am, that i was able to have hold a spot for me. I went to mcdonalds up the street to get them some food, and came out of mcdonalds to find this:

How many of you can say you ran into sarah palin at mcdonalds? Where else would you find Sarah Palin.  True Americans only eat MEAT.  From McDonalds. [please note, the line was this dense the whole way, and this is probably about 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile from the bookstore] sarah decided to get out of her car on the way to the book signing to say hi to people in line.

Hey Baby Brother, remember how we were going to walk around outside the line and talk about how we saw her at Shari’s to make everyone jealous?  We almost predicted the future!

After waiting and waiting, we had success!

Yes, Baby Brother owns that many copies of the book.  That’d be 4 more books than he will read in any given year.

Palin even stayed extra long, her 2 hour book signing lasted over 3 hours and she still could not get to everyone, before leaving she did go out and talk to and hug and meet the people in line who she was not able to get to.

and the front page of the newspaper….

well that was my week in sarah palin. please note, i only like sarah palin as a person, and an entertainment figure. NOT as anyone i would ever want to have elected to anything. that would be terrifying.  Or AWESOME!  Bump-Its for all!

well i can smell the chex mix my mom just made and it is calling!

Why did mommy wait to make it till I left?  Is it because I only eat the cherrios and the rice chex?  They’re the best part!

I love christmas time, it means my mom is always making the best chex mix in the world. What is your favorite holiday time food?

and ps, here is one of our vlog attempts uncut…