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Little things. Big world.

HI! It’s Kalin’s FAVORITE little brother.

She has apparently been a little too busy playing with dinosaurs to blog…

But that’s totally understandable.

I haven’t blogged on here in like 12 years (but at least im not just writing a post ALL ABOUT ORANGES), and in that time I’ve made some new little friends.

First, I fell in love, I met her on October 14th, and Siri and I fell in love immediately.

Next, I took up biking this summer when I picked up this little friend.

(it’s a 2011 trek 1.5)

I love my lil trek. I can pick it up with 1 finger! And I have the coolest cycling jersey to go with it.

(not obsessed with starbucks at all…)

and I ride my bike EVERY day. Ok, so maybe I haven’t ridden it in like a month cuz im lazy and it’s cold. I have good intentions, but seriously its below freezing out and theres snow. I dont care if I ran a 5k in the freezing cold and snow last year, Im an old man now.

Speaking of running, I havent been doing that. But im going to start again since me and Kalin and her husband are running the rock n roll half marathon in may! I did get new running shoes.

But they are WAY too little for my feet.

And my most exciting news is the addition to my family. I adopted him last, month. He was born in 2007 and weights just 2590 pounds and is 146 inches long.

This is Sheldon* [like Sheldon COOPER from big bang theory] my new car!

He’s just a little car in a big world.

And maybe Kalin will explain what happened to my awesome Jeep I used to have.

And in news unrelated to this post but super awesome, look at this amazing cake my coworked made for our starbucks holiday meeting!

She free handed that! crazzy.

*my car is also know as Anderson, as in anderson COOPER.

Cars man, why?

So, I told you guys a few weeks ago, I got a bike to ride to work.

Well, summer employment started so guess what I did
No makeup + iPhone self portrait = sexy.

Not going to lie, given that I can count on one hand the bike rides I’ve taken in the past decade I was skeptical of my ability to actually ride to work.

So, I did the wise adult thing.

Ride the route on a day I don’t have to go to work? Got a pump in case I got a flat? Bought a stylish reflective vest?

Nah, I bribed myself
There’s a bagel store AND a doughnut store en route to work. I promised myself that if I didn’t wimp out and get on a bus I could buy breakfast with my bus fare.

Carbs beat laziness every time.

Riding to work was fabulous. My summer job is 3.75 miles from my house, so it’s not super far. And most of it is a nice straight trip down Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, which is pretty flat, and has bike lanes. Winning.

(I tried to find a picture of the road. Only picture I find? Of where the bike lane disappears. Of course.)

Although, lesson learned, my trip there I found myself thinking how it felt like a nice, gentle downhill the whole way.

That’s because it was. Home was totally all uphill. But mostly not steep, so hey, could’ve been worse.

And I think riding to work makes me a better Oregonian. It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be doing this

(With the hat. And the whistle.)

Meet Mitzi!

This pretty thing is my new bike!
I have named her Mitzi, as she’s a Mixte frame.

My summer job is a nice straight shot from our house (fairly flat! with bike lanes!) so Mitzi is going to be my friend getting me to work.

(And if Mitzi and I don’t get along, there’s a bus that runs most of the way to work as well so that I won’t be stranded. Wins for everyone!)
I grew up riding bikes in the desert, so a road bike just seems so dainty to me. Such baby tires!

Now, I just have two important things to do:

1. Get over my fear of riding in traffic

2. Remember how to ride a bike. It’s been a while. Gears confuse me.

(Bliss is ready to coach me!)