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My family, being the most All American half Canadians you’ll ever meet, spent Labor Day weekend Kamping.

Yeah, with a K.

We stayed at a KOA? And they seem to be run by someone who really likes the letter K. We were in a Kabin. My parents? In a Kottage.

It was Klassy.

While Kamping we did lots of Kamping type things. Like bike rides

(That’s on the historic highway state trail that we ran on when we were in Hood River a few months back)

(The Gorge is pretty btw)

And wine tasting with temporary tattoos!

The KOA had a $2 all you can eat pancake breakfast every morning. With coffee.  It also had trains running by it all night, and a pool full of poorly supervised children! But let’s focus on the positives. Cheap carbs and caffeine.

Blackberries currently being ripe and growing all over so we picked some and added them to the ‘cakes (‘kakes?)
(Fun story: I rode my bike before everyone else was up in attempt to go to a spot by Charburger where I’d found amazing berries the day before. I found a homeless man sleeping standing up, propped up by a stump in my way. Awkward.)

(and I saw him move, so he wasn’t dead.)

But the real highlight of Kamping?
Klassy beverages.


You haven’t lived until you’ve heard your mom talk about how delicious Four Loko is.

It pretty much made my life komplete.


The Epic Hike


Across Suttle Lake from our campground there Lake Creek Trail goes to Camp Sherman It sounded like a nice hike.

(In my head, btw, Camp Sherman was an old West Town that had like… blacksmith demonstrations and stuff. It’s not. Sad times)

Here’s where the math gets fun.

The lake is about 3.5 miles around. Getting to the other side = 1.75 miles.

The trail was allegedly 4 miles, but it turned out to be longer.

Putting us over 6 miles. And if you’re me, the whole “coming back will take the same number of miles” didn’t register. So 6 is the TOTAL hike.

And, turns out the trail doesn’t take you to Camp Sherman. It takes you near. Where you get on another trail.

See where this is going?
We had a pretty, but long long hike.

When we actually got to Camp Sherman this is what my friendly garmin told me

7.39 miles.

We went to the one and only store in town (sadly not a blacksmith shop)  and ate the lunch of champions
Artichoke dip, trail mix, and PBR.


And then, on our way back, things got more ridiculous.

First up, if you’ve been moving for 3 hours, beer hits in pretty quick.

(Especially when you work on finishing off the sixer on the trail)
(It happens.)


We’re walking in the middle of nowhere. What do we see ahead of us on the trail?

A dog.
We look around for her owner.

No one.

Just the craziest dog I’ve ever seen.

She ran in circles around while we tried to look at her tags. There was a name (Libby) and a PDX phone number.

I got a little sad when we saw her phone number because this dog was so dumb I thought perhaps the simple dog from Hyperbole and a Half was lost again.

(simple dog lives in Bend. It could happen. I dream big)

I feed her, and that cemented in her tiny dog brain to follow us. We hiked a few miles with the world’s craziest dog scampering in and out of sight.

Then, when taking a picture of our canine friend, I realized I suddenly had phone service.

In the woods. Go figure.

I called the number on her tags and talked to a woman who was thrilled we’d found the dog. Which is good because we were less than thrilled at the prospect of figuring out what to do with this creature.
She explained that Libby had chased a deer into the woods and they’d been searching for her.

We agreed to meet up at the lake. I hung up.

And then two deer ran across the path in front of us.

Followed by Libby.


We chased her down and a little further up the trail, found campers who gave us some rope to use as a leash.
Libby was not happy.

But we got her safely back to her owner.

And we got back to our yurt, 14.5 miles later, and settled in with some much needed hydration
And that, my friends, was our epic hike. Over 5 hours long, drinking in the woods, and finding a dog.

I’m not sure if the moral of this story is that I should hike more, or never hike again. But it’s one of the two.

Into the Wild

Hey Friends!

Guess where I’ve been?

That’s right, the woods.
The husband and I spent Memorial Day like true ‘mericans. Camping.

We went to Link Creek Campground, on Suttle Lake. It’s not terribly far from Sisters, in Central Oregon.

Life lessons: camping in Oregon in May is COLD. Thankfully, we had a yurt
Baby Brother tried to tell me about the yurt he stayed in at Glacier National Park, and how it had electricity and Wifi.

But we were in Oregon. We’re really outdoorsy here. We had a wood stove
Which was rad honestly.

And not just because making fires makes me happy.

(We also had no cell reception! Who knew such a thing existed!)

The lake was redic

All of Central Oregon is kinda redic really. I adore Bend a lot.

Our first night involved some rain (which was oh so shocking for Oregon Spring. We learned on our trip that real oregonians take shelters to cover their table and firepit so they can be outside in the rain. Hadn’t occurred to us) , so we had our super fancy camping meal inside the yurt

That little plastic cup? Wine. Klassy.

Also, life lessons, cans of pork and beans are amazing when you add sriracha.

Thankfully, we woke up to sunshine the next day. We had oatmeal


(I’m a REAL BLOGGER sometimes and eat my oats!)

Did a pretty run around the lake

And then set off on a hike so epic it’s going to get it’s own post tomorrow.


Camping, you a fan? Someone I went to college with called it “glorified homelessness”. Which I suppose is kinda true.

But I like drinking in the woods.

REALLY roughin’ it!

Guys, guess what I did this weekend


Like, in a tent.


Me + Nature = BFFs.

We went up to Manchester State Park, which is north of Tacoma on the Sound with some of my family.

We did a little hiking around. Both the husband and I are five, so we get really excited about weird trees
This area was some sort of military base back in the day, so there were some random things like this bunker Photobucket

Doesn’t it look like an Escher picture?
At low tide there was random sealife to seePhotobucket

I wanted to take one home, but the husband told me no.


The boys tried to climb a rock

Their wives watched and said it was impossible.  Which clearly was a challenge to keep trying.

We were telling the truth.

Thankfully they gave up before any head injuries were incurred.

In my family, one of the best parts of camping is making a fire.

I blame it on years of Boy Scouts.

My brothers would come home from camp with great new facts like “you can light hot chocolate mix on fire if you try hard enough” every summer.

Our dinner the first night was a classic boy scout style meal

Foil dinners!  I seriously love these.  Mine was beef, potatoes, carrots, squash, and mushrooms.  Yummmm.

(also see the beer can?  I never drink beer in cans.  This was exciting to me.  Rolling Rock tastes like college.)

For dessert we had dump cake.

Sexy name right?

More boy scout cooking:

Pie filling

(this was actually homemade peach.  Real boy scouts use cans)

A box of cake mix

And a can of soda

All cooked up on coals.

No pictures of the final product because I was busy eating it.  And really, the result isn’t that pretty.

Were you a scout?  I was a girl scout for 13 years.  But the camp I went to had beds.  Girl Scouts don’t have to rough it.

Do you have any camping foods you love?  I adore foil dinners, and smores!

Roughin’ It

This weekend, the husband and I went on a trip to Mt Hood.
Who can prevent forest fires?
We can prevent forest fires!

The husband had friday off (furlough day) so we got out of town for the night.  We originally were going to stay in a yurt.  You know, rough it a little.  (We lack things like sleeping bags and a tent to actually go camping).

But the yurts booked up.


We reallllllly roughed it

The husband had stayed at The Resort at the Mountain for a conference a few months ago, and they had ballin’ government rates.

So really, it was cheaper than buying a tent.   God wanted us to have running water.

We did pack a lunch for our first meal up there
Which we ate at Timberline Lodge.  I took a picture of our gorgeous lunch view, but it’s blurry.  Fail.

We had dinner at the Zigzag Inn.

I was amused by the little phone booth type thing there:


Zigzag is totally the name of the town.  I want to move there, just so my address will be Zigzag Oregon.

It was great!  We had stellar service.  See this pizza?
See how it has terrifying (if you’re my husband at least) mushrooms?

We ordered a pizza that normally has ’em, and asked for none on half.  The kitchen messed up and our waitress realized it when she set the pizza down.  We were fine with it (mushrooms are pretty easy to pick off) but she insisted on making us an extra pizza to take home.

I enjoy free food.

We also shared some lasagna
Soooo much more food than we needed!  (We had salad too.)

And we found a bear!
I have a thing for fake animals outside restaurants.  It’s not weird at all.

Plus, know how you can tell it was reallllly good?  We found this in the parking lot
Oh yeah.  We eat where the diplomats eat.

Thoughts on camping?  I really like the idea of it.  But I haven’t went since I was like, 14 or something.  We’re going in a few weeks.  We shall see how that goes.